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#2 Pancakes

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Kissing? Pancakes? The Way brothers? What could be a better Trio? =P

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Heyy!! I haven't updated anything in a while, cos Ive been depressed. but i made some new online friends who cheered me up, so I'm writing another chapter to this!! =P Though it seems no one likes it. Only TWO reviews and SIXTY FIVE views. =/ But Oh well. Ive decided I'm gonna rate every chapter as PG cos i cant be bothered changing it for every chapter. I'm lazy like that. I've also changed the title to just Closer than brothers. Anyway, thanks for reading!!

"What do you want for dinner Mikes?" asked Gerard, standing in the kitchen doorway looking at

him. Mikey snapped out of his daydream. "What?" Gerard rolled his eyes. "Dinner, Mikey. Food.

Energy. Comprehendo?" Mikey poked his tounge out at him. Gerard put his hands on his hips,

waiting for an answer. "Uhmmmm . . . Dunno" Mikey said smiling, turning his head back to the

T.V as if he didn't know Gerard would want a better answer than that. Gerard smirked and

walked over to the couch stopping in front of Mikey, and leaned down, resting one hand on the

arm of the couch and the other on Mikey's thigh. He put his face very close to his brothers.

"Mikey, you really don't wanna provoke me. Now, what do you want for dinner?" He said in a

pretend-dangerous voice. Mikey simply smiled up at him. "That's it" Gerard said. And with

that, he pulled himself forwards onto Mikey's lap, straddling him. "Gee, Wha-" was all Mikey

could get out before Gerard slammed his lips onto his, kissing him hard. Mikey laughed madly

in his head, his plan had worked. Whenever he worked Gee up, he would crack and make out with

him. He wasn't sure why. But then, he wasn't sure why Gerard had a thing for his own brother

either. He just decided to roll with it. Gerard worked his lips against Mikey's, nibbling on

his lower lip slightly and occasionally slipping his tounge into his mouth. He was always the

dominant one. like, he completely controlled every situation he and his brother were involved

in. No, not in that way you sick bitches. Since their parents died when they were kids, they

had become very close. Gerard had been legally old enough to care for Mikey, so they had

always had the house to themselves. They were both grief stricken, and needed each other,

and eventually their relationship grew to more than just brothers.

They finally broke away from the kiss, gasping for breath. Gerard smirked at Mikey, kissing

him once more on the lips before getting up and holding his hand out to Mikey, who took it.

Gerard led him to the kitchen, still holding his hand. "So what should we make?" he asked.

"And I want an answer this time" he added with a look. "Oh oh oh let's make Pikelets!!"

Mikey exclaimed, jumping up and down.

Gerard laughed. "Okay, calm down Mikey. We'll make Pikelets." Mikey grinned at him.

"So hows your head, Bro?" Gerard asked, looking through the cupboards for the good frying pan.

"Better" Mikey replied. "Still really hurts though." He added as Gerard stood up with the

frying pan in his hand. "Aww" said Gee leaning over and kissing his forehead before walking

over to the stove. Mikey walked over and asked over Gerard's shoulder, "Can I help Gee?

Pleeeeeease??" Gerard smiled. "I wouldn't have it any other way" Mikey beamed. "Yayyayyay!!

What do you want me to do?" "Hmmm" said Gerard. "Can you get me the ingredients from the

cupboard?" he asked. "I'm on it!!" said Mikey, rushing over to the pantry. Gerard smiled. He

knew how much Mikey loved helping. Since they were left alone, Gerard had become completely

independent house-keeping wise, and Mikey often felt a bit useless for not being able to cook

or clean. Yes. He can't clean.

Gerard grabbed a bowl and an spoon, and then went back for the spatula and a plate. Mikey

bought back the ingredients. All of them. In one armful. "Wow careful Mikes!!" Gerard laughed

catching Mikey as he lost his balance and nearly dropped everything. "You didn't have to do it

in one trip 'ya know." he said as he took the things out of Mikey's arms and laid them out on

the bench top. Mikey frowned. "I just wanted to help . . " he mumbled. "Awww its okay Mikey.

That's good, you didn't even forget anything!!" he smiled, hugging him. "Thanks!! Now I'll how

you how to make the mixture" "Oooh Yay!!" said Mikey jumping up and Down. Gerard smiled. "Now,

pay attention . . "


10 minutes later

"Mmmmm, Yummy!!" Smiled Mikey, eating one of his pancakes hungrily. "Your a good cook Gee!! Do

you like the ones I made?" Gerard smiled weakly, picking up another one of the black pancakess

Mikey had concucted and taking a bite. "Mmmm, Yummy!!" he repeated, almost gagging. Mikey's

pancakes were burnt on the outside, and runny mixture on the inside. He told him not to turn

the element right up. He smiled at him again. "I'ts great Mikey" he said forcedly. "But i'm

not really hungry" he said, pushing the plate towards him. Mikey simply shrugged, and kept

eating. Gerard couldn't help but notice he was only eating the ones he made, and not the burnt

ones. Mikey looked up. "You know Gee, you can have some of the non-burned ones. i don't know

why your eating those. " he said in a 'Duh, you retard' voice. Gerard's jaw dropped. "You mean

I spared your feelings and ate those for nothing!!" Mikey grinned evilly and took another bite

of his pancake, licking the syrup off his lips.

Haha, you bitch Mikey. These chapter titles are officially going to be one worded now. So . . I am distracted, the final of Skins is on TV, Igotta go. Soz ^^ Byeeeeee!!
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