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I'm on a total writers block, so sorry if it sucks. Or doesn't make sense.

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A/N: I don't know if I'm spelling some things right. I'm too lazy to spell check it.
Mikey's POV:
"Okay, now that your done getting squished, how about we go upstairs to my room?" I asked Frank. "Sure." he said. I ran upstairs and he followed. "Prepare to enter.." I said, "Comic book world!" I opened to door and he walked in. "Wow..this IS comic book world!" he said then laughed. We sat around reading comic books, and after a few hours, he got up. "I better be going.." Frank said. "Okay." I said and got up as well. We walked downstairs and my mum came out of the kitchen. "So Frank," my mum said, "How would you like to stay for dinner?" "Oh, I wouldn't want to intrude.." he said. "Pish posh, your not intruding. Eat dinner with us." she replied. "I dunno..." he said "Come on, Frank. Please?" I replied. "Okay fine." he said and smiled. During dinner, my mum started to ask Frank questions.."So Frank," she started "Do you have a girlfriend?" " I'm" he said and looked down. "Oh really? Well Gerard here is gay also." she said. "Moooooom!" Gerard said. I giggled and he said "Shut up Mikey.."
Oooo! So Frank nows Gee's gay and Gee knows Frank is gay. I wonder whats gonna happen. ;D Sorry it's so short.
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