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Chapter 48

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Kat's P.O.V

I grabbed the door handle and swung it towards the van. It closed and locked in place. I pulled my seatbelt over me and watched as Donna did the same. She started up the engine and we were soon out of the street. “You know Bob didn’t come to see Gerard about the tour last night, don’t you?” Donna didn’t look at me as she asked me. It began to rain as the dark clouds gathered above our tiny vehicle. “I know,” I looked at Donna from the corner of my eye, no expression crossed her face and her icy blonde hair swung across her face as she turned a corner. “He can tell me what it was about when he’s ready; I was just a little worried that it was so early. And, well, I was a little worried about his hand.” I stroked the soft interior of the van door and turned to lean against it. My stomach twisted and the baby kicked continuously for a few seconds. Donna noticed me flinch and smiled, “You mean his knuckles?” I nodded.
“He said he fell up the drive, but, I don’t know, he didn’t seem so sure, and he was really weird this morning, It was like he didn’t want me to go to Mikey’s later.” Donna turned into a car park. The large building that sat in-front of us was grey and people were streaming in and out through the large doors. Donna slowed the van and parked up. She got out her own seat and came around to help me out of my own. “It is unlike Gerard to do something so clumsy, and he would have grazed more than his knuckles if he fell. But you are right. Gerard will tell us the truth when he’s ready, but I don’t know if much the same can be said for your brother.”
“You think Bob has something to do with it?” She gave me the keys and I locked the doors as Donna went to find a trolley. “Bob did come and get him. It has something to do with him.”
I hadn’t really thought about Bob, I didn’t think anything bad could have happened though. Gerard would have told me. Wouldn’t he?
“Gerard would tell me, wouldn’t he, if it was something bad?” Donna pushed the trolleys through the doors and I held tightly to the metal basket. The baby wouldn’t stop moving and my back felt as if it was breaking. “Are you okay love? Baby’s not hurting too much?” Donna stopped and I bent over the trolley for a few seconds. “No I’ll be fine, Give me a minute.” I held my stomach and waited for the pain in my back to subside. It eventually did and we started our tour of the supermarket. We walked slowly and Donna answered my earlier question, “He would of course he would. But maybe he’s not telling you to protect you. Maybe it’s for the best.”

We made our way slowly around the fruit and meat sections, throwing conversation between us. Talking mostly about the places we’d been to on the bus and how the boys were. Eventually our conversation turned towards Mikey and I couldn’t help but tell Donna about how badly Mikey had slept on the bus and how many nights he’d screamed out. I told her how he’d separated himself off from us until a phone-call one day before my second accident.

He’d left the bus and answered his cell. Bob and I had watched him out of the bus window as he paced the car park and watched silently as he’d began to sob and then suddenly glow as if alight with excitement. He’d come back onto the bus and when I’d asked him who he’d been talking to he’d said Alicia had had some news and that everything was going to be okay now.

Donna had slowed down, our trolley slowly filling with groceries. “Alicia did seem to get a little worried actually. But then one day, when Jamia and Alicia came to see me Alicia was really excited and wouldn’t stop talking about babies.
The supermarket was full and people sped past us like cars on a motorway as we slowly pushed out trolley from aisle to aisle. As Donna picked up a box of cereal she froze. I turned to where she stared and saw a very familiar face staring back at me. I covered my stomach with my hands subconsciously and the other woman mirrored my simple action. Lyn-Z’s cold hard face was etched with lines of worry and fear. I attempted to clear all emotion from my face but I wasn’t so sure it had worked when Lyn-Z began to smirk. “Okay Donna? Who’s this then? Gee’s little whore?”
Donna began to push the trolley away and we left Lyn-Z staring after us as we pushed towards a check-out. As we walked away, I felt Lyn-Z’s ice like expressionless eyes bore a burning hole in my back.

A half hour after we left the supermarket, Donna slowed down outside a tower of flats. I pulled myself out of my seat and grabbed a few grocery filled paper bags from the boot. Donna locked the van and grabbed the front door of the apartments for me. I followed Donna up two flights of stairs; my arms now empty as she’d taken the bags from me. “No heavy lifting,” she’d told me. I knocked twice on Mikey’s front door and waited until Bob finally opened it. He pulled me into a quick embrace. Nut not before I noticed the puce colored bruise under his eyes and the scab forming quickly on his lip. Mikey and Alicia sat stone still on the sofas. Donna moved behind em and went through to the small kitchen. Beside Mikey and Alicia stood a large window, under which lay a cream colored sofa. Piles of blankets filed it and under the thick sheeting I noticed a small face and mop of blond hair. My heart beat faster and my arms began to shake.

Simon’s bloody body lay tangled under the mess of blankets and his chest slowly rose. His face was scratched and it drooped on one side. His eyes were puffy and his lips were black. Tears sprang in my eyes and I saw only blurry images of my brother as I fell to the floor.

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