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What a coincident? I jogged to the door and flung it open. Xander was standing right there. “Told you I would come back.” He smiled.

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I had no idea what to do. It was like my feet were cemented to the floor. “I see you are speechless to see me.” The man smiled and pushed into my apartment.
“What do you want?” I asked. I didn’t know who this man was or what he wanted, and it was starting to freak me out. I closed the door and followed him to my living room. He took a seat on the couch and I just stood.
“I came to say that you have a chance at entering heaven. The Lord has thought you’ve done no wrong in leaving your coven and not feasting on the innocent. He is giving you a chance to be at peace.” The man said. His voice soft and nice. But why would God want me? I was a vampire, and I have never heard of a vampire entering heaven without being slaughtered.
“I don’t know.” I didn’t even know what I was saying. It was like I was in autopilot.
“You have a year max. He knows there’s a lot going on in your life now, and just wants to let you know he is no rush for an answer. He only wants you happy, but this is your only offer. If you decline no grudges will be held and forgiveness will play.” The man explained. I looked at him in shock. This was different. But there was just one question. Would Satan be able to hurt me or have any control over me if I choose to accept this offer? “Satan will not have any control over you. Once the good gets in no evil can stop it. We have a right to convince you and put you in peace.” It was like he read my mind. This angel was good. Well, that’s what I assumed he was. The messenger of the Lord himself.
“I will have to take time to think about this.” I smiled.
“And we are in no rush. Take the whole year if you want, this is your decision. Not ours.” He smiled. I nodded. Boy, was this going to be one hell of a year. “Someone is coming. I have to go, but if there is any more questions you want answered just call for me and I will come.” He handed me a silver card with the name Aiden in gold written across the card. I looked down and admired the writing, but when I looked back up he was gone. A knock startled me.
I sighed and shoved the card into the pocket of my Aiden hoodie. What a coincident? I jogged to the door and flung it open. Xander was standing right there. “Told you I would come back.” He smiled. I just stood aside as he came in. “Well, where were we?” He asked.
“I don’t remember.” I closed the door and sat on the couch. It was not that I didn’t remember, it was just, I was too shocked to answer and rack my brain for the right answer.
“Oh yeah. Michael is helping you and I need to tell you something.” He sighed and took a seat next to me. “There is something that has been bugging me since high school I never got to tell you.” I waited for him to continue. He placed his hand over mine and looked down at the carpet. His thumb petting my hand. “I love you.” He glanced up at me. His emerald eyes sending a shock through my whole body. But my question was, in which way did he ‘love’ me? In, like, a passionately in love or a friend love? And he just read my mind. “I love you as more than a friend. I have since freshmen year. I never told you because you were always too busy with your boyfriend, or with sports, or with school work. You never had time for me to talk to you. I only talked to you in homeroom or at lunch. And even then you weren’t alone. I tried to tell.” He looked up at me. I was totally shocked.
“I-I never really thought…you never attempted…” I was at a loss of words. Was this really true? My mouth opened and closed. And I found myself staring at the fucking dead flower again. “Xander…” I began, but once I was going to continue he closed the gap between us and his hot lips were on mine.
I missed the feeling of someone’s soft lips on mine. The feeling I get when the butterflies rip at my stomach and my skin tingles under a touch. His hand now rested on my lap. Now he pushed his hands under my thighs and slowly lifted my as I wrapped my legs around his waste. We never broke our kiss as he led us to my bedroom. He stopped when he hit the end of the bed. Gently, he laid me down on the sheets and kept working his lips against mine. “Xander,” I broke apart. “I can’t. What about your fiancé and your son?” I asked. I didn’t want to ruin something for him.
“That,” he kissed me. “Was.” Kiss. “Bull.” Kiss. “Shit.” He kept kissing me with his soft lips.
“Why?” I asked as I broke apart.
“I didn’t want to sound like a loser to that Gerard guy.” He smiled.
“Don’t lie to me any more, please?” I asked. I hate people lying to me to impress me or get my attention. He nodded and continued our make out session.
We took turns removing each other’s clothes until he was down to his boxers and me down to my bra and underwear. His lips stopped against mine and trailed off down to me next. I turned so he had better access to it and let him do his work. I felt his fangs grow in his mouth as he planted kisses on my neck. Then, he sunk his fangs into my neck. A moan escaped my lips. He sucked and pulled away. He gave me a look of disgust. I looked away embarrassed. “What the fuck you’ve been feeding from?” He asked.
“I-…” I sighed. “I haven’t been feeding like you have. I don’t want to. I just don’t want to drain anyone and at another pound to my already heavy soul.” I let a tear slip. Just the thought of draining someone gave me the chills.
“Here.” He placed his shoulder in front of my mouth. “Take some. It’s unhealthy to live like this.” He was propped up on his elbows making a little dip next to me on the bed. I eyes his shoulder, and was very tempted. I just couldn’t.
“No.” I said simply. I could feel my fangs coming in and a string urge to suck him dry.
“Yes.” He lowered his shoulder down more, until I felt his hot skin to my lips. After I felt his shoulder on my lips I lost all control and bit down and started sucking. He moaned and let me continue for a bit more.
I felt the hot liquid smoothly run down my throat and warm my stomach. This feeling was far from over as my whole body started to take control and not my brain. “Stop.” I heard Alexander whisper. But I wasn’t ready to stop. The feeling was coming back to me, and I loved it. “Stop.” He pulled away and I smiled.
“Sorry.” I whispered.
“It’s okay.” He leaned down and kissed me. But I had to stop. Something said to stop and review what I was doing. I broke from the kiss and turned away. “What?” Xander panted.
“I can’t.” I looked into his eyes. “I’m sorry.” I started to cry. Xander just sighed and slowly got off the bed. I stood up on the other side of the bed and looked at him. “I’m sorry. I’m just confused.” I sat down on a chair in the corner looking down at the ground and fidgeting with my fingers. I heard shuffling and looked up. Xander was gathering his clothes and putting them back on. “You don’t have to go.” I said. He sighed again and slowly walked over to me.
Kneeling in front of me he said, “I get it. It’s okay. I’ve been rejected before.”
“No, it’s not that. It’s just…” I didn’t know if I should tell him or not. I was falling in love with Michael, not him.
“You love Michael, don’t you?” He asked. I nodded and looked down at my hands that were folded in my lap. He sighed and took both of m hands into his. “It’s okay. As soon as you realize he doesn’t love you just as much as I do then I’ll come back and we can be together.” He giggled. I laughed and let a few more tears slip and land onto our hands. “I have to go now.” He stood up and pulled on his shirt as he walked to the door. I followed close behind and led him out. “Bye.” He pulled me into a tight hug and kissed me gently.
“Bye.” I whispered. He left without another word and now here I was all alone again. At least I got to see him.

Once he was gone I got dressed and walked the crowded streets of New York. I had my solid black hoodie on and my iPod on again. This time I was listening to Nemesis by Arch Enemy. It amazed me that a chick could sing like that. Minding my own business I walked into a park. I hadn’t even set foot into a play area since I was thirteen. I remember running away from home to a park nearby because my dad said I couldn’t see my boyfriend anymore. I didn’t know why nor did I care. He was being unfair. My brother could stay out at his girlfriend’s house or with his girlfriend as long as he wanted, but I couldn’t.
It was raining and I had no coat, but the dress I wore to the dance I had just come from. I was freezing cold. I was crying, not that you could notice from the rain, but my eyes stung and I had a huge lump in my throat I couldn’t swallow. I sat on the wet swings and started pumping my legs. I was going higher and higher. I wished I could grow wings and fly away whenever I wanted. I wished I was somewhere, anywhere else, than here. A few hours later my brother found me. We talked and then headed back to the house. It had stopped raining and a rainbow could be seen in the sky.
I snapped back to reality and headed to the swings. The park was well deserted, except for a few ducks, birds and squirrels around. I started pumping my legs and kept going higher. My pulled up hood fell back and I could feel the chilling breeze run through my hair. Then it started raining. This place was just like Oregon and Jersey in the fall. The trees were naked and colored leaves littered the sidewalks and streets.
It started raining harder. Thunder roared and the lightning flashed. It was a perfect storm. I stopped pumping and dragged my feet into the dirt to slow till the swing wasn’t moving anymore. I just sat, watching the storm. I saw people running towards shelter. It was growing dark and I was alone still. The Night by Disturbed now spilled into my ears from my earphones.
I scanned around the park again. Now, not even the ducks or birds or squirrels were anywhere in sight. But a black figure could be spotted across the street. I sniffed the air and realized it was Gerard. He walked up to me and occupied the vacant swing next to me. “Hey.” I smiled, but didn’t look at him.
“Hi.” He pulled out one of my earphones from my ear. “Now, what are you doing out in the rain?” He asked as he swayed back and forth and played with the sand with his shoes.
“I love the rain.” I looked up at the sky and closed my eyes. I felt the rain splash on my face and run down my face. Gerard remained silent and now it was getting to me. “What are you doing here?” I asked. “I thought you were heading back the L.A.?” I turned to look at him with my now open eyes.
His pallor visage was that of snow, and his hazel eyes were warm and inviting. The only thing that stood out from his skin was his running eyeliner. Black streaks started from his eyes and ended down at his chin. He shrugged and looked out at the park. “I was just wondering around and saw you. And I’m not heading back yet. I still miss this place, and decided to stay a little while longer.” He smiled.
“Hey, do you want to come to dinner?” I asked. He looked back at me in shock. And I knew what he was thinking. “It’s not a date or anything. I know you’re married.” I smiled. His face was washed with relief. “I just feel a little lonely and would like the company.” I looked down at the ground.
“Well, I’ll have to tell my mom that I wouldn’t be home for dinner.” He sighed and I saw his breath in the cold air.
“You could tell the guys too. They could come if they wanted. We could all hang at my place.” I suggested. He nodded.
“That would be cool. We’ve got nothing better to do anyways.” He pulled out his phone and ran under a tree. I waited till he had finished making his calls and came back. “Okay, Frank, Ray, Bob and Mikey said they would be over around eight tonight. And my mom told me to have fun.” He smiled, satisfied with himself. I nodded and got up from the swing.
“Let’s go then.” I started walking.
“We’re going to walk?” Gerard asked me like I was out of my mind or something.
“Yeah. You can catch a cab, but I’ll walk and enjoy the rain.” I started again and heard Gerard jog up to my side.
We walked and finally got to my apartment. “Just set your jacket and shoes in the closet. Or I could stick them in the dryer so you’ll have warm clothes?” I asked.
“That would be nice. All my clothes are soaked.” He stripped himself from his jacket and shirt. “Do you have any extra sweats or pajama pants?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I ran to my closet and found an extra pair of black sweats and an old band tee. I ran out and handed them to him. “The bathroom is straight down at the end of the hell. Do you need an extra pair of boxers? I think I have some of my brothers.” I asked.
“Yes, please. Some clean under garments are all a man wishes for.” He laughed and I giggled. Nodding and headed to my closet again I finally found some of my brother’s boxers and socks. “Here you go.” I smiled and handed them to Gerard.
“Thank you.” He giggled and went to the bathroom to change. While I headed back to my closet to find some dry clothes for me. I just picked out some clean pajama pants and a baggy white t-shirt. And some lace underwear and a matching bra.
I came out and saw Gerard waiting on the couch. “Hey,” I sat down next to him. “What would you like for dinner?” I asked politely.
“I’m not sure. What do you have?” He asked.
“I have no idea.” I got up and jogged into the kitchen. I looked into the fridge. It was filled with food I never even remembered buying and never tasted in my life. “Wait,” I remembered something. I ran back into the living room and went through the mail that was thrown on the coffee table. I finally found what I was looking for. A Kraft Food & Family Cookbook. “Gerard, pick anything you like from this book and I’ll make it.” I ran back into the kitchen and handed Gerard the book.
“Okay.” He opened the book and flipped though the pages. “What about this?” He showed me the picture.
“Bacon Appetizer Crescents?” I asked.
“Yeah, if it’s not too hard.” He smiled. I just shook my head and admired his concern.
“Nope. It’s not hard at all.” I smiled. “Anything else?” I asked as I took the book and tore the page it.
“Let’s see.” He turned more pages as I scanned the for the things I needed to make this dish. “Well, Frank’s a vegetarian and I think he would like this.” I turned the see what it was. “A Classic Layered Salad.” Gerard read.
“Cool.” I tore that page out as well. “Anything else just tear out and I’ll make.” I smiled and scanned the page. He nodded and flipped through the book more. Every now and then I heard paper tear.
After half an hour I had out all the things I needed for the meals I already read. I separated all the ingredients and placed the page to the correct bundle of ingredients. Now I had ingredients, pans and silverware for all meals. Including Bacon Appetizer Crescents, a Classic Layered Salad, Slow-Cooker BBQ Pork Sandwiches, and One-Pan Chicken and Potato Bake. “Gerard, no dessert?” I asked in confusion. Surely he would want a dessert, and so would the guys.
“Well, I thought you had enough to cook I didn’t want to over load you. I don’t see it’s polite.” He said shyly.
“Gerard, I love to cook. And you guys are my friends, I don’t care what you want. You guys could never over load me.” I smirked. He bit his lip and nodded. “Okay. Just pick.” He nodded again and flipped through the book one more time. More ripping of pages filled my ears as I prepared to make the first dish.
“Here you go.” I heard Gerard enter the kitchen after another half an hour. I had already was three-quarters done with the first meal. I turned around and averted my attention to Gerard from the Bacon Appetizer Crescents. He handed me two pages he tore from the book.
“Okay. Just go and watch some television or something.” I smiled and turned back to the first meal.
“Are you sure you don’t want any help? You have a lot to cook.” Gerard asked.
“No, Gerard. I’ll be okay. I went to this cooking school and was offered a job in this facy restaurant. I’ll be fine.” I reassured him. He just rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and nodded. “Coo, just make yourself comfortably. It’ll take a while.” I smiled. I just felt good today. I couldn’t stop smiling. He nodded again and left the kitchen.
Now that I was alone I looked over what desserts Gerard picked out for tonight. Containing Blueberry Cheesecake Bars and an Oreo & Fudge Ice Cream Cake. And to my surprise I had all the things I needed at home.

It has been two hours since I told Gerard to get out of the kitchen, and the house was already filled with various aromas from the various dishes Gerard chose from the magazine. I was starting on the fourth dish when there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it.” I informed Gerard, who was watching old cartoons in the living room, and ran to the door. I wiped my hands on the small kitchen towel I carried and then swung it over my shoulder. I threw back the door and saw the guys. “Hey guys! Come in! I’m almost done with dinner!” I stepped aside and let them all in.
They entered in a single file line. They all hugged me as they passed me. “Dude, it smells fucking good in here!” Frank sniffed the air as I closed the door.
“Here, let me get your guys’ coats.” I offered.
“Yeah! What’s for dinner?” Ray asked as he removed his jacket and handed it to me.
“It’s surprise!” I squealed in excitement. I had no idea why I was so happy today, but I just was all giddy and hyper. My cheeks were starting to hurt from smiling so much. I assumed Michael noticed because he hugged me again.
“I can’t wait.” Bob smiled and clapped his hands.
After I took everyone’s jacket and hung it in the closet and headed to the kitchen to finish up dinner. Only to find Gerard, Ray, Bob, Frank and Michael leaning over the counters and smelling the food. “It smells so freakin’ good, Phoenix.” Gerard smiled. I smiled back, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Ray ready to dip his finger in one of the dishes. I rushed to his side just as he was about to stick his finger in and slapped it away
“Oww!” Ray rubbed his hand.
“No samples. That’s not fair.” I said. I hated when people tried to preview the food, and stick there dirty hands in the food. He just looked away ashamed. “Just wait. I’m almost done. Just sit and watch some T.V.” I suggested.
“Fine.” They all groaned and headed out, but I stopped one.
“Hey,” I turned Gerard around. “I need you to taste this. I don’t know if I added too much salt. And since you’ve been here longer and haven’t attempted to eat anything yet, you get to taste.” I smiled.
“Finally, the smell is driving me crazy.” He giggled. I just laughed and handed him a small sample of the pork for the Slow-Cooker BBQ Pork Sandwiches. He took it, careful not to drop it, and slowly slipped it into his mouth. I waited till he chewed it all and swallowed for an answer. After what seemed like an hour h finally spoke.
“Is it a sin to say that a friends cooking is better than your mom’s?” He asked. He was confusing me. What it okay or not!?
“I don’t know.” I shrugged.
“This is fucking amazing!” He yelled. I quickly covered his mouth and shushed him. I could feel his hot breath on my hand as he exhaled. I let go and let him talk. “Sorry, but that was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Thanks.” He smiled.
“Thank you.” I smiled. It was nice to feel like I accomplished something. “Now go and wait. I am almost done.” I ushered him to the living room to join to other guys.
Another hour passed and I was adding the final touches to the desserts when Frank came into the kitchen. “Phoenix?” He asked. I swerved around to face him on the heal of my foot.
“Yeah, Frank?” I asked.
“Now, I don’t want you to feel like you made this for nothing…” He paused. I knew exactly what he was talking about.
“Frank, I know you’re a vegetarian. Gerard told me. So I made you a special meal Gerard said you might like.” I smiled. He heaved a sigh of relief.
“Thank you, Gerard.” He smiled. “Then I’ll just leave you to finish up.” He turned to leave when I stopped him.
“Actually, I’m done. Could you do the honors of calling everyone to the dining room for dinner?” I asked smiling.
“Yeah!” Frank ran to the living room and I heard him scream, “She’s done!” Then heard rushed feet to the dining table.
I came out with the first dish and placed it in the center of the table that was already set with plates, cups and silverware. I made Gerard set it nice and neat before the guys got here. “Now, I still need to bring out everything else, so don’t touch anything.” I put some emphasis on the anything. The guys gave me confused looks as I jogged back into the kitchen and brought out the rest of the meals.
After I placed all meals on the table I asked, “What do you guys want to drink?” I looked around. “I have wine, beer, soda, cool-aid, and water.” I listed their options for them.
“I’ll just have wine. What kind do you have?” Ray asked. I racked my brain for what kind I had.
“I have,” I looked up and thought, “Red Barefoot, White Columbia Crest Chardonnay, and White Clos du Bois Chardonnay.” I smiled and looked back at him.
“White Clos du Bois Chardonnay.” He smiled.
“Okay. What about everyone else?” I asked looking over at everyone else.
“Just some beer. What kind do you have?” Michael asked.
“Budweiser and Miller.”
“Budweiser, please?” I nodded and looked over at Frank.
“Same,” I nodded and looked at Bob.
“What Ray got.” He smiled, now I looked at Gerard.
“Got milk?” He asked.
“Uh, yeah.” I giggled and left.
I grabbed all of the drinks and gave it to them. “Frank, I know you don’t have much to eat so I prepared something special for you.” I placed the dish in front of him. “I hope you like mushrooms. These are Ultimate Stuffed Mushrooms. Totally vegetarian.” I smiled as he licked his lips. “And I made you some Garden Vegetable Salad Stackers.” I placed the other dish in front of him as well. He moaned and sniffed the meals. Then he looked up at me and smiled. His eyes sparkled and his cheeks were rosy. “You guys eat. I’m just gonna go get a beer.” I headed to the kitchen and came back out to join them at the table.
I took the vacant, and only, seat next to Gerard. I just watched the guys eat while I sipped at my beer. “You aren’t gonna eat, Phoenix?” Michael noticed I didn’t have a plate in front of me.
“I-I…” I paused and looked around. “I already ate.” I covered as I casually sipped at my beer again.
“Okay,” He sighed. But I couldn’t help but feel his stare fixed on me. This dinner would be interesting.

A/N: Now, if you're wondering who the fuck Xander is I changed Ralph to Alexander. It was just weird because my cousin's name is Ralph and when I was writing this story it felt weird to use his name, so I changed it. Just a quick note. Rates and Reviews are well appreciated!
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