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You Don't Care.

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A rather sad oneshot, poem if you will... told in Frank's POV.

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New Author's note: At first this was initially to be Frank's POV, but now I think it could be any of the guy's POV. The imagination is up to you.

I tried to talk you but you didn't care.
I called you when I needed you, but you weren't there.

I asked what was wrong and you turned away.
I shed some tears, but you just walked away.

I fell to the floor and begged on my knees.
On the day, you got up and threatened to leave me.

For what I did, I have no clue.
I had no idea what to do.

I do everything I possibly can to make you see.
Just how special and amazing you are to me.

But words aren't enough, they just hang in the air.
I tried to show you, but you simply just don't care.

I cry myself to sleep everynight wondering what I'm doing wrong.
It's hurting so badly to know that maybe, we don't belong.

Love is supposed to be kind, gentle, and right.
You only love me, when I'm underneath you, every other night.

I tried one last time to talk to you.
When you said nothing, I knew what I had to do.

Here I am all alone, and you're not home.
I'm looking in the mirror and hate what I see.
Going with whatever I feel is meant to be.

Tears poured out as I run a finger through my hair.
I'm slowly breaking inside, but you don't care.

I grab the razor and slide it across my skin.
It's so smooth, it's almost paper thin.

I do the same to my other wrist and smile.
I think I'll just stay here and lay down awhile.

I wonder if you really do know how much I love you.
How I sit here crying, cause I would do anything for you.

But you took it for granted and it's unfair.
It's unfair the way you really just don't care.

I fall to the floor while blood seeps out.
I can feeling myself getting lighter, time is precious, there is no doubt.

I'm wishfully thinking you will come in to see me.
You'll say you're sorry, and will come and save me.

I wait and wait and you don't show.
I can't hold out any longer, I'm sorry but I have to go.

As I slowly fade away, your face is all I see.
I'm losing control, but this is the way you made me.

And even though I'm dying, and the pain is too much to bare.
I'll bet you anything, that when I finally finish my last breath,
You still wouldn't care..........
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