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When Drunken Sleepovers ATTACK!

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Christie and mine, colab for this chapter.

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“Why do you leave everything until the last minute, Mikey?” Ryan sighed, shoving a couple of comic books under Mikey’s bed, Ryan was pissed because he had to help clean, not something he likes to do.

“Ross, stop sulking and do something” I rolled my eyes; he could hardly call kicking stuff under the bed tidying.

“Yeah, and hurry, people will be here soon” Mikey reminded, as if we didn’t already know. We all heard Donna yelling at someone, presumably Gerard, then heard someone storm upstairs, Mikey’s door was kicked open.

“HEY!” Mikey yelled at Gerard, fuming in the doorway.

“Shut up” Gerard hissed, not really giving a crap, he saw me and skipped over, “Awww, hello wickle Fwankie” He teased, pushing me onto the bed, “fag sleepover night is it?” He asked sarcastically.

“Fuck off, Gerard” Brendon interrupted, he was often forgotten about for being so quiet.

“Make me” Gerard growled, shoving Brendon into the wall, he turned back to me, grabbed my ‘member’ and flounced out of the room. I managed to suppress my moan pretty well, and I don’t think anyone saw Gee grab me.

"What the fuck was that about?" Ryan said to no-one in particular.

"No fucking idea. Twat he is." I lied. Then we carried on tidying Mikey's room.


"Shut the fuck up wanker. you are the stupid little girl." I heard Corey growl at him.

"Why the fuck should I?" He replied.

"Gerard, leave Mikey's friends alone!" Donna shouted. Then Gerard and Donna argued a little as Christie, I presumed, and Corey walked up to Mikey's room. They came in without knocking.

"Hey! You should have knocked!" Mikey complained.

"Not like we haven't seen you guys doing stuff before." Christie pointed out, and her and Corey dropped their bags of junk food and clothes, and make-up on Mikey's once clean floor.

"NOOO! I JUST CLEANED THAT!" Ross complained, whining, then Brendon patted his back to calm him down. He glared at Corey and Christie, and they both just giggled at him. Corey even stuck her tongue out. There was another knock on the door downstairs.


"His what?" Jake laughed, and then he came and joined us. He knocked before entering.

"Come in Jake!" Mikey called. And Jake came in. His hair looked totally awesome,

"Wow Jake you're hair looks awesome!" I smiled at him; he blushed, which was a little strange for a compliment...

"Uh, thanks Frank." He smiled, looking at his feet. There was another knock at the door; it was starting to annoy me.

"MIKEY! NOW JAKE'S LITTLE STALKER KID IS HERE!" Gerard shouted again, "OH, AND IM NOT FUCKING ANSWERING THE DOOR ANYMORE!" He added, Paige came up the stairs, and then didn't knock before she came in.

"Oh. So it was the stalker after all." Corey hissed to Christie, and Christie giggled.

"SHUT IT RHIANNON!" Ryan warned, nudging them.

"HEEEY SHE STARTED IT." Christie pouted it.

"You're encouraging her." He pointed out,

"HUUUMPH!" Christie folded her arms. Paige moved towards Jake, and sat near him on Mikey's bed.

"Hey Jake, I didn't know you were going to be here." She said in a flirty tone, fiddling with her dark brown hair. Christie and Corey glared at her, but she didn't notice.

"Nice to know you turned up." Corey put in sarcastically.

"Yeah, since you were invited." Christie said under her breath, I nudged Christie into Corey.

"Girls. Leave it." I said quietly.

Suddenly someone else knocked on Mikey’s door,

“Come in?” Mikey called, as she entered my jaw dropped, no, not her.

“Oh hey Mikey, am I late?” She asked quietly.

“No, not at all” He smiled, why the fuck did he invite her?

“This is Thalia guys” He announced, as if I didn’t already know.

Eveigh’s P.O.V

Whoa, Frankie’s being weird, ever since this… Thalia chick arrived, and it’s kind of rude of Mikey to invite her, none of use know her.

“Frankie, what’s wrong?” Christie whispered to Frank, who beckoned me over aswell.

“She’s my ex” Frank whispered to us, I take it things didn’t end on a high note for those two.

“What happened… the whole ‘ex’ I mean” I asked, making sure I didn’t hit a nerve.

“Can we not talk about it right now, sorry” Frank sighed,

“It’s ok, sorry to bring it up” I smiled, then I had an idea.

“HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!” I yelled as loud as possible, everyone, needless to say, moaned and whined, but after I moaned and whined they gave in and let me out my DVD on. I got fairly pissed and began dancing with Frank, by the middle of the movie everyone else was drunk too, not really caring anymore, and singing along.

The door flew open, and Gerard walked in. "YAAAY!" I squealed, and ran to him. I put my arms around him and started singing to HSM, and ordered him to dance too.

"No you stupid fuck." He snarled, and I carried on trying to make him dance, eventually he gave in and joined in with us all, dancing like he had been drinking too. But he hadn't. Frank walked his way to Gerard, putting his arms around him and swaying him in time with the song which was on. I watched him, laughing.

"Gee I'mma make you daaaaance!" He smiled at Gerard, who looked very frustrated.

"Get off fag!" Gerard growled. And Frank just felt up Gerard's ass and kissed his bottom lip.

"Naaah! I loves youuuu!" Frank giggled, kissing Gerard again.

"Have a dwiiiinky!" Christie said, trying to shove alcohol down Gerard's throat. The door flung open and Faye came in, smiling, and joining in with us dancing like freaks. She wasn't even pissed, but was having lots of fun.

"No fuck off!" He snarled at her, I noticed he wasn't really pushing Frank off that much. And Frank was touching him ALL over now. In fact, Gerard seemed to like it. Mikey's bedroom door flew open again, this time, walked in Pete.
I growled at him, literally.

"What's your fucking problem?" He asked me, smiling his dumb-ass grin at me. I almost hit him, but then Christie held my arms back.

"Nonnonono." She laughed. "No fistiicufffs." I saw Thalia and Mikey dancing away, and Paige trying to dance with Jake, who was having none of it. Gerard pushed Frank off him violently as he saw Pete was here.

"Why are you in here?" Pete asked him.

"Came in to turn this shitty music off." He shrugged. Then he pushed Frank over, so he fell onto the floor. Frank's face was a scene, he looked so devastated. "And push this fag over." He added laughing, Frank's eyes welled up and he held back tears. Ryan went and hugged him, and I joined them, followed by Faye, Brendon and Christie. There was a group hug.

"C'mon Geegee. Let's go to your room." Pete said,

"Sure." Gee smiled, then Pete looked extremely happy about it, then they walked out, and Gerard slammed the door.
We all cheered up Frank by singing 'We're all in this together'. Then sat and sang along to the rest of it on the film.

Frank’s P.O.V

Soon after High school musical Faye had to leave as she couldn’t get picked up the next day, we all hugged her goodbye and she kissed Mikey, I take it they are dating now.

“Bye Faye” We yelled, and I start a zombie game on the PS3 with Jake, who was kind of bad as he lost at least five times. Paige was being really sweet and comforting him though, I don’t see what problem Christie and Corey have with her to be honest.

Mikey and Thalia had become a lot closer since Faye had left, practically sitting on each other, talking. It was a bit weird, but I let it slide, seeing as they are both drunk.

Brendon and Ryan had obviously become bored, as they were now grinding and making out on Mikey’s bed, not that Mikey had noticed, clearly paying way to much attention to Thalia, at least she’s not near me.

Christie and Eveigh had put on some tacky comedy and were in tears of laughter… really wasn’t that funny.

“I’m so tired” Paige announced, curling up in Jake’s lap.

“Good for you” he said, standing up and letting Paige fall on the floor, Paige now pissed off went to join Christie and Eveigh, I don’t think they appreciated her company either but she stayed regardless.

I picked up Mikey’s bass guitar and tried to play it, failing miserably. Jake came over and asked if I wanted help, I took the help, he’s really good, I almost fell into a trance, following his fingers with my eyes.

“Sorry, I forgot I was helping you” he blushed, stopping playing and interrupting my trance.

“Don’t apologize, that was amazing” I smiled, and again he blushed, wow, modest guy. He put the guitar down and went over to Christie, Eveigh and Paige.

Soon after I noticed we were out of beer, I decided to try to find some downstairs. Surprise, surprise I managed to walk into Gerard, luckily he was Pete-less.

“Hey babe, sorry about early… the whole fag thing and pushing you down” he looked truly apologetic.

“It’s OK” I mumbled, not looking away from his eyes, he puts me under a spell, a curse, I swear.

“It’s OK” I mumbled, not looking away from his eyes, he puts me under a spell, a curse, I swear.

"Well. I guess I owe you one for putting up with me?" He said seductively, moving closer to me.

"Yeaah." I stuttered, and then he kissed my lips, his tongue begged for entrance and I granted it. I let him be dominant,
he explored my mouth. Then too soon, he pulled away. He smiled evilly, and then walked back to his room. I stood there for a few moments, not sure how to move. That was the best moment of my life. Finally I remembered how to walk, and went and grabbed the beer from the fridge, then went back to Mikey's room.

"You took a looooong time." Jake giggled as I walked in.

"Sorry about that. I ran into... Donna." I said thinking fast. Mikey raised an eyebrow at me. I nodded so he knew I meant Gerard. Then I shared out the beers. And we all drunk some more.

"MAKE-OVEERRS!" Christie squeaked,

"Nooooo!" I whined.

"Don't be suchaa girl!" Eveigh complained,

"That makes no sense." I giggled, eventually Jake and I gave into makeovers. Paige had fallen asleep on the floor.
Then I noticed Thalia and Mikey fell asleep in each others arms. Lucky Faye isn't here, I thought. Eveigh worked on my face, and Christie worked on Jake's. Then I did Christie's face and Jake did Eveigh's. We all looked so stupid after the 'make-over'. But I was so pissed I found it extremely funny.

We all talked about pointless shit for a long time,

"I think..." Eveigh began, but then fell asleep on the floor. Christie laughed at her, dropping off to sleep herself. I noticed Jake was asleep on my shoulder. I decided not to move him, and then fell to the floor asleep myself.
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