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4. Fake it or Break it (you decide)

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Gerard knows Bert's weaknesses, and write a letter. What the letter contains is... well read the chapter to find out

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We broke apart from the kiss, which I extremely enjoyed, it was the most pleasurable thing i have ever done. I stroked some of Gerard's hair out of his eyes.
"Gee, baby, what are some of his weaknesses." I kissed his temple in reassurance. He felt Gerard's chest move up and down in a sigh.
"He has a major crush on Jepha." Gerard muttered into my ear, so only I could hear.
"Jepha" I whispered in shock, "really, but Jepha likes me. But that is perfect, we could write a love note and leave it-"
"in Jepha's stuff, because Bert goes through it." He cut me off, then pulled out a drawing pad and a sharpie, both of which he takes EVERYWHERE.
He starts to write, with inputs from me time to time.
Bert, My love
I may not always show it but you constantly in my dreams
You make my heart leap from your amazingly brilliant voice
Your hopes and dreams are the same as mine
We are always together and always apart
you are something I want and something I can't have
Reason being, is that you have a boyfriend
Bert, I love you and it is painful for me to watch you with Gerard
sooner or later, you will lose me
Please make a proper decision, between Gerard and me.
Right now I feel like I am the loser here, because also
there is no worse pain than watching the one you love
just end up walking away with someone else

"Perfect!" I smiled "I bet I could get Jepha to put it in his stuff for us and maybe even rewrite it so it's in his script"
"Maybe" he smiled at me and gave me a quick peck.
"ohh, sign it though" I quickly said
"okay, okay" He laughed "hold your horses baby"
Your Life and True Love,

"ahh, you are amazing baby" I whispered into his ear, "absolutely amazing"
1 hour later Frank and Jepha
"hey Jepha" I shouted running to catch up with him, he turns around.
"yeah?" he called
"Could you do me a HUGE, ginormous favor?" i asked once i caught up
"Sure what do ya want done?" he gives me this sideways look
"Could you rewrite this, and just leave it in you stuff?" I hand him the letter "It's a love note from you to Bert, I am hoping to get Bert to break-up with Gerard" I noticed Jepha blush, he actually BLUSHED!
"okay," he said going redder
"Jeph, did you get over me and are now crushing on Bert?"
"well... yeah actually"
I smiled at him, he was so cute when flustered, Gee's cuter though "you'll be great for him, oh and another thing, crumple it up a little like you were going to throw it out, okay"
"sure," he then put it in his pocket and walks away.
I turn and go onto the bus. Things had started to look up until I hear a slap and an ow in Gerard's voice from the back of the bus.
Maybe things weren't turning out so great after all, I thought as I ran back there
Okay so I know it's short but, it's more of a planning sort of chapter
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