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Axl Rose and the art of the epic fail relationship

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an album review

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Axl Rose and the art of the epic fail relationship
A Review of Guns and Roses - Chinese Democracy

It has been more than a decade since the founding members of Guns N' Roses gave the world something new to rock out to - and amid early reviews of the album on the internet panning the album an epic fail - even a teenage girl in this day and age can feel a part of the receding hair-lined passion of Axl Rose.
For once, I wish I owned spandex, a bandana and knew how to shimmy across the stage letting my feet slip in the November Rain - but - that was then- and this is now - it took me a few listens to Chinese Democracy to allow me to actually get it. But once I did my repeat button on my iTunes didn't let me down.
Since Guns N’Roses 17 year hiatus, and the occasional live performance of new material, this highly anticipated album gave fans what they were looking for – finally some new GNR to rock out to.
Many of the songs are blatantly based on Axl’s former failed relationships – both romantically and professionally.
The song Madagascar, metaphorically tells the tale of being stranded alone and let down by everyone in the original band. Axl alone makes the dissolution of the original members seem more like a tumultuous marriage than the ending of one of the historically metal bands of our time.
Romantically speaking, songs such as Street of Dreams, Better, This I Love and Shackler’s Revenge, suggest she must have been one heck of a catch for Axl to empty his soul vocally on this album.
The “awes” from millions of girls can be heard around the world as a natural response to This I Love’s lyrics - “Please God you must believe me, I’ve searched the universe and found myself within her eyes.” It may be one the greatest love songs of all time. The guitar solo is mournful, pleading, a harmonious sob. He hopes that she’ll hear it, and interpret it as his heart calling out to her, wanting her back, needing her love again; He is telling her how much he needs her.
However, Shackler’s Revenge cannot be listed under the category of a rock love ballad. The title alone has an eerie feel. Shackler could be a psycho, obsessed with his ex, and wants revenge. With a hard hitting solo, that is sure to strike a chord in anyone, one might imagine Axl popping up on a television screen, eyes filled with hatred saying, “don’t try to tell me that you loved me, I don’t believe you, I won’t give in.”
Street of Dreams is an incredible song. With a subtle piano part, Axl’s emotion can be clearly heard, carefully dissing this ex; He sees her everywhere. “I don't know just what I should do everywhere I go, I see you, though it's what you planned, this much is true, oh what I thought was beautiful don't live inside of you anymore.”
The track Better, assures Axl’s theme follows the blueprints. But, before you dedicate this gem to your significant other, check the lyrics. With lines such as - “If I were you, I'd manage to abhor the invitation of promised love that can't keep up with your adoration, just use your head, and in the end you'll find your inspiration to choose your steps that won't regret this kind of aggravation,” - you might want to take a rain check and wait for the breakup. However, besides dissing another one, Better is a really good song. With a catchy beat, and a solo to die for, Better makes Chinese Democracy, well… better.
Guns N’ Roses’s Chinese Democracy deserves a round of applause from die- hards, regulars and critics alike. These 14 tracks have enough potential to be the “Appetite For Destruction” of its time. So do your self a favor and regardless of what you may have heard – pick this one up and really listen to it – I am glad I did.
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