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Moving Ch.4

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"F-frankie!? Is that you?!" Gerard asked schoked,panting.
There was sniffs on the other line. "'s me..frank.." Frank's voice is groggy.
Then Gerard hear crying in the other line. "Dude! Frank are you okay..??"
"No...I-i'm not okay..! please come here.." Frank said sobbing.
"Where the fuck are you!? The guys and i have been looking for you!!"
"I'm sorry...i just...Just...wanna fucking die..." Frank whispered.
"No no no! Don't say that! Look, where are you!? I'll go find you!"
"Im at Hotel Bella Muerte..Room 120. Do you remember the hotel...?" He said crying.
"YES! yes i remember it. Okay well..just wait..i'll be right there...Don't do something crazy.." Gerard said worried.
"O-okay..But please..Hurry.." Frank pleaded.
"Alright.." Gerard hung up the phone and rushed to the door. He grabbed his jacket and ran out the door.All he could think about while driving was, Is he really okay? Why is he crying? Has he hurt himself? What happend? Did Jamia rejected him? He was driving 20 miles faster then the speeding limit.He wants to get to Frank as fast as possible.

He finally arived at the hotel. He ran inside and to the front office. Behind the counter was a woman who looked like she was in her 40s. He panted and placed his hands on his knees. He looked up at the woman. "C-Can you please tell me where is room 120?"
The woman looked surprised but still did what he asked. " floor."
Gerard nodded and sprinted. "THANK YOUUU!!" He yalled back. He found an elevator. He pressed the side button. Again.Again.And again."UUGHH FUCK IT!!" He decided to run up the stairs instead. When he got to 2nd floor he spotted 'Room 120' written on a door across him. He sprinted to the door.
He knocked violently on the door. "Hey! Frank is me! Open up!" After a few moments of wainting the door opended.The next thing he knew he was pulled into a pitch-black room. Then he felt a person hugging him tightly.Arms wrapped around his neck. The person's head was resting under Gerard's neck .He knew it was Frank. He tried to push away,but Frank was too strong. Gerard is still amazed by Frank's strenth.
"Don't.." Frank whispered on Gerard's neck. Frank's hott breath against his neck sent chills throughout Gerard's body. Gerard then felt an urge to hug him back. So he did.Neither wanted to end the hug. Now they were both holding each other.Gerard's hands around Frank's waist and Frank's hand's around Gerard's neck. But eventually the hugging ended. Gerard was the one who ended the hug. His eyes were adjusting to the darkness and he could see Frank's short figure. He can see that Frank's hair was messy. "Where's the light switch Frank?"
Frank cleared his throat before speaking." Right here.." But his voice still sounded groggy from screaming and crying. Once frank turned on the light Gerard was really freaked out. His eyes widen. " FRANK!" Frank's eyes had bags under them, and they were blod shot red. His nose red, his shirt looked wet from him wiping his tears.,and his skin looked pale."What the hell happend?!"
Frank sniffed and sat on the bed. "Jamia said no...she said she dosen't love me anymore..." Frank placed his hands on his face and started crying again.
Gerard rushed to sit by him.He patted and rubbed his back."Oh Frank,I'm so sorry to hear that...But don't cry please. She's not worth it too.Shh Shh Shh."
Frank lifted his head up. "What do you mean 'too'..?"
Gerard sighed." Well it's really nothing. I broke up with Lin-z"
Frank's eyes widen."W-why?"
"Well..i basically found out she was cheating on me..soo yeah..but i didn't really care."
"Oh then...i guess that's good.. i wish i could take it as easily as you're taking it."
"Ooohh c'mon Frank.I hate seeing you like this..Please cheer up.Please?" Gerard begged.With puppy eyes.
"I am a little better now that you're here." Frank said patting Gerard's shoulder.
Gerard smiled.His shoulder where frank was patting felt really hott."Oh yeah, Frank why did you call ME? Why not all of the guys?"
Frank grinned. "Well me and you have always been real close. So having you here really calms me down."
"Aaaawww thanks." He said. Gerard looked around the room. "Wow really messed up this place,huh?"
Frank had a quilty expression. "i guess i was really pissed off."
Gerard looked at him, confused. "was?"
"Yeah...You being here actually made me feel hell of a lot better.Thanks man" He hugged Gerard. And Gerard hugged back. "Umm don't cha think we've done alot of hugging?" gerard asked.
Frank shrugged.
Gerard's nose wrinkled. "Hey man...are you wearing the same closthes for three days...?"
"Ummm yeah...i didn't really go back to the apartment for anything..." They ended their little hug and stood up.
"Wow frank..You look really messed up..." He said looking down on Frank
"Thanks...i really need a bath too.UUm Gee?" Frank said looking up.
"Yeah Frank?"
"Can i stay at your house for a couple of days? The apartment's gonna bring lots of unwanted memorries.And my credict card can't afford this for long..."
"OFCOURSE! You can stay as long as you like."
"GREAT! sooo tomorow can i come?"
"Fuck yeah, dude."
"Cool.Then...Tomorow we're roomates!!" Frank said with his childish grin.
God damn.. i missed frank's grin..I love it...What the..? Why am i thinking this? Gerard was confused by his new thoughts of frank.
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