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Kai is running, Serena is running after kai and so is Tala, Ray begins to run and Max and Tyson follow, how long before they all meet?

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Thanks to Demienor for reviewing

Chapter 4 - Running

Kai urged Dranzer to keep going, the brown house snorted, she had been pushed and pushed and pushed, and she couldn't take it anymore. Yet she continued to go faster. Kai had no idea where he was going. His grandfather wanted to kill him; he had to get away from the palace. He continued to ride for a long time, keeping low, until the horse beneath him started to slow. Kai kicked her sides, but she didn't speed up. Finally she settled into a very slow trot. Kai sighed and got down, gathered the reins in his hand and started walking. He needed to get far away...


Ray was resting on the hill by the market, it was late and the stars were out. He looked up. He really needed to leave this place. It wasn't long till the guards found him. He went in his pocket and brought out a necklace, it consisted of a long leather strap and on the end was a silver and green tiger, its eyes glowed red. Even though it wasn't that light every time he moved it. It seemed to shimmer. He continued to look at the necklace entranced by its simple yet rare beauty. It belong to him and the Neko-jins not some snotty Lord. Ray heard footsteps and stuffed it into his pocket. It was probably Tyson telling him to come to sleep.

"Tyson I ..." He trailed off when he saw who it was

"Hey" it was Hilary, she was wearing a yellow dress, Ray could see that, but he doubted other people could

"What are you doing out so late?"

"Just looking at the stars" Ray pointed up, he moved over as she sat next to him

"They're beautiful" she cooed, she looked at Ray, Ray hadn't spotted this as he was still looking up, she moved even closer

"Yeah, in my village you can see them for ages, the stars here get blocked out from the light of Corean Town"

"I know" she said huskily, breathing in Ray's scent

Ray shuddered, as something ran up the side of his neck, he turned and looked. Hilary's nose was an inch away from his, before he knew it, Hilary was kissing him, and her tongue forced its way into his mouth


She continued she forced him to the ground


Hilary stopped and looked up; she slowly got off Ray "Tyson..."

"You are both sluts!" Tyson fumed

Hilary sighed and straightened her hair band "Why? Tyson look-"

"Tyson" Ray cut in "I didn't...she just...pounced...I couldn't..." Ray sighed, and fell quiet

"You knew I liked her!" Tyson whispered

"I know" Ray said calmly "I didn't intend for this to happen...Goodbye Tyson"

Tyson was silent, his bangs covered his eyes, and Ray got up and quickly walked back towards Tyson's house

"You liked me?" Hilary said eying Tyson

"DUH!" Tyson spat "You're not even worth it, you're just an airhead!"


Ray sighed he had his backpack on; he fingered the trinket in his pocket. Everything was going so well in Bai, he even was thinking of staying longer then Hilary, he remembered the kiss, and then shuddered. She really wasn't his type. Ray had already planned it out; he would get to Corean get supplies and wander back to Driger, even though it would take months to get there by foot.

Ray's ears pricked up, someone or rather some people were following him. He ran silently in front of a rock and crouched

"Where did he go?" said someone in a whisper, they came closer, Ray sprang up and grabbed one, he pulled out a small dagger and held it by their neck

"Stop following me if you know what's good for you" he threatened


"Max?!" Ray stared at the blonde, he looked down and saw a pissed Tyson wriggling in his grasp, and he let him go "I'm not coming back"

"We know" Max held up a back pack "We're coming"


"Shut up!" Tyson pushed past him

"What about" Ray coughed "Hilary?"

"Useless, I don't care. This way I can find some more women" Tyson waved a hand carelessly

Ray and Max looked at each other and shrugged

"Well, I'm sorry" Ray said

"No need" Tyson said carelessly "C'mon let's go! We can make Corean by dawn!"


"Here you go Mi'lady, the town of Corean. You should stay here for the night. It's not safe for a lady to wander round at night"

"Thank you" she untied her horse from the back of the cart "How can I repay you?" She asked fumbling in her purse

"No payments Mi'lady it was a pleasure"

"Thank you" she nodded

She got on the horse and cantered in Corean, her eyes felt raw and she hadn't slept in days.

"What was I doing?" she mumbled

'Kai may not even be in this place! ARGH! I'm an idiot, stupid, stupid girl!' she thought 'I am going to go to an inn, sleep, and rest and pamper myself!'


Tala's horse was not yet feeling fatigued, it continued to gallop proudly. He would go to Corean tonight, get some supplies and rest for a while and continue. His tracking skills were brilliant, yet the prince was difficult to get an exact path. The prince had gone for avoiding major places. He had managed to track him to a small settlement, but after that it was kinda sketchy. The horse began to slow and Tala saw the town up ahead. Good he needed rest.

"Stop!" yelled the gateman "What is your business?"
"I have none!" Tala lied "just...pleasure"

The guard eyed him suspiciously "Go ahead, but cause any trouble and we will have your head"

Tala nodded "Did you mean for that to rhyme?"

The guard looked confused, and then growled "Go!"

"Yes sir!" Tala chuckled "Where is the finest inn?"

"Two streets away, turn left. Be warned its pricey"

"No kidding Tala muttered

The only noise to be heard was the horse hooves against the cobbled road, he followed the guard's instructions. The Inn looked cosy, it was two town houses together. He jumped off the horse and grabbed its reins. It whinnied, Tala growled for it to shut up. He realised his gloves were the problem. He reluctantly took them off, and stuffed them in his bag

"Sorry, sorry!" he snapped at the snorting horse

"He walked in, it was warm, it had rugs on the floor and game prizes on the walls. There was a chubby man behind a mahogany desk. He looked at Tala with disgust and then his eyes widened as Tala brought out a fat purse. It jingled merrily

"How can I help you?"

"A room, towels, food"

"The room is 5 gold pieces for the night. The towels are 4 tyfes and food is included in the room bill"

Tala handed out the money "Where is your wash room?"

The man hurriedly put the money away "At the end of each corridor, here is your key\\2

Tala snatched the key away and went up to his room


Tala removed his shirt, revealing a well toned body. He threw the towel over his shoulder and walked out the room. He walked to the wash room door, and pushed it, it was loose.

"Cursed thing must be jammed" Tala kicked it and it flung open, he looked in and a young woman around is ages hurried to throw on a towel. Her blue eyes flashed and her purple hair clung to her wet skin

Tala smiled at the sight before him...nice

"The door...was locked!" she growled

"Was it? Oops" Tala chuckled


Serena wasn't impressed, the tall stranger in front of her, continued to stare. She felt his gaze fall down to her side, she covered herself with the towel

"Get out!" she squealed

"Sorry...Mi'lady" and he shut the door


Ooh so Tala and Serena have met? But do they realise who they are? Keep reading! (and reviewing!) oh next chap coming soon!
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