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Chapter 47

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I sat up in bed, a cool breeze blowing across my face. The bed lay empty next to me and the sheet on which Kat had been led was still warm. I heard laughter and the low hum of a radio from above and the strong scent of coffee hit my nostrils as I pulled myself out of bed. I went to grab last night's boxers but they weren't at the bottom of the bed where Kat had left them last night, instead I pulled on the jeans I'd worn to meet Bob.
I pulled open the door at the top of the stairs and was pulled towards the kitchen by the hiss of a kettle. Kat and Ellie sat at the table, my boxers around Kat's waist, beneath her my chem t-shirt. She giggled when she saw my expression and I kissed her cheek. I took the mug of coffee from her mouth and drank from it. The coffee burnt my tongue, but my throat felt relief as the liquid hit my throat.
William stood beside Mom at the stove and I watched as they made pancakes together. Ellie was watching him from the corner of her eye, as he was her. They both smiled shyly and chatted away to each other.
I pulled out a chair to sit next to Kat and Mom turned to me, “You are awake then? Why on this earth was Bob at my door this morning at 2o'clock?” Kat's hair was slung back in a pony tail and I pulled at a loose tendril. “He just wanted to talk to me about tour stuff. Nothing major.” She sighed at me and I threw a look at Ellie and William.
Both had seen Simon at the door with Bob last night but neither mentioned it. Ellie nodded to me but not so that Kat or Mom would notice. William had let me back in this morning, Ellie had been lain across the couch waiting for William to go back to her and she had only motioned at me. They both knew it wasn't for Kat to worry about, but after breakfast Ellie pulled me aside as I went back down to the basement.
“So, why is here?” She pulled my arm and led me into the lounge. The sofas were a mess of blankets and pillows. “He wants to see Kat. He's here to get his baby back.” I didn't look at her. Instead I watched a bird fly into the tree out of the window. “He's gone now though right?” She took my arm. Her nails dug into my skin when I didn't reply. “He's staying at a hotel, he's leaving this morning.” She turned away from me and held her face in her hands. “Your telling Kat? right?” Again I couldn't answer her. She shook her head. “I don't believe this..”
“We decided it's best not to tell her. Not in her condition.”
“She not in a 'condition' Gerard,” Her voice sarcastic, “She's pregnant!” We both turned as Kat entered the room. We fell silent and nobody spoke. “I'm going grocery shopping with Donna. I'll see you both later. Oh and were stopping off at Mikey's to get Bob. He left the van here this morning so he's got no way of getting over.” I hugged her tight and kissed her forehead.
“I'm going to take Ellie and Will out then. Get them out of the house for a bit.” Kat hugged Ellie quickly and flew off downstairs to get washed and changed. I followed her slowly and grabbed a pair of clean jeans from a pile Mom had left by the closet. I pulled a blue t-shirt out and slid it over my bare chest. Pulling a brush through my hair, I was surprised as Kat opened the bathroom door. “Can you pass me a towel Gee, there aren't any clean ones in here.” She shivered and I hurried to find a towel. I handed it to her and she slung it around her wet body knotting it at the front. She let the door swing open and opened the toilet seat before undoing the zip on my skinny jeans. Kat brushed her hair through as I peed beside her. “You going to be okay with Mom?”
“It's just shopping Gee, I'll be fine. And were picking Bob up on the way back and it means I get to meet Alicia.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot you hadn't met her yet.” I washed my hands and flushed the toilet. “Well Mikey gave her my mobile number and she hasn't stopped texting and calling me since. She's actually one of the nicest people like ever, and I always thought she'd be a bit scary dressing up her pets like that, but she's as nice as everybody said.” She pulled a hoodie over her tank top and pulled the belt up around her elastic waist-banded jeans. She covered it over quickly with her top and I laughed. I pulled her closer to me and wrapped my arms around her waist. “What? It looks terrible! I hate it! It looks terrible!” I laughed and she tried to push away at my chest. I didn't let her go and she gave up, wrapping her arms around me. “What did I tell you last night? Hmm?”
She turned away from me and I turned her chin with my finger and raised my eyebrows at her. She sighed, “Sorry, it's just they really are ugly! At-least they're still skinny jeans. Imagine! Bell bottoms with an elastic waistband.” I laughed and pressed her up against the bathroom door. She stopped laughing and cupped my face in her hands. She kissed me, and I pressed her up against the door hard. My lips began fighting hers. Her hands fought against my jeans buckle and her hands grasped my t-shirt and my fingers wrestled with the zip of her hoodie. Her hands rolled into fists and they pounded against my chest. I pressed my lips further against hers but she still pulled away. “Enough, okay, enough.” She pulled her hoodie back down and pulled back the waistband of her jeans.
Rejection flooded my every muscle, made me freeze. I turned away from her, afraid my jealousy would show. “Later, okay. Tonight. I promise.” She took my hand and I faced her. She smiled innocently and I kissed her like my life depended on it. She pulled away and led me up the stairs, we both giggled. Mom stood at the front door, “You are coming then?” she laughed as she noticed me stood behind Kat on the stair. “I should have guessed.” I laughed and Kat led me down the front steps to the van. I pulled her into my chest and kissed her again, I slid my tongue into her mouth and hers danced against mine. She pulled away again. “Tonight.” She walked away from me and slid into the car next to Mom. “Love you.” She mouthed out of the van window, I mouthed it back and waved as my Mom pulled away from the curb.
Kat's beautiful smile faded from my mind and Simon's crumpled body warped my mind bloodily. I ran to the side of the house and threw up in a bush.

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