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The village of Bai

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ray gets well and truly settled into the village of Bai. We get introduced to Tania. Kai is completely oblivious to Tala setting out to find all costs

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Chapter 3 - the village of Bai

Ray shifted as the logs of wood toppled carelessly from his hands. He grunted and kicked a few up, they spun in the air and Ray caught them with swift efficiency (with the logs still in his hand).

"Ray" Max called out from the bottom of the grassy hill "You'll tire yourself out! Chill!"

Tyson snorted "he's a Neko, he can take it!"

Ray continued; so far he had spent a few days in the village of Bai, surprisingly here he hadn't face any prejudices against the fact that he was a neko-jin. He was happy for the first time in weeks. He worked harder than anyone, carrying logs, catching fish, hunting. He didn't know why he did it. Maybe a small part of him thought if he worked harder they wouldn't see him as any different. However the big part of him knew he would have to leave. Soon. Ray reached the top of the hill and looked down towards Bai. It was a small, yet thriving village. It had simple brick houses with slated roofs; it had simple dirt roads (unlike the cobbled streets of Corean) which allowed carts to pass over. And a small fountain in the middle where children and a majority of its teens hung out. Ray smiled a little, it was a little like his village Driger. Ray shifted again the logs beginning to dig into his upper arms he wobbled to Grandpa Granger's house and dumped them on the small porch.

"What's the deal Ray?"

Ray gave a quizzical look, Tyson's grandpa had his own sort of language, Ray supposed it was a dialect of English. Sometimes he knew what he was saying other times, he didn't.

"Erm..." Ray frowned and took a shot in the dark "I'm okay!"

"Ah good little dude!" The old man clapped him on the back.

Ray smiled as he walked back in and sat on the porch, he sat a while taking in the fresh air and then got up and went into the makeshift room Tyson and his grandpa had made for him. He had only been here a week and they had already made him feel at home. He looked around the white-washed walls and the small bed.

'More comfortable than the hard ground' he thought miserably. He brought out the map he had bought from the village bookshop. Tyson's grandpa had given him money. Ray refused to spend it on anything else. He was 17 almost 18. For neko-jins he was practically a man. He didn't need charity.

"Corean" he traced the path to the town with his finger "and onto Maaki" Maaki was a big city by the coast. Ray could get there and do what he wanted to, safely try to get home. Try being the operative word.


Ray quickly tucked the map in-between the pillow and the covers lay back and closed his eyes.

"Are y-"

"I'm awake" he said calmly.


Ray sat up and Tyson had changed into strong cotton trousers, leather boots and a shirt. His hair was gathered in its usual ponytail, and his hair in array.

"Wanna come to the fountain?"

"Erm...why?" Ray asked

Tyson opened his mouth, blushed and stuttered "Because it's better thorn staying at home!"

"I like your home" ray said in a slightly stubborn voice "is it because of Hilary?"
Hilary was Tyson's crush, but he didn't have a very good way of showing it. Tyson often ended up arguing with the brunette, and Hilary walking away in a huff. Ray smirked slightly

"Is Max coming?"

"No...I need you!"


"Because, because...the girls like you!" Tyson blurted out

"Really?" Ray was genuinely surprised "No shit?"

"No shit" Tyson nodded solemnly, Ray's amber eyes surveyed him closely and then they were full of amusement.


Tania pressed herself against the wall. She cringed as the man's lips sucked on her neck. His unkempt beard grated against her skin. The room was small, dingy and dirty. There was only a crooked table and equally crooked bed. He laughed into her neck...again. She shuddered as the saliva and hot air ran all over her neck.

"You shaking with excitement?" he threw his head back and laughed, his bloodshot eyes focused on her rather low-cut dress. "That's a nice dress"

She nodded, not daring to take a breathe. Her green eyes blazed and she grabbed him by the neck. She snapped it to one side there was a click, and the man slumped unconscious. She threw back her long brown, black streaked hair. She grunted as she placed her hands under the bulky man's armpits and began dragging him across the grimey floor. She huffed and opened the door

"Tania?" Gerald stepped out, Gerald was bigger than the one she had just dragged out, and he was bald and had tattoos across his bare head. His black eyes flashed but softened. He was really too soft "What happened?"

"he fell drunk"

"Tania if he was hurting you all you had to do w-"

"He fell drunk" Tania commanded "When I get out of this place"

"But you can't"

"Yeah" Tania said walking away, she was practically born into this, she had been serving the men with drinks when she was small, and the minute she turned fifteen, the old git had her making money. First few times, she would cry herself to sleep afterwards. After a while she learned to shut herself off when it was happening and then finally she decided to get physical and batter anyone who touched her

"You're pathetic" Sara would laugh at her. Sara actually enjoyed it, she was curvaceous had big brown eyes and everyone loved her. Tania didn't have much of a cleavage; she was a little 'hippy', not too much. Sara was also a bitch she thought.


"Hey Hilary" Tyson drooled over the girl lying on the fountain side. She looked towards him and wrinkled her nose slightly

"Hello Tyson" she said in a curt voice, she smoothed her pink cotton dress and stared at the boy behind Tyson, now he was cute. They boy seemed in a dream world, his eyes were glazed over and he stood in a less than casual stance.

"You're ray aren't you?" he said acting ass if Tyson wasn't between them

"Yes" Tyson stepped back so he was next to Ray "he is, he's staying at my house"

"How unfortunate for him"

Tyson turned a bright red and snarled at Ray. Ray jumped slightly and gave a crooked smile "Hi"

"I'm Hilary" she said and batted her eyelashes

"Hilary! Can I talk to you?!!!" Tyson asked loudly, he lead Hilary around the fountain, and the water spray covered them so they had some sort of privacy

"Hey Kid" he said to a small boy with brown hair that covered his eyes

"I'm not a kid"

"Sorry" Ray said foolishly "Which way is west?"

"That way the boy said pointing towards some dusty hills; you're a neko-jin aren't you?"

Ray turned and frowned slightly and then sat on the fountain a few feet away, he looked around the marketplace was empty. Stall stood there in silence

"Yeah" Ray answered finally

"Brilliant! I would love to have you over"

Ray's eyes (and nostrils) widened, he shuffled further away

"No! No! Not that way. I'm Kenny. I have always wanted to examine-"

"I'm not an experiment!" Ray snapped, and then he softened "I'm just like you"

"I know! But Nekos are faster stronger and can think more quickly"

"Doesn't mean we're smarter" Ray muttered remembering Gary back at home

"You must have excellent muscular structure..."Kenny tailed off "Sorry I'm some what of a...a..."


"No. more like experimentalist."


Ray and Kenny's heads snapped up. They looked at each before getting up and running to the other side.

Tyson's mouth was hanging "I didn't...I haven't. I DIDN'T TOUCH YOU!" He said losing his calm



Serena reached Peak ranch. It was a very small settlement just a few miles of Dranzer. It was full of mercenaries, trackers and other soldier type people. Serena pulled up to an old man sleeping the roads. She pulled on the reins of hr horse and it trotted alongside him.

The man looked up and was slightly shocked. A well dressed girl with flowing purple hair and sparkling eyes. A more than comfortable looking travel dress and a cloak made of durable silk

"It is not wise for a young maiden to travel alone" he bowed

"Please do not bow" her voice shook a little, to be honest she was nervous, slightly scared she had not set foot outside the palace before, well alone anyway.

"I wonder has a young man passed through here?"

"Most people pass through here, young maiden. When they leave Dranzer they come and go this way" he continued to sweep.

"I know, that's why I asked" she said slightly bemused

"Yes" he said in a clipped tone "As in it would be impossible to tell, plus I only started working this morning, it would be impossible to say"

She gave a small bow of the head "I'm's" her voice stuttered "I really need to find him"

The man looked at the sad girl "If you ask at the Pig's Head some might know"


"Voltaire, you grandson-"

"I know...missing" Voltaire snapped. He was in his quarters in the Dranzer palace and also quite angry and frankly...pissed. His velvet cloak rippled as he shook with anger.

"Bring Lady Devlin to me!"

Voltaire sat behind the mahogany desk, with it's gold edged surface he slammed his fists.

"Kai, you-"

"You called for me, your majesty?"

Voltaire looked up. Devlin's face was its usual chalk white. Today she was wearing a deep red dress which was very tight at the waist. Her lips were deeply rouged. Voltaire was slightly disgusted, he hated the way she fawned over him but she was useful and so allowing her to fawn all over him was necessary. She smiled her yellow teeth glaring.

"How may I...please you?" she said in a sickly sweet voice

"Has the leader of the Tzera arrived?"

"Yes, but I never called fro him" she said frowning

"he follows me where ever I go!"

"Sir your plan to kill the king will it continue?" Devlin asked

"He stood up and looked out of the window. He looked down to the gardens were he saw David and Natalya hand in hand.

"No" he looked and had already spotted ten hidden guards and four standing in sight. "Security on them is tight"

"Ah well, I am SURE you can figure something out"

"Did you think I could not?" Voltaire's grey eyes flashed

"No, no" Devlin simpered she stepped back slightly as Voltaire drew her close

"If I kill David, those fools in the courts will take over, they have no intention of giving me the crown again" he spat "I need Kai to give up his me!"

"But Kai will not..." she cut off slowly

"He will" said a smooth, cold voice. Devlin look up from Voltaire's stare and frowned. It was a man, a young man just barely leaving his teens. He had flaming red hair and big blue eyes, his skin was a smooth pale colour. He was wearing a brown cloak over him, he had scuffed black boots on and brown trousers. On his hands were the strangest things; the were like fingerless gloves which stopped at the knuckles except at the knuckles there were black claws which came half way up his fingers, he saluted Voltaire his cloak shifted revealing that the gloves went up to his elbows and claws were along his foreman, with the closer to the elbow you got the longer more deadly looking the claws. Devlin narrowed her eyes

"Who are you boy?"

"This is Tala, leader of the Tzera" Voltaire snapped promptly

"You, a mere boy?" Devlin snorted "Is this a joke Voltaire?" she placed her hands onhr velvet covered hips

"NO!" Voltaire shouted and added "GET OUT!"

"But I am your loyal servant" she squeaked, she gave up and sighed and began walking across the rug, with one last dirty look at Tala (who simply raised his eyebrows) she left with a slam.

"Tala, come forward"

Tala stepped forward, he had a playful smile on his lips...don't be fooled though. He sat

"What is it Voltaire? That you had me following you one three days later?"

"I need you to find someone?"

"The prince? I'm not a babysitter" Tala said quickly, he gave a small smile as the vein at Voltaire's temple throbbed. If there was one person who wasn't afraid of Voltaire and had a knack for getting on his nerves, it was Tala. Tala sighed smacked his hands on the arm rest and got up.


"I'll leave...soon"

"How about now?"

"How about..."Tala said thoughtfully "I leave after I get supplies and I get some men to go to the surrounding areas?"
"Yes send a unit to Maaki"

"Good, I travel alone" Tala nodded "I don't need those...'people' slowing me down"


Tala galloped away on Wolborg, he had a clear picture of Kai in his mind, blue hair, crimson eyes.

"A regular prince" Tala muttered as he bent low to streamline himself. He had sent his troops west and east and he was heading north to some small town name Corean.


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