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Love, Save The Empty

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Frank takes matters into his own hands.

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"He's trying, you know." Frank whispered. "He really is, Rose."

I mashed my lips together, rolling over on my side. I wasn't ready to talk about it. If he thought that a rose petal -- no matter what rose it came from -- was going to fix everything, then he had another thing coming. I wasn't just going to accept his half-hearted apology this time; He didn't mean it.

"I'm sorry, Frankie."

"You're really not going to talk about this?"


"Why not?"

"There's nothing to talk about." I mumbled. "It's fine, now. Really."

Frank frowned, removing some of the hair from my face. He adjusted the blankets around my shoulders and sighed, leaning down to kiss my forehead. "I just think that, if you gave him a chance to explain, then--"

"I've given him chances. He wouldn't jump at any of them, Frank." I heaved a sigh as I shut my eyes, feeling too tired to continue this conversation any further. "Besides, why should I give him a shot when he doesn't allow me to have any?"

"What do you mean, Rose Petal?"

I shook my head as I cozied up to my pillow. Pulling the blankets up higher, I smiled lazily and felt myself being lulled into a deep slumber. Seeing nothing but a dark abyss, I could still hear the incoherent whispers of Frank as he continued to sing me a lullaby; Nearly too low for me to hear. Soon enough, his voice had done the trick -- I was in too deep a sleep to be disturbed.

"Rose?" Frank whispered, standing up off the bed. "Are you asleep?" When he didn't receive an answer, he grinned, kissing Rose on the forehead again, and quietly wandered over to the door. "Sweet dreams, Rose Petal."

Frank walked down the hallway and down the stairs before turning down another hallway, stopping at a large oak door. He didn't even bother with the niceties as he barged his way in, startling Gerard, who was seated on the edge of his bed.

Gerard frowned and set the case down. "Frank? What are you--"

"Don't." Frank snapped. He had a bone to pick with Gerard. If he thought that he could hurt his Rose Petal and get away with it, then, well, he thought wrong. "Rose told me something very interesting."

"Oh?" Gerard questioned. He could feel his palms sweat as the memories of what he and Rose had done just hours before on his bed flooded his vision. Rose wouldn't have told anyone, would she? Especially not have told anyone that he... took advantage of her, did she?

No... Not his Rose.

Because he wouldn't have. He wouldn't ever place a hand that she refused on her porcelain body. He would rather rip out his own heart -- assuming he still had it -- and chop it up into pieces than lay an unwanted finger on her. Granted, that he's done it before. But not without regret. Regret came with that sort of thing. He hated himself when he abused her; Physically and emotionally.

"Yeah," Frank glared. "She said that she's been giving you chances to explain yourself when you get out of hand, but, you haven't been giving her those same pretenses. Is there some fucked up reason behind your logic, Gerard? Some reason why you manage to singlehandedly wreck every chance you get with that girl?"

"Me?" Gerard laughed, rolling his eyes. "Obviously you didn't get the whole thing, Frank."

"Then what am I missing, Gerard?"

"You wanna know?" Gerard scowled.

"No," Frank replied, his tongue dripping with sarcasm. "I'm standing here for no fuckin' reason, trying to figure out what color drapes you'd like for your room." Frank glared, narrowing the gap between the two. "Of course I wanna fuckin' know, Gee. Goddammit."

"Shut the hell up, Fr--"

"No! Now tell me what the fuck you two are fight--"

"Get. Out."

"Shut the fuck up, Gerard, and tell me why you won't let her talk!" Frank yelled, shocking the man standing before him.

Gerard stood, speechless, as he watched the petite man calm himself down. Never before had Gerard seen him go off like this. A few mumbled words and two-faced moves on his part, but never has he seen him open up like that. He was shocked, to say the least. Astounded, even.

"Frank... ?" Gerard murmured, hesitantly reaching his hand out to grip his shoulder. When he saw that Frank wasn't going to push him away, he lowered his hand, gaining a firm grip. "Calm?"

Frank nodded, taking deep breaths. "Now, why is Rose upset?"

"I don't know." Gerard shrugged. "She probably feels guilty."


"I don't wanna talk about it, Frank." Gerard mumbled, slouching down against his bed.

"I need to know, Gee."

"No, you--"

"Gerard." Frank warned, arching an eyebrow. "If it comes down to it, and I have to pick a side, I'm warning you -- You're going to feel pretty lonely."

Gerard scoffed. "You'd seriously pick her over me?"


"But, I've known you longer."

"And?" Frank smirked. "I like her better. She's a lot less moody."

"Bastard." Gerard mumbled.

"Now," Frank sighed, seating himself on the floor beside him. "What wouldn't I understand?"

"I never said that."

"Pretty much."

"Just--" Gerard groaned, throwing his hands up. He didn't even know where to begin. "--I put myself out there she didn't like what she saw." Frank frowned; Apparently not understanding. "I asked her to be with me."

"Is that bad?" Frank wondered, tilting his head.

"No. But her reaction was."

"Which was... ?"

"She never answered me. She just stood over there, with her mouth open; Probably trying not to laugh at me."

Frank giggled, rolling his eyes. It all made so much sense to him now. Rose complaining that she never got a chance to explain herself -- she was in shock. That's why she hesitated. If he would've just waited instead of throwing a fit then he would have received his answer; And maybe not a negative one, as he thought.

"Gerard." Frank droned. "Did you even give her a chance to answer?"

"Yes." Gerard snapped. "I gave her nearly five minutes. And nothing."

"I mean, did you let her explain?"

"What was the point? She obviously didn't want anything to do with me. Why should I give her a chance to explain herself?"

"Maybe, she was in shock?"

"No." Gerard shook his head, glaring at the wall.

"Why not?"


"Because, why?"

"She's... " Gerard groaned. He wasn't about to pour his heart out, but, he needed someone other than himself to see the ridiculous pair that he and Rose would make if anything did happen. They were too opposite to attract. "She's too good."

Frank angled his neck, confused. "What do you mean?"

"We're too opposite. We could never be together."

"Why not?"

"Are you fuckin' blind?" snapped Gerard. "Have you seen her, Frank? She's too beautiful to waste her time on someone like me. Why would she want to? I've got nothing to offer her."

"Sure you do." Frank grinned, too happy for this type of conversation. "You've got a lot to offer, Gee."

"Like what?" Gerard rolled his eyes.

"Well, you're nice... sometimes. And you can be understanding... sometimes. And--"

"Alright. I get it."

"I'm not making this any better, am I?" Frank laughed. He smiled widely before standing up and heading for the door. He peered over his shoulder and nodded. "You mean more to her than you think."

"How do you know?"

"Trust me." Frank giggled, stopping by the door frame on his way out. "Oh, and you've got to make this up to her. She's not feeling so forgiving this time." Gerard frowned, watching Frank curiously. "You're gonna have to work for her forgiveness this time."


Frank shrugged before he shut the door, leaving Gerard to think on his own. Gerard didn't know much about her likes and dislikes to surprise her with anything -- They never held up much conversation when they were together. He didn't have a fall-back to play with.
Gerard sprang up from the floor when an idea popped into his head. He grinned, seeing this an opportunity to win her over. He was sure this would ease the blow a bit if she did end up rejecting him. But, how could she be angry with her own wing of the mansion?

The Library.

{A/N - Hello, again! I've realized that I've been going update happy with this story. But, with all the amazing reviews, how could I not? They motivate me -- Hint Hint. I was watching the movie and was like, hey! I should have him give her the library now. So I did. And it happened. I really hope you like this chapter as much as the other ones; It's not one of my best. Anyway, thank you all SO much for reading and, please, don't forget to R&R for me. Thank you! xoxo - Esther Rose.}
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