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heels over head

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Patrick recounts his first date with Juliet.

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Author's Note: Madness! In the past two days, I've gotten a minifridge & a new laptop for my dorm, seen Transformers 2 twice (AWESOME MOVIE), went to the gay pride parade, and got a pimp cup as a graduation present from my bff4l (pictures on tumblr later). As Dirty would say, "I LOVE MY LIIIIIFE!"

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BTW, you're little cousin sounds awesome. Kids with good taste in music are my favorite.

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As I watched Poker Late At Night, I realized that it was already 2:21 in the morning.

This meant one of three things:
A) Patrick was involved in some sort of freak accident on his way home
B) Patrick got (or was getting) laid
C) Patrick fell into a time warp that forever doomed him to repeat the same—

Before I could finish my thoughts the door suddenly opened. Lo and behold, the hat-clad man came strolling in with a smile from ear to ear.

“By the grin on your face, I’m guessing that your date went well.”

He nodded in response before putting his coat away.

“Gimme details, man.”
“Well when I first got there, a little girl opened the door—”
“Don’t tell me she has a kid…”
“No, her sister had some kind of emergency and she had to babysit. So instead of going out, we stayed at her apartment and made dinner.”
“What didja make?”
“Is she a good cook?”
“Yeah, the food was awesome.”
“She‘s pretty and she‘s kitchen savvy. Sounds like a package deal.”

Bailey made his way over as Patrick took a seat next to me.

“So what did you do after dinner?” I asked as he flipped through channels.
“Well it ends up that she plays guitar. We took turns on her acoustic and I guess we lost track of time,” he said with a huge smile.
“You’re really falling for her, aren’t you?”
“Is it that obvious?”
“You‘re heels over head. You‘re hanging upside down. La la, I forgot the words, California belle.”

Patrick laughed at my attempts to remember the Boys Like Girls lyrics, and continued smiling. I swear, he might as well have been an anime character with big pink hearts for eyes.

”When‘s your next date?”
“What do you have planned?”
“Movies, then dinner here.”
“Aww, that’s cute,” I genuinely said. “…Just make sure not to burn the house down.”
“Hey, I’m not that bad in the kitchen.”
“Two words. Thanksgiving 2003.”
“The fire was under control,” he said, defensively.

Lesson from that day: Patrick + turkey fryer = flaming disaster.

“I‘m sure it was,” I said, smiling. “The flames were only a foot higher than your head…”
“Pete, do I need to remind you how many times you’ve almost lit your house on fire?”
“Good point,” I said, standing up. “And speaking of my house, I think it’s time for me to get going. Hemingway probably left some surprises in my shoes.”
“Have fun with that,” he said, giving me a pat on the shoulder.

He followed me to the door as I let myself out.

“Bye, Trick.”
“Bye, Pete.”

After locking the door behind me, I could hear Patrick belting out “Fly Me To The Moon.”

Damn, he’s got it bad.
And that’s a good thing.

The last time he looked that happy was back when he and Anna were together. It’s been 4 months since they broke up, so the return of smiley Patrick has been long overdue.

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