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Pull my strings like a puppet

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Thalia you will be in the next chapter, as Frank's ex girlfriend. Sorry if you don't LIKE you character's people, tough! We do!

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It was the day I was going to meet Gerard at Starbucks. I was really nervous, but at the same time, extremely excited. I got up a few hours before school was starting. I got dressed and took a VERRRY long time on my hair and eyeliner. I tried to make it PERFECT but in the end I settled with almost perfect. Then I practiced what I was going to say in the mirror.

"Hello Gerard... How are you?... Yes it was me who Mikey was texting about... Who are you kidding Frank? He's not even gonna turn up." I said. Then I realized I was talking to myself and slapped my head, then went downstairs to grab some breakfast. I ate my cereal, then paced, worrying about what I was going to do. Then I remembered I had to survive another school day first. Gerard wasn't going to treat me any differently to any other day.

I picked up the phone and thought about who to ring. In the end I decided I would ring and annoy Mikey. The phone rung and went to answer machine, they must of all still been in bed. I tried again, and then a voice answered,

"Uh, hello?" Gerard's voice said, he sounded like he was awake, he didn't sound like he had just woke up at all. And man, was his phone voice sexy.

"Uh, hey." I stuttered.

"You sound familiar." He said, I giggled.

"I, uh," Then I got nervous and hung up. He couldn't know it was me or I’d get in the shit at school. Just then the phone began to ring, I had to answer it incase it woke my parents.

"Hello? Who is this?" Gerard said.

"It's... Brendon." I said, thinking fast.

"Oh, you. Do you want Michael?" Gerard said, sounding annoyed.

"Yes please." I said. Then I heard Gerard go and wake Mikey up, telling him it was Brendon.

"What does he want?" I heard Mikey complain as Gerard shoved the phone into Mikey's hand.

"Find out. He's your fag." Gerard said, and then I heard his footsteps walk away.

"Brendon? Why are you ringing me so early?" Mikey muttered, sounding annoyed he had been woken up.

"For a chat." I said.

"Iero. Why did you claim to be Brendon?" Mikey said.

"I don’t know." I said, shrugging even though Mikey couldn't see me.

"Is it 'cause you were talking to Gee?" He said, sighing.

"Maybe." I giggled.

"I want to sleep. Go watch gay porn or something." Mikey complained, then hung up. I put the phone down. Now I had nothing to do. I went back to my room and found Pansy amongst the mess, and picked her up and played her. What seemed like not long later it was time to leave for school. I grabbed my book bag and walked out.

I went in and waited outside homeroom, not long later Christie and Corey (Eveigh) turned up, and joined me and we started a random conversation about music. Then Brendon and Ryan joined us, and they joined the conversation easily. Then a boy came and looked at the homeroom door thoughtfully.

"Can I help?" I asked him, he smiled at me.

"I think this is my homeroom." He grinned, he had long blonde hair which had a blue streak in the fringe, and it was very choppy. He also had brightly coloured skinnies and a bright band tee on.

"Are you new?" Corey asked flicking her curly hair back, not in a flirty way though,

"Yeah." He said, his green eyes moving from me to her, then back.

"Then I think this is your homeroom." I nodded,

"Yeah, you must be that new guy the tutor was on about." Christie said.

"I must be. I'm Jake." He said to us, then came and stood beside me. Just then, Paige came around the corner and headed towards us.

"Hey guys," She smiled as she approached us. She had dark brown layered hair with red low lights. She never really bothered with us, and I know Christie and Corey had a bit of a dislike of her.

"Uh, hey?" Corey said in a very annoyed voice. Brendon glared at her to not say anything and she motioned zipping her mouth.

"I was just wondering if I could eat with you guys at lunch?" She asked.

"N-"Christie began, but Ryan who was standing beside her, covered her mouth.

"Sure." He said.

"Cool." She smiled, then began attempting to flirt with Jake, who looked a little annoyed at her himself. Soon the bell went and we all had to go in to homeroom.

Christie's POV

What the hell did Paige think she was doing, just expecting us to let her hang around with us after she had ignored us all these years? Well I wasn't going to accept her. No matter what Ryan said. I know how forgiving he and Brendon are, but I tend to hold grudges. And the way she treated us does not deserve forgiving no matter what.

Jake was in all mine and Corey's lessons today. And in maths, seeing as we don't really like maths, we could talk about Paige freely.

"I don't like her one bit." Corey whispered to us. I looked up from my sketch.

"She's been really two faced." I agreed.

"Has she? And she seems to follow me around. I mean, I like Frr-" He stopped himself before he said Frank, but it was kind of obvious that's what he was going to say.

"You like FRANK?" Corey said loudly, I nudged her giggling.

"Shh." He said, "Kind of." He said, and blushed.

"Awww!" Corey and I chorused. The teacher told us to shut up for the hundredth time. We ignored him and carried on whispering.

"Detention!" He yelled. "Jake, on your first day too!" He huffed, and then the bell went for the end of the lesson. I'm a bit of a nerd, but Corey convinced me not to go to detention. So I didn't. We went to sit at the dinner table and grabbed our food before the others. Ryan came over with Frank and Brendon.

"You ate before us again?" Ryan complained as he sat down.

"Yepp." Corey said in a matter-of-fact voice.

Frank's POV

I was so, so nervous for Starbucks. I tried to avoid Gerard all day, but it didn't work. At the end of lunch I walked straight into him and his right-hand wanker.

"Going to lessons so soon Fwwwankiie?" He said, and then laughed loudly.

"Ya-yes?" I stuttered,

"No not so soon. I'll miss you." He smirked, an evil glint in his eye.

"Don't give him a hard-on this time Gee-gee." Pete said, then laughed,

"He gets one if I punch him Pete. I think that it would be impossible not to." He laughed bitterly. I tried to hold in the tears I had in my eyes.

"Just hit me and go please?" I begged.

"Not so lucky." Gerard shook his head, and then pushed me up against the locker again. I tried my hardest not to get hard, but with Gerard this close, it was impossible. He kissed my forehead, then punched me in the stomach, and walked away. It happened so fast.

"Want me to finish you off again?" Ryan offered.

"No. I'll do it myself." I said, and then went into the bathrooms. Once I had finished I rushed off to last lesson. After school I went home to fix my eyeliner, I was going to be a bit late for Starbucks. I walked as fast as I could and when I went in Mikey and Gerard were sitting in the corner. Gerard was having a go at Mikey for 'that guy' being late. I walked over nervously.

"Hi?" I said, sitting next to Mikey.

"It's FRANK?" Gerard shouted, "NO FUCKING WAY!" He yelled as me and Mikey nodded. "I am NOT staying here with that FAG." Then he got up and stormed out. I was so confused, after a few moments I got up and walked out after him, I followed him around to the back of Starbucks.

Mikey's POV

That was strange. My best friend just chased my brother out of Starbucks after my brother called my best friend a fag because I had arranged a date for them. I didn't really approve of it if I am honest, but Frank left me with no choice. I sat, sipping my coffee on my own. And then a girl came and sat down with me,

"Alone?" She asked me, flicking her black bangs out of her face. Her brown eyes locked into mine, and I saw the clip in bow that was placed perfectly in her hair.

"Yeah." I smiled, and shook her hand. "I'm Mikey."

"I'm Faye. Do you come here a lot?" She asked,

"Quite a lot." I admitted,

"You like Pearl Jam?" She asked, motioning to the Pearl Jam tee I was wearing.

"I love them!" I said, looking at the Guns N' Roses she was wearing. We chatted about music and films, having a lot in common, and joking and debating the things we didn't have in common. I really liked her, and it was obvious she really liked me to. I wondered why Gerard and Frank had been gone for so long..

Frank's POV

Gerard had stopped behind Starbucks, and had turned to face me.

"You followed me?" He asked, his tone had changed, suddenly he wasn't angry.

"Yes." I said, it was easier to talk to him when we were alone.

"Why?" He asked, stepping towards me.

"Because, I, uh...” I began.

"You love me?" He asked. I nodded. "Good." He smirked evilly. Then he stepped closer to me again, he put an arm around my waist and pulled me around. Then pushed me against the wall. I thought he was going to hit me when he raised his hand, but instead he stroked my hair from my face.

"Your eyeliner looks hot today Frankie." He said softly. I shuddered. Why was he being nice? I was waiting for him to turn around and hit me again.

"Why-why do you hit me all the time?" I asked,

"Pete hates you. And well, I can't be not hitting you when Pete's not around. Or Pete will be hitting me. And I mean hitting in the non-sexual way." He winked; he said it all so seductively.

"But why don't you be nice to me, and hang around with us?" I stuttered. Gerard kissed my cheek, and kissed a line to my ear.

"Because I love playing with you Frankie. And you look so hot when you're scared." He whispered, his hot breath tickling my ear. "Do you like being played with?" He whispered, pressing closer to me and nibbling my ear.

"Yuuuh." I moaned. "But I want to be with you Gerard." I sighed.

"Then let's make a deal." He said, resting his forehead on mine and staring into my eyes.

"Okay." I nodded lightly, trying not to move his head too much.

"We can 'date' or whatever you call it. But only if Pete doesn't know, or anyone else. Pete hates you." He said matter-of-factly.

"Okay." I smiled. This was close enough. He pressed his lips to mine quickly. Before walking away. Leaving me hard, again. I couldn’t finish myself off as we were in public, and then walked back into Starbucks. Gerard wasn't in there, but Mikey was sitting with a girl I hadn't seen before. I walked over and sat by him.

"Okay Mikey." The girl smiled, "I'll be leaving, call me." She walked away. Mikey told me about Faye and then I told Mikey about Gerard, warning him not to tell anyone. He agreed, but something about the whole thing was bothering him. I guess we would have to talk it over at the sleepover tomorrow.
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