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#1 Frosties

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My new, short chaptered story.Beware, Involves gay incest between Gerard Way and Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance. Better known as Waycest. No sex though. My first attempt ^^

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Oh there's birds. I'm Snow White. Lalala!! Um . . anyway how have you been?? Ive been thinking about you. A lot. I even had a wet dream about you. I did. Accept it. =P
Yesh, Its a WAYCEST!! I have never ever written one of these before, so be kind. ^^ And just, stop reading right now if you think you're gonna have problems with it. There's NO sex, just soft stuff. Making out. And stuff. But mainly watching cartoons and eating cereal, as our boys do ^^ And its gonna be short, short chapters. That way they will be quicker updated, you see?? Everyday, if i continue writing it. =P Here you go, try to enjoy!!


It was a Saturday morning, and Mikey was lying on the couch watching cartoons. You know, the

lame ones that you only watch cos there's nothing else on, and you've got nothing better to

do. He was staring at the screen through his glasses with a glazed over look that implied he

wasn't really paying attention to the show at all. His stomach suddenly rumbled very loudly,

as he realized how hungry he was. He rubbed his eyes and got up, yawning as he walked into the

kitchen. He decided to make himself some cereal, but which one? Hmm, Lucky Charms? Cocoa Pops?

Frosties? Frosties. He reached up to grab the box, but found he couldn't reach. He jumped up,

and failed. He crouched down and jumped up higher, and again failed. He then, frustrated,

kicked the bench and hurt his toe. His eyes watered and he swore loudly, hopping on the spot.

Hands on his hips, he stared up at the box of Frosties. oh how they teased him. Then, an idea

struck him. He pulled out the bottom drawer, and stood on it to pull himself up onto the

bench. He then grabbed the cupboard door to steady himself as he stood up straight, and

reached his hand out slowly to get it. Slowly, slowly, nearly there! Then the cupboard swung

away from him due to the pressure he was putting on it, and he slipped and fell backwards off

the bench, falling and hitting his head hard on the kitchen lino. "BLOODY FUCK IN HELL!!!" He

yelled loudly, laying on the ground in pain and unable to get up. tears came to his eyes as

his hands slowly moved up to his throbbing head. (Oo-er) "Ow!!" he exclaimed as he gently

touched the back of his head, which was wet and warm beneath matted his hair. He pulled his

hand away and inspected it. just as he thought. Blood. Next thing he knew, everything spun

very fast, then went black as he lost consciousness.


"Mikey! Mikey!! Dude, wake up!!" Gerard yelled, shaking Mikey. "Uhn . . Ahhg" Mikey replied,

not opening his eyes. "Oh jeez, are you okay? What happened Mikes?" Mikey opened his eyes, but

couldn't see anything properly. "Oh god, I cant see! I'm blind, I'm blind!!" Mikey exclaimed.

"Your glasses fell off, you dweeb" Gerard said, cramming his glasses back on him. "Oh." Mikey

replied, sitting up. he realized he was lying on the couch again, and Tom and Jerry was still

on, so he cant have been out long. He flinched as Gerard touched the back of his head, where

he had hit it. "Oh, poor Mikey" Gerard said softly. "What the hell happened anyway?" he asked,

pulling himself closer to his little brother. "Well," Mikey said, "I was watching Tom and

Jerry, and then I was hungry, So I went to get some cereal, but I couldn't reach, then I

stubbed my toe, then I climbed onto the bench, then I nearly had the box, then the

cupboard swung away from me, and I fell, and there was blood, and then i guess i fainted." He

finished, and took a deep breath, as he had said all of that in one breath. "You moron" Gerard

said, hugging him tightly. "You don't do that, you don't ever climb on the bench, Okay? You

could have got me, i would have gotten it down for you." he said, rocking Mikey back and

forwards a he started to sob. "No Mikey, don't cry! Its okay, Its okay." Gerard hushed,

hugging him tighter. When Mikey calmed down, Gerard pulled back and looked at him. He pulled

his glasses off so he could wipe his eyes. When he put them back on, Mikey put his hand up to

his head, only just realizing there was a bandage on it. He let his hand drop, and asked

Gerard "When did you find me? I thought you were asleep?" Gerard smiled. "Well, i was asleep,

but i woke up when you yelled quote unquote 'bloody fuck in hell'" he said with a smile. "I

came down right after that, and found you unconscious." He explained. Mikey grinned and hugged

him tightly. "Thank you Gee, I don't know what I would do without you" he mumbled into his

neck. Gerard hugged him back, rocking him, and smiling. "I love you Mikey" he whispered. Mikey

smiled into his neck. "I love you too Gee"


Awww, isn't that cuter than two cute things?? Yeah, Well, like I said nothing big is happening yet, just a kinda introduction. Now, I normally don't ask for reviews, but i really really need some on this, cos i have no idea what i'm doing. Its not quite the same as Frerard, so i'm not really sure how to go about it. Is it okay? please tell me, so i can see whether to post another chapter or not. ^^ I WUVS you so much, cos if your reading this, it means you clicked into my story And either read the first chapter, or skipped to the end. But why would you do that?? Don't ask me. BYEEEEE!!!
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