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Question Box

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A floating box with a question mark, you never know what will come out of it. A collection of Mario one-shots.

Category: Mario - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bowser Koopa,Kamek,Ludwig Von Koopa,Mario,Wendy O. Koopa - Published: 2009-05-26 - Updated: 2009-05-27 - 2939 words - Complete

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Question Box

Box 01: Babysitting the Koopalings

Kamek's Point of View

"I am the most powerful magikoopa there is. I am the leader of the magikoopas and one of the most important members of the Koopa Troop. I was here from the beginning back when Bowser was only a baby. I've been here for many years and earned the respect and trust of all the other koopas. I am Kamek and I am not a babysitter!" I watch as the seven koopalings run around me not listening to a word I say... Why does Bowser always make me babysit? He's off somewhere training his troops for the next battle with the Mario brothers. I don't know when he'll be back but it won't be soon enough.

Ludwig hardly ever gives me trouble. He's the oldest. He spends all his time in his lab making inventions and composing symphonies. The only times he gets himself into trouble is when he tests them inside the castle no matter how many times I've told him to go outside. But he never listens, none of them do.

Lemmy keeps balancing himself on that ball. He doesn't fall but he knocks over countless objects. Iggy and Roy are complaining now. They say they can't see right. Well of course they can't, Iggy has Roy's sunglasses on and Roy has Iggy's glasses. I explain what's going on and they exchange the glasses and sunglasses, then blame me for it.

Morton sees his brothers pointing fingers at me and does the same thing even if he doesn't know what's going on. Then he starts talking about random things, he's such a chatterbox.

As I look around I notice Wendy isn't here so I decide to go find her before the most spoiled of the koopalings gets herself into trouble. I go to Wendy's room and to my surprise she is there. She is just sitting there staring at something. I take a close look at the thing she's staring at and gasp. Where did she get that? This is something I haven't see in years.

"Kamek! Kamek! Larry's poking the piranha plant again!" Morton came running and almost ran into me. As soon as my brain processes his words I run as fast as I can and leave him standing there rambling on and on about the fact that Larry was again poking the piranha plant.

I get there just in time to save the youngest koopaling from getting eaten by the ferocious piranha plant that, for some reason that's beyond me, Bowser insists on keeping in his throne room. I sigh in relief and tell little Larry how dangerous it is to go near his father's piranha plant but of course he's not listening to me.

"Morton! Give that back!" I suddenly hear Wendy scream. Morton had run off with the object I saw before. He didn't watch where he was going and bumped into Ludwig who by some miracle was not in his lab or music room today.

"Watch where you're go-" Ludwig didn't finish the sentence before his eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. "Where did you get this?" He picked up the item from before. "I'm the oldest so I should keep it!"

"Daddy gave that to me!" Wendy demanded taking the item from Ludwig.

"But now it's mine!" Lemmy rolled by on his ball and took it from Wendy.

"Hey! I want it!" Iggy ran after Lemmy and soon the other koopalings joined the chase.

Thanks to Morton's big mouth everyone in the castle found out what was going on. The seven koopalings fought for the thing and wanted it for themselves. The fight got worse when they ran into Bowser's arsenal in the dungeon and started throwing bombs at each other. They're going to bring down the castle if I don't do something!

They have taken they're fight and the bombs to the throne room and so I hold my wand close and prepare to do something, anything and everything, to stop this fight before the castle is no more.

As I walk into the throne room I hear an explosion and the screams of the seven koopalings. "No!" I watch as they form a circle around the thing they have been fighting for. Now it's ruined because of the explosion. The youngest koopalings start crying and soon the others also cry, even Ludwig. I look at the thing they wanted so much and make it float to me with my wand.

The koopalings surround me. Even now they don't want anyone touching they're prized possession. I wave my wand around and the object is restored to what it used to be before the explosion. Before the fight starts again, I wave my wand once more and make copies of the item. The koopalings look very happy now as each hugs their item. Maybe they're not so bad after all.

The koopa troops that stayed in the castle are now fixing the mess the koopalings made with the bombs and hopefully everything will be restored by the time Bowser comes back. I go give them a hand with my wand so that the castle is restored faster. And to think all of this happened for a picture of the Queen of Koopas...

End of Kamek's POV

Box 02: Underappreciated

Today was not Toad's day, but then again it never was. He was always happy go lucky little Toad, but no one knew of the hardships he had to endure. Like for example climbing out of his bed in the morning, it might be a small step for anyone else, but a giant leap for a midget like Toad.

Speaking of steps, after going through the ordeals of personal hygiene and dressing for the day, wearing of course a vest in his upper body and remembering how jealous he sometimes felt when others sported souvenir t-shirts that would have been too long for him and wouldn't fit over his head anyway; it was time to go down some stairs, oh joy.

One by one, with a swift pace, Toad conquered the stairs, he stepped all over them alright, but it gave him quite a workout, not that the exercise would make him any taller. It was the dilemma of mushrooms living in a human sized castle. "Good morning Toad."

Toad looked up at Princess Peach who was towering over him. "Good morning Princess!" Toad greeted her with his usual cheerful tone, but he regretted not being able to properly look at her face without twisting his neck backwards.

After a short conversation with the princess, Toad continued on his way to perform his daily duties. Not once did the little mushroom complain, not even when Mario accidentally stepped on his head when carelessly jumping around, though the plumber did apologize. "I'm so sorry! I didn't see you."

"It's okay Mario, don't worry about it." Toad smiled on the outside, but on the inside he grumbled with frustration. Mario wasn't exactly the tallest man in the land, being shorter than both Luigi and Peach, but even so, he managed to unintentionally fail to notice Toad and step on him.

But even if he felt frustration, Toad felt no malice or anger towards the people who overlooked him, quite literally looking over him, nor for those who stepped on him, literally or metaphorically. Because he was happy go lucky Toad, even if he was underappreciated.

Box 03: The Dilemma of Prince Charming

Bowser Koopa sat in his throne feeling rather bored. Maybe he would kidnap Princess Peach later that day. At least that would give him something to do and she was always peasant company. Or he could send Kamek off to spy on Wendy and see if she had found a new boyfriend. Then he would throw him in a pool of boiling lava and watch him melt hoping it would serve as an example for any other unworthy boys who tried to get near his little princess.

As Bowser thought of his possible recreational activities for the afternoon, the door to the thrown room was slightly opened. It was as if the one opening it had a hard time doing so. The door was rather heavy but not too heavy for an average koopa. He was surprised to find that it was none other than his oldest son Ludwig Von Koopa who came in.

The boy was a mess. His spiky blue hair was spiked messily in every direction instead of just left and right as it usually was. Bowser was tempted to ask if he had received an electric shock from a faulty invention lately. However he held the question as he noticed other things that were off besides the hair.

Ludwig had a few scratches here and there, nothing too serious but unusual none the less. One thing that caught Bowser's attention was that he held his hand over his shell as if he was afraid it would break. Of course that was impossible, or was it? Bowser watched in horror as his son approached revealing a large crack on his shell branched into smaller ones.

Snapping out of the initial surprise, Bowser quickly rushed to help his son sit in the throne. The poor boy looked as if he had consumed his last bit of energy just to get there and he would collapse soon. "Ludwig what happened to you?" If this was the work of the Mario brothers by tomorrow there would be two less plumbers in the world. "Was it Mario?" Ludwig only had to say the word and Bowser would have his entire army surrounding Mario in no time. That plumber would wish he was never born. Bowser would personally make sure of that.

Ludwig, who was too exhausted to speak, weakly shook his head.

"Was it Luigi?" Bowser then asked.

Again Ludwig shook his head.

"Yoshi? Toad? Somehow that seems very unlikely," Browser continued reviewing the possibilities.

Ludwig shook his head once more.

"Peach? No, it couldn't have been Peach."

Ludwig shook his head and having rested enough to finally catch his breath he spoke, hardly above a whisper. "Do we have glue?"

It took Bowser a moment to understand why Ludwig would ask for glue at a time like this. He wanted to glue his broken shell back together. The poor boy! Who ever did this to his son would pay. "I'll have Kamek fix your shell for you," Bowser spoke in an uncharacteristically gentle voice. Then as if he had forgotten his fragile son was right next to him, he roared at the top of his lungs. "Kamek!" His voice echoed all over the castle. Ludwig closed his eyes tightly as he felt his headache grow worse.

The magikoopa rushed in following the roar of the king's voice to the throne room. He arrived precisely three point five seconds after being summoned. "Yes your high-"

"Cure him!" Bowser did not let Kamek finish before he roared an order as he pointed at his son. Yet he sounded more worried than harsh and Kamek took note of that.

The old magikoopa approached the young koopa prince and adjusted his glasses. "Oh dear..." Kamek was surprised that a strong koopa like Ludwig would end up in a state like that. The boy was not only strong but also smart. He should have been able to avoid a dangerous situation as easily as it was for him to compose one symphony after another. The young prince was quite talented. Neither his father nor his used to be babysitter ever thought that it were exactly those positive traits which got him into trouble.

"Can you heal him?" Bowser asked with slight desperation in his voice. This was his son, his oldest son, the heir to the throne of the Koopa Kingdom. He couldn't go around with a broken shell.

"I believe I can." Kamek focused his magic in the jewel at the end of his wand. He took a step back and nodded in Bowser's direction indicating for him to do the same. Then three shapes surrounded by light emerged from the wand. There was a yellow circle, a blue square and a red triangle. The magical energy floated towards Ludwig as the three figures danced around each other.

When the magic reached him, Ludwig's shell began to glow. He sat perfectly still letting the healing magic do its job. The cracks on his shell started to heal becoming smaller until they were mere scratches and then even those scratches began to fade away. His shell was left polished and in perfect conditions. Ludwig reached behind him and touched the shell's smooth surface between the spikes. "It's much better now."

Kamek looked a bit tired, that healing magic certainly took it out of him. To fix a broken shell was not an easy spell. "I'm glad you approve young prince." The old magikoopa had been the family's caretaker his entire life. He took care of Bowser ever since he was little more than an egg and then he took care of his children, so in a sense Kamek was like a grandfather to them. Satisfied that his work was done, Kamek left the throne room. He glanced at Bowser as he left. He certainly looked relieved that his son was alright.

Feeling a lot better Ludwig stood up. "Ludwig you still need to tell me who did this to you," Bowser asked again. He needed to know. He needed to teach the one who did it a very hard lesson.

Ludwig looked down and stared at his feet as if it was the first time he saw them.

"Ludwig just tell me what happened I won't be mad," Bowser insisted. He would have to use psychology if he was to get any information out of Ludwig. "Whatever it is you know I can help."

Of course Ludwig knew that by help Bowser meant he would literally destroy the problem but this particular problem could not be destroyed. Ludwig's problem was one that was better off being avoided. They were too powerful, no one could stand up to them, not even his father's armies and the Mario brothers put together.

"Ludwig," Bowser persisted, hiding his impatience quite well.

Ludwig looked up at his father. Was that a hint of red on the prince's face? "Fan girls," he grinned.

Bowser stood there for a moment, letting his son's words sink in. Fan girls... they were so dangerous and so deadly that no even the mighty Koopa King would dare to anger them. Those terrible obsessed rabid creatures were after his little boy. Unconsciously, Bowser hugged his son as if to protect him, as if one of the terrible monsters known as 'fan girls' could pop out thin air at any given moment.

"It's okay King Dad, I'll be alright," Ludwig smiled. As painful as it was, nothing could boost a young man's ego like a fan girl attack.

Bowser slowly nodded and let him go. Ludwig wasn't a little boy anymore if he was old enough for the fan girls to leave him in such a state. For his shell to be cracked like that, he must have endured severe glomping.

"I'm going to go write a song I thought of this afternoon while I was running for my life," Ludwig announced and headed to his room.

Bowser watched him go and made a metal note to increase the defenses around the castle ten fold. If Ludwig had fan girls and boys were chasing Wendy, then it wouldn't be long before the other koopalings started to attract unwanted guests. It was only a matter of time and he had no time to waste. He wouldn't let those stalkers go near his kids. Tomorrow the training of his army would be intensified in preparation for any possible fan attacks. To try to win the war he knew would be impossible, but if he could only win a few battles against them, then he would feel like he accomplished his duty as a father to protect his children.

Meanwhile, Ludwig sat in his room in, humming the melody he had created as he looked out the window. Suddenly a female sounding scream was heard followed by a loud growl and the sound of something being chewed and swallowed. Then a chain chop passed by looking quite satisfied. Ludwig watched from his window high above in one of the castle's towers. The chain chop appeared to have a blue ribbon in his mouth. Shaking his head Ludwig sighed. "Such is the dilemma of prince charming."

Box 04: Spin Clean

Many colors, spinning water,
It is I, the fairy's daughter,
In this chaos a secret I stutter,
"Mushrooms: creatures like no others."

For I do not understand,
Why such spinning they'd be needing,
For the sake of clothing cleaning.

My small world beyond control,
Until a Toad opens the door.
I fly away, wet, fluffy, scared,
Mushrooms: creatures beyond compare.


Disclaimer, I don't own Super Mario.

Box 02 is for Wayoshi. It was based on the fact that you can have Mario stand on Toad in the games and Toad doesn't even complain. Box 02 has a little reference to the first Shrek movie, a quote from Donkey. Box 04 is about a fairy trapped in a washing machine and it was written for Snow's "Spinning Poetry" challenge.
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