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My Secret Romance

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The Auditionees will be in the next chapter hopefully.

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He smirked at me,

“Got ya’” he breathed, faking a lunge toward me, making me flinch.

“Awww, little Fwank-ums is afwaid” he raised an eyebrow and gave me that ‘you’ll never beat me’ look.

“F-Fuck off G-Gerard” I tried to sound intimidating, but I don’t think stuttering helped my cause.

“Frank, why don’t you” he sighed, pushing me back against my locker. I sank to the floor; maybe if I gave in he’d leave me alone. He laughed, presumably at my pathetic self, and walked off with Pete.

“Oh, Iero, he got you again” Ryan breathed,

“Point out the fucking obvious Ross” It was like a tradition to call each other by our last names. Ryan pulled me up and steadied me.

“Thanks Ross” I growled, glaring in the direction that Gerard and his right-hand wanker had strutted off in.

“Don’t worry about it Iero, he’s not going to stop, you might as well get used to it” Ryan shrugged,

“Thanks for that gem of fucking wisdom Ross” I rolled my eyes, he may be one of my best mates but he wasn’t exactly the shiniest gem on the ring.

“C’mon, let’s go find Mikes, Urie, Corey and Rhiannon, lunchtime” Ryan knew not to call Mikey by his last name, because the poor fucker was unlucky enough to have that motherfucking wanker as a brother, and the girls Christie (Rhiannon) and (Corey) were called by their middle names instead.

“’Kay” I mumbled, wrenching my now dented locker to get out my lunch money. Ryan and I quickly found Mikey, he was being yelled at by his evil-brother, when he finally managed to get away I turned to him and made a gesture saying something like ‘what the fuck was that about?’

“Apparently it’s my fault he lost his iPod” Mikey groaned, adjusting his glasses.

“Unlucky dude, let’s find Urie and the girls” Ryan has little patience if you didn’t know. We saw Brendon walk out of math, yelling at someone inside, he screwed his math paper up, chuck it in the bin by the door, and then he kicked it, making a loud metallic ring sound though the almost empty corridor. Ryan laughed slightly and pulled him from the math room before he did anything else to end up landing himself in detention.

“I hate that man” Brendon hissed, referring to Mr. Taint, I couldn’t input any comment as I had never had him for math.

“Awww, poor baby” Ryan giggled, putting his arms around Brendon’s stomach. Brendon blushed and pecked Ryan on the cheek. I guess I envied them, they were so cute together, I’d never had anything like that, Mikey is straight and to be honest I feel more comfortable with guys than girls.

“Guys, PDA is nasty” Mikey pretended to gag. Ryan smiled and started making out with Brendon, over exaggerating everything.

“EWWW!” Mikey squealed,

“Mikes, leave ‘em be” I smiled making kissy faces at Mikey, he glared at me.

“Can we go eat before I hurl?” Mikey rolled his eyes.

“Sure thing sexy arse” I said, slapping his butt.

“Fuck you, Frank” He elbowed me in the arm,

“So wants me” I whispered to Ryan who smiled and nodded. We found Eveigh and Christie already at our table, don’t wait for us then, bitches.

“Hey Mikey and Urie, go sit with the chicks, I need to speak to Ross a second” I pointed towards the tables by the window; Brendon sighed and trailed after Mikey.

“What’s up Iero?” Ryan said looking concerned.

“Is it weird that… is it weird that I am strangely attracted to Gerard?” I stuttered, avoiding Ryan’s gaze.

“It’s really weird, but then again, you’re not normal Iero” Ryan said, putting his arms around my shoulders.

“I’m such a douche!” I sniffed,

“Please tell me you’re not crying” Ryan pushed me back so he could see my face.

“He’s always hated me, he’ll always hate me” I said,

“He’s an almighty prick, I don’t know why you have a weird crush on him, I thought you hated him”

“No, I hate that he hates me” I replied, he smiled sadly and hugged me again.

“Let’s go and get lunch princess” Ryan ran his index finger under my eyes. I giggled and linked arms with him and went to meet back up with Mikey, Brendon, Christie and Eveigh.

“Awww lay off my boyfriend bitch” Brendon warned in a very camp, girly voice. I laughed and dragged my hand across Ryan’s crotch, smiling evilly at Brendon. He lightly bitch-slapped me, we carried this on until we were told of by the dinner lady for being too loud and obnoxious, I love that word, it’s used against us by teachers way too much.

“Urgg, it’s my brother” Mikey hissed, getting our attention, I turned to see Gerard and Pete walking towards us, my heart-rate increased and I tried not to look at him, this plan failed as I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.

“Oh my God, he’s coming over” I breathed, Ryan gave me a ‘don’t embarrass yourself’ look.

“Oh Pete, look its little Frankie and his boyfriends, and my brother” he said over-enthusiastically.

“Hello?” Christie said, pretty pissed off. Eveigh was also unimpressed.

“Ok, ok, Frankie, his boyfriends and slut-whores” Pete corrected, Eveigh was about to say something back before I gently kicked her under the table, ‘drop it’ I mouthed.

“Oh piss off” Mikey spat,

“Shut up you little fucker, so Frank, you coming over tonight?” Gerard turned back to me, I shot Mikey a confused look, he shrugged.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, clueless.

“I need some bender to fuck, you and your little mates are the gayest people I know” He smiled, my eyes began welling up with tears, I turned away, I couldn’t let him see me crying.

“Leave him alone, you massive bell-end” Ryan growled,

“Oh well done, excellent insult there babe” Gerard laughed, walking off with Pete literally hanging off him. Once they were gone I let the tears trail down my cheeks, Ryan pulled me into his chest.

“Why do you let him get to you Frank? He’s a total douche bag” Mikey asked, there was silence for a moment.

“Can I tell them?” Ryan breathed against my neck, I nodded.

“He has a… he’s attracted to him, that’s why” Ryan whispered, this made me, I don’t know why, cry harder.

“Why?” Mikey looked disgusted, Ryan glared at him.

“You can’t help who you love” He told Mikey, still hugging me.

“Frank, I know you are upset and everything but can I have my boyfriend back soon please?” Brendon asked giggling.

“Oh, sorry” I laughed, sniffing and trying to wipe my tears away.

“Ross, do you have a mirror and some eyeliner?” I asked, knowing that mine was probably halfway down my face.

“Sure” He rummaged through his bag pulling his pocket mirror out and his black kohl pencil, he handed it over.

“Wow, you are so gay” Brendon gave a disgusted looked to me, whilst stroking Ryan.

“I know, I am MASSIVELY gay, I am the ultimate embodiment of gay” I laughed, making a sexual gesture at Mikey, he’s so easily wound up.

“Iero, get a boyfriend… please” Mikey begged,

“Set me up with your brother then” I raised my eyebrow at him.

“I don’t want a black eye thanks” he answered. I smiled and started stroking my foot up his leg under the table.

“Frank!” He hissed,

“Oh come on, you so want it” I smirked,

“Not now!” he whispered,

“WHAT?” I asked taken aback.

“I didn’t mean it like that” Mikey said quickly, too quickly.

“Awww, Mikey gets turned on by men!” I yelled, receiving a few glares from people surrounding us.

“Shut up, no I don’t!” Mikey hissed back.

“Urie, check him” I smirked, Brendon lent towards Mikey.

“Yep, by the look of his skinny jeans he is, so very hard” Brendon grinned,

“Fuck off! FUCK OFF!” Mikey yelled, storming from the table, presumably going to eat lunch elsewhere. I got up and ran after him, making sure I didn’t lose sight of him in a sea of people.

“Well done Iero, you fucker” Christie shook her head at me, did those girls agree on EVERYTHING? I got up and ran after Mikey.

“Mikey, wait!” I panted, having to keep pulling up my jeans; I should really get a belt.

“Fuck off, Iero” He yelled back, without turning around.

“Mikey,” I said, finally catching up with him, “Why are you so defensive” I breathed,

“Because I… that fucking turned me on!” He snarled,

“Yeah… so?” I asked,

“I’m not gay, I don’t want to be gay!” He whispered,

“Bisexual?” I hinted,

“No… just please stop touching me, stop making me horny” He pleaded,

“I can’t help it, I need some sexual outlet” I whined,

“Use Ross, or Urie… just not me” He moaned,

“I can’t, they are dating, it’s not the same, and I want your brother so bad” I carried on whining.

“If I try and get him for you will you stop… touching me?” He asked, best puppy dog expression.

“OK, one last time?” I begged,

“I guess you’ll have to finish me off in the toilets” He whispered, my jaw dropped open. I never thought he’d let me give him a hand job. I jumped and clapped my hands, pulling him to the guy’s toilets.

Mikey literally fell out of the door, panting and giggling; God that kid acts like he is stoned!

“Whoa, Frankie!” He finally said after catching his breath.

“So are you SURE you are not gay?” I teased,

“Certain” Mikey caught himself and remained stubborn.

“Fridged?” I suggested, laughing.

“Fuck you, Iero!” He glared and leant against his locker, he brought his phone in front of him, tapping a message in quickly.

“Oooh! Who’s that too?” I asked, trying to see the screen, Mikey, being the annoying wanker he can be, shoved me away with his foot.

“It’s to… him” Mikey over exaggerated the word ‘him’.

“Who, there is no-one there” I said, spinning around to look where Mikey was looking.

“I mean you little manwhore” Mikey smirked; I narrowed my eyes at him.

“What does it say?” I whined, I hated having this obsession with Gerard, since he hates me and everything, if I could change who I like I would, but sadly it’s not that simple.

“None of your business” Mikey smiled, and the phone began vibrating indicating he had received a reply from Gerard.

“Mikey, please” I whined, he was really starting to piss me off.

“Fine, I sent a message saying ‘are you single’ happy?” He sighed dramatically.

“What is his reply?” I bit my lip, a sign I was either nervous or anticipating something, in this case, both.

“He has said… erm… ‘Why do you care, fuckhead’ nice, thanks Gerard” Mikey rolled his eyes.

“Ooh, ooh, say… ‘I was just wondering, someone likes you’ and then add that winky face thingy” Frank squealed, doing an impression of the face.

“Ok, calm your arse down Frankie-kins” He giggled, patting my head gently.

“There you are!” I heard Ryan exclaim.

“Oh, hey Ross” Mikey greeted,

“You guys cool now?” Ryan asked cautiously.

Mikey and I exchanged a knowing glance, receiving a blank expressing from Ryan, “Yeah, we’re cool” I giggled, looking up, another sign indicating I was in on an inside joke. Mikey’s phone vibrated,

Who? You better not be joking tosser, we read.

“Me? Joke? Never” Mikey said sarcastically.

“What are you doing?” Ryan asked,

“Mikey is trying to set Gerard and me up” I filled my best friend in.

“Awww!” Ryan sighed in a romantic way, he hugged me, “hope everything works out babe” he soothed. Mikey’s phone vibrated again,

WHO??? Guy or chick?


Is he hot?

I guess, yeah

What is he called?

I’m not telling you until you agree to meet him… and stay

Oh God, he’s some freak

He’s hot

Fine whatever, I’ll meet him. Now tell me his name

Nope, you will find it out after school, at starbucks… tomorrow

He better not let me down

“You are in, Iero” Mikey smiled at me. Finally, I had a chance with Gerard.

“Well done Mikey, you are good with your words. Now let’s go and find Urie, Corey and Ri-ri” Ryan said, realizing he had left Brendon by himself. We ran to the cafeteria, first place to look.

“Ouch. Fat. Arse” Gerard whined as Mikey crashed into him, shit.

“I’m not fat” Mikey squeaked,

“So, who was that guy you were telling me about Mikey?” Gerard asked, tapping his black nails on the wall in an impatient manner.

“All in good time” Mikey teased, Gerard growled and walked over to me, SHIT! He smiled smugly and pushed me against the wall. So fucking close, he was warm, I almost melted onto him.

“Frankie, we meet again” Gerard chuckled, I love the way he says Frankie, Fran-kieeee.

“Uh-huh” I commented, unable to say anything else.

“You are so fucking hot when you are scared” Gerard whispered against my neck, sending chills down my body. Did he just call me hot? I decided to be brave.

“You are always hot” I breathed,

“Shut the fuck up, bitch” he whispered harshly, he began twisting little bits of my hair and running his hands over my torso.

“Ger…” Mikey tried to stop him teasing me, but Ryan stopped him, knowing that I would be loving every minute of this. Gerard moved on from my torso to my thighs, he ran his hand slowly up, bringing me to a miniature climax, and then dragging his fingers back down.

“What are you doing?” I managed to say.

“Torturing you” he giggled, although torturing was a bad thing, they way he said it made it sound like the best thing ever, and his laugh could make anything innocent and amazing.

“I love it” I blurted out.

“I know, I can feel that on my hip” he laughed, making reference to the throbbing problem I had.

“I thought you hated me?” I asked, it’s true, Gerard has never shown any interest in me before now, well no good interest.

“I don’t hate you” He said, that didn’t make a whole lot clearer, but before I had time to ask Pete walked over, Gerard shoved my head into the wall and I fell down, he then kicked me and walked off laughing with Pete.

“What the hell?” Mikey and Ryan asked in unison. I sat up and rubbed my head,

“I have no idea” I coughed, he had kicked me in the ribs, damn did that hurt.

“What did he say before” Ryan asked, curiously.

“He just… flirted and turned me on… a lot, and he ‘doesn’t hate me’” I explained, I was as clueless as the rest of them; I know I should probably feel bad, but I feel brilliant, Gerard likes me. Just Pete is the problem now.

“Awww, you’ve gone all red!” Mikey teased,

“And very hard” Ryan added grabbing my tightening trousers. I moaned involuntarily,

“Damn Ross, don’t do that” I whimpered, even though I clearly wanted him to do it again. He did it again, and again I moaned, breathing harder.

“Finish. Me. Off!” I whined, desperate to… release. He laughed and looked to see if anyone was around.

“No Ross, please not out here” He smirked and pushed me against the lockers diving his hand into my boxers, receiving a small squeal from me. I breathed against his neck, Mikey turned away and put his iPod headphones in, it turned me on more thinking that anyone could see.

“I’m going to…. I can’t wait” I breathed, the bastard stopped,

“Tell me you want me” Ryan teased,

“Ryan… I want you, hurry up” I hissed, he continued and I came in his hand, he smiled and wiped it on my jeans.

“They are black you idiot!” I yelled, Jesus, I went to wash it off in the toilets.

“Got it off?” Ryan smirked as I slouched out of the toilets.

“Most of it, no thanks to you” I growled, he just laughed and kissed me.
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