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Rose Petals... Fixed!

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"Uhm," I stuttered. My breathing hitched as I watched him fall back onto the bed, sighing exasperatedly. He groaned into his palm and shook his head, waving me out of the room.

"Just go." He mumbled. I couldn't make my feet budge as I stood in front of him, fumbling with my fingers. He glared at me as he removed his hands away from his face and rested them casually on his midsection. "Go!"

I shook my head. "Gerard, I--"

"Rose. Get. Out."

"But... " I felt so stupid for being tongue-tied right now. Here he was, probably pushing himself to do this -- no matter the squalls -- and there I was, standing silent. No wonder he was pissed at me. "Gerard, please. You have to let me--"

"Rose," He sighed. "I shouldn't have said anything. It doesn't matter. Just... Just leave."

"But, that's the thing. I--"

"Now!" He roared out, making his voice seem more demented and dark than usual. He pushed himself off the bed when I didn't move -- I was too scared to try anything -- and roughly grabbed me by the forearm. He threw me out into the hallway and smirked when I nearly tripped over the rug, throwing his head back and cackling. "Now, stay the fuck out of my room." He snapped, pointing down the hallway. "Don't let me catch you down here again. Got it?"

I nodded, cradling my elbow to my chest. I seemed to have smacked it off the wall when he threw me out of his room. I could feel it bruising already. My chest tightened when I looked up at Gerard and saw the regret in his eyes; At least I thought it was regret. He quickly covered it up by glaring at me again.

"I fucking asked you a question, Rose." He yelled. "Or are you too stupid to answer me?"

"N-No," I mumbled, blinking away the familiar wet feeling. "I've g-got it."

I jumped from the door slamming in my face and flinched when I heard glass shattering; Gerard's temper getting the best of him. It's not that I didn't think his offer was astounding, but, the reason was more complicated. I couldn't believe that someone as angelic -- and eccentric -- as Gerard had asked me permission to be with me. I didn't even get a chance to explain myself. My answer would have been something completely different than what he was expecting.

I couldn't say no to him. I wouldn't.

But, now, my chances have all gone up in smoke. If given the chance, I'd rip out my own heart and hand it over to him, if he asked for it. No, this wasn't love. Not yet. Mere admiration and adoration as of now but I felt that with time I could definitely get there... if he let me. He was so new to me. And I was getting addicted.
I felt the salty liquid run over my lips and wiped it away with my sleeve, pulling a face when I got more than water on it. I could feel a sob rip at my throat but I refused to let it out yet; Not until I was out of earshot. But, even then, I bet he could hear me.
I ran down the hallway, gripping the banister of the staircase, and collapsed down onto the bottom stair. My back ached and my cheeks hurt from frowning. My vision was impossible to see out of and every time I tried to calm myself down, I ended up crying harder.

I didn't even hear the front door open or the hoard of footsteps walking my way.

"Rose Petal?" The familiar voice of Frank cooed out. I felt the weight shift on the wood as someone sat down beside me -- Probably Frank -- and wrapped their arms around me, pulling me in tight. "What's the matter? Did you hurt yourself?"

I sniffled, shaking my head. I felt embarrassed sitting here, crying in front of them. Even more so now that they all thought I had inflicted upon myself like some weak human. Well, I am.

"Then what's wrong?" His fingers pulled through my long brown hair, smoothing out the tangles. "Did... Did Gerard do something?"

I shook my head again.

"Well, did he say something to you?" Ray asked, kneeling down beside me.

I remained silent, feeling Frank's hold tighten. I heard someone mumbling but my ears popped and I didn't get a chance to distinguish the voice or see them walk away. Frank continued to rock us back and forth, mumbling little sayings of comfort into my ear.

It wasn't working.


Mikey pounded his fist on the door, using more force than needed as the door cracked. He waited three seconds before growling and throwing the door open, bounding his way over to the sulking raven haired man in the corner.

Mikey gripped his shirt collar and pulled him up. "What the hell did you do, Gee?"

"Nothin'," Gerard shrugged. "I didn't do shit to her."

"Lie to somebody else, Gerard. What the fuck did you do to her?"

"I didn't do anything!" Gerard argued, pulling free from Mikey. "She did everything herself. I tried to be nice; She didn't accept it. I tried to open up; She pushed me away--"

"That's not all of it."

"That's everything there is to say, Michael! What else do you want me to say?"

"I want you to go apologize."

"Me?" Gerard scoffed. "She's the one who--"

"She's the one bawling her eyes out in the foyer."

"S-She is?" Gerard murmured, fumbling with the hem of his shirt. Mikey nodded. "Well, I'm not going to do it."

"Why not, Gerard?" Mikey asked, annoyed.


"What the hell, Gee? Grow the fuck up and admit--"

"She rejected me!" Gerard snapped, slumping back down into the chair. "I asked her to be with me and she said no."

"She said no?"

"She didn't have to. Her face said it all."

Mikey arched an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"She hesitated," Gerard sighed. "I put everything out there and she couldn't answer me. She basically rejected me, Mikey."


"There's nothing else to it, Mikey. Just go."

Mikey shook his head and reached into his pocket. His side trip before coming here had done him good; He managed to retrieve something that just might make it work. Slowly, he pulled out a shriveled rose petal; crimson red. He handed it over to Gerard and smiled. "Think about it."


The footsteps returned and all the boys stood up. Frank hugged me around the shoulders quickly before kissing my cheek. "I want to see you smiling by the end of the day, Rose Petal."

I laughed and smiled, ignoring the sticky feeling of my skin.

With one final nod, they left, leaving me alone. A few moments later, I heard someone coming back. It was probably one of the boys coming back to get something they forgot. I didn't think anything of it when they sat down beside me.

"Rose?" The melodic voice whispered, freezing me. I didn't answer; I just turned away from him, childishly. I could hear him sigh and stand up. "I'm sorry, Rose."

I didn't look up to watch him walk away. I didn't even spare him a passing glance when I felt his eyes on my face again. I was too distracted by the fragile little piece of velvet silk on my dress.

A rose petal.

The forbidden flower I wasn't supposed to touch.

"I'm sorry."

A/N - I am so proud of myself! Two updates quickly. And to the person who guessed the song lyrics -- Yay! I was hoping someone would spot that. It was either those lyrics or another song and I didn't think the other one fit well enough. But, props to you. And thanks for the reviews! They mean so much to me. I think it's adorable how Beast gives her a rose petal. If you haven't read the original story yet, you need to. It's amazing. Anyways, thank you for reading and, please, don't forget to R&R for me! xoxo - Esther Rose.
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