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You have to pick one of us

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“You will not tell my mom about anything, Bob!” Michael warned and threw the half eaten Slow-Cooker BBQ Pork Sandwiches at Bob.

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The dug into their meals and I just kept sipping at my beer bottle. Soon, it was empty and I went to get another one. “Gerard?” Michael looked up from his plate and asked.
“Yeah?” Gerard looked up at Michael.
“Is it a sin to say the Phoenix is a better cooker than mom?” He asked hesitantly and everyone gasped. I looked around and saw everyone drop their jaws.
“That’s what I was thinking too.” Gerard looked down. I was confused as to what the big deal was.
“Are you guys nuts? Don’t let mama Way hear that!” Frank shouted.
“Yeah, she’d flip!” Ray laughed.
“Dude, wait till I tell her that her own sons think her cooking’s bad. She’s gonna kill you guys.” Bob laughed hard as his face turned bright red. I just looked around at the boys still confused.
“You will not tell my mom about anything, Bob!” Michael warned and threw the half eaten Slow-Cooker BBQ Pork Sandwiches at Bob. As soon as it hit Bob’s face and fell apart in his lap staining his denim jeans Frank and Ray burst out in laughter. Gerard gasped and I spit out my beer I was attempting to swallow. My warm beer flew across the table and stained Ray’s white tee. Ray stopped laughing as Frank went on. Gerard laughed this time and so did Bob. Michael gasped.
“I’m so sorry, Ray.” I stood up and about to head to get a towel when Ray threw a slice of his Oreo & Fudge Ice Cream Cake at me hitting me on my face. I gasped and wiped the chocolate off my face. On the other end of the table Bob spit his red wine onto Michael’s face. I could still hear Frank’s girly laugh. Bob was yelling at Michael, I wiped the remaining chocolate on my face and Gerard just stared at me and Ray with his jaw open. I grabbed Gerard’s glass of milk and reached over at the poured it on Ray’s fro. Everyone froze and looked at me and Ray.
“You’re gonna fucking get it!” Ray laughed and threw a square of his Blueberry Cheesecake Bar hitting my white tee. The bar slid from it’s spot on my shirt and ran down staining my shirt with streaks of blue. Ray burst out laughing and before any of us knew it we all took part in a food fight. Everyone besides Frank. He just sat in his chair laughing till he fell over and was writhing on the floor, clutching his stomach.
After there was no food left to throw we all looked around at each other covered in food. Then we all heard Frank’s laughter. We all thought one thing. We slowly snuck up and helped Frank up. I just gave him a big hug, smearing food on his black Misfits tee. I pulled back and smiled. “Thanks, Phoenix.” Frank smiled and looked down at his tee.
“My pleasure, Frankie boy.” Everyone else gave him a hug and once we were done he was covered in a variety of food. “Now, let’s just watch a movie or something. Let me just cover the couch in plastic before any of us sit on it.” I smiled and pulled out a plastic couch sheet I had in the coat closet up on the shelf.
Laying it over the couch we all piled onto the couch. “This is actually quite comfy.” Gerard giggled squirming underneath me. I glared at him as he just laughed and shook his head. “I was just kidding.”
“Let me just go and stick your clothes in the washer. Anyone else want me to wash their clothes?” I asked as I got off Gerard’s lap.
“Yes.” Frank removed his shirt, and so did Ray, Michael and Bob. Bob also removed his pants.
“Do you need some pajama pants?” I asked Bob, taking everyone’s shirt. He nodded and I turned on my heals and walked to the laundry room and stuck in the guys’ shirts and added some soap. Then, I headed to my closet and found some pajama pants for Bob.
Walking back to the living room I saw Michael and Frank on the floor wrestling. “Here Bob.” I handed the pants to Bob who was sitting on the couch laughing. “The bathroom is the last door at the end of the hall.” I said. He nodded and got up from the couch in a grunt and went to the bathroom to change. I took his spot and watched the boys wrestle. Bob came out a few minutes later with the pink pair of pajama pants on. “You don’t look bad in pink.” I commented looking at him up and down. He was so cute as he looked down and muttered, “Thanks.” I laughed and shook my head, averting my attention to the guys again.
“Phoenix,” I turned to Ray. Now looking at him he continued, “Can I wash my hair? It smells like milk.” He asked. I just laughed and told him where he could find the bathroom.
After the guys wrestled a little but more and Ray didn’t smell like milk anymore I asked everyone, “You guys want a beer?” They all said yes, except for Gerard.
“Can I just have some water?’ He asked. I looked at him weird, but nodded and headed to the kitchen and grabbed five cold Budweisers’ that were sitting in my fridge door waiting to be opened and drained. Also grabbing Gerard a cold bottle of water that was also in my fridge door. “Here.” I handed everyone a beer bottle covered in condensation and then handed Gerard his bottle of water. “Gerard, why don’t you drink? I’ve never seen you drink.” I asked, waiting for Gerard to answer. And when he didn’t Michael did.
“Well, Gerard doesn’t….” Michael was cut off by Gerard.
“I’m sober now. Three years to be exact. Me and the liquor don’t mix very well.” Gerard twisted the cap open and took a small sip at his water.
“Dude, I’m sorry. I..I-” I was cut off by Gerard shaking his head.
“Don’t. You didn’t know. It’s okay.” He waved his hand to dismiss the subject. Now I felt awkward and bad I asked.
“Why don’t we play Truth or Dare?” Frank suggested, jumping in the air like a rat on steroids.
“Why not? Mikey, go first.” Bob sat on the floor as everyone else.
“Why me?!” Michael whined taking a seat next to Gerard on the carpet.
“’Cause you’re the youngest. Which means you’re the baby.” Bob sat next to me as Frank laughed across from me.
“No I’m not! Frank is!” Michael kept whining.
“Yeah, but since you’re Gerard’s lil’ bro we all consider you our little bro.” Bob smiled.
“What about Phoenix?” Ray asked.
“Twenty-seven.” I smiled.
“Go Mikey!” Frank slapped Michael’s arm, making a loud slapping sound.
“Fine,” He groaned. “Bob, truth or dare?” He turned to look at Bob.
“Dare,” Bob said sounding like a daredevil. He looked like one. He was big and muscular, he looked like he could snap you in half. I wouldn’t want to mess with him if I were mortal.
“I dare you to,” Michael thought. I tried to break into his thoughts, but he had this barrier even I couldn’t break. “Kiss Phoenix.” I just stared shocked. Why would Michael do this?
“I don’t think she wants Bob kissin’ her.” Frank laughed. I just shook my head to rid of my facial expression and smiled.
“It’s okay. I have no boyfriend at the moment. I can do whatever I want. If Bob wants to kiss me he can.” I said looking over at Bob. He was blushing and looking down at the ground.
“Bob, just do it.” Frank pushed. “Sorry, Phoenix. Bob hasn’t kissed a girl in a while. He’s a little shy.” Frank smiled at me. I nodded and waited for Bob to make his decision. All the while I’m accidentally reading his mind. Should I kiss her? Would she get mad if I say no? Would she feel bad if I didn’t kiss her?
“Bob, if you don’t want to then don’t. I’m okay if you do or don’t.” I placed a hand on his shoulder as he bit his nails looking at the floor in deep thought. “Don’t bite your nails.” I slapped his hand away and he turned to me. He looked at me and I was waiting for his move. Finally, he made up his mind and planted a small soft, sweet kiss on my lips. I closed me eyes and then opened them when he stopped. Before I could register what happened his lips were on mine again. I worked my lips against his and we enjoyed every second of it.
“Guys? You time is up! This isn’t seven minutes in heaven! It’s been only two!” Frank came up to us and pushed us apart. I smiled and shook my head. Me and Bob laughed. “Now, go Bob.” Frank ushered.
“Okay. Phoenix, truth or dare?” Bob asked, turning to look at me. As did everyone else.
“Um,” I thought. I didn’t want to do a dare and kiss another one of these guys or worse, and I didn’t want to pick truth because there is always a chance it could be real personal. So, it’s a lose fucking lose situation! But I had to choose one or the other. “Truth.” I answered.
“Okay. If you had to sleep with any of us, who would you sleep with?” Bob asked evilly. The answer was simple. Michael, but I didn’t want to say that. “If you had to save your life, and you had to sleep with one of us to do so, which one of us would it be?” Bob reworded the question. I could hear Frank giggling. Everyone’s eyes were on me and I felt really pressured.
“Um, none of you.” I smiled.
“What!?” Gerard laughed. “Are you shittin’ me?” He asked. I shook my head.
“I would be glad my life was over and I could be in peace.” I said hesitantly. Michael looked shocked as I smiled.
“But you have to save your life, and you have to pick one of us. That was the question.” Bob said. I just laughed and finally said it.
“Um, hold on.” I pondered a little bit more. Did I really want to say Michael? “Um, I would have to say…” I paused as everyone leaned in to hear my answer. “Frank.” I smiled.
“What?! Why?!” Gerard grimaced.
“Hey! Why not?!” Frank giggled.
“I just think he would be fun in bed. He’s really hyper and active.” I blushed as Frank came over and kissed my cheek. I heard everyone complain and laugh. And this is how it went for the rest of the night. Frank ate my dead flower, Ray drank his own piss, Bob kissed Gerard, Michael ate crayons after he had them in his nose, and Gerard licked Frank’s armpit. It was on wild night.
Gerard, Ray, Bob, and Frank had already left and Michael and me were left alone. “So, where’s Alicia? Is she okay?” I asked Michael, who was sitting on the couch as I cleaned up the dining room.
“She is staying at her mom’s for a while. Just visiting.” Michael stepped into the room. “And she’s fine. She just has a big purple cast she can’t take off in three to four months. And she wielding the crutches fine.” Michael came and helped me pick up food that remained on the rug after the food fight.
“That’s good to here.” I stood up with smashed food in my hands.
I dropped the food in the trash can in the kitchen and Michael did the same. “Hey,” Michael followed me to the living room and sat on the couch next to me.
“Yeah?” I asked turning to face him as he spoke.
“I was wondering if….since Alicia is gone maybe I could stay with you the week she’s gone. So I don’t feel all alone, and I could help you more.” He suggested as he fiddled with his fingers, looking down at the white carpet.
“Yeah, sure, Michael.” I smiled. I was a little shocked at the suggestion, but this could be a great opportunity to get to know each other a little more.
“Thank you.” He looked up at me and gave me a big hug. I was still shocked at the show of affection. I didn’t know what to do. I just wrapped my arms around him and rubbed my hand up and down his back. He let go and I missed his warmth immediately. “I just need to go get some clothes and stuff. So,” He stood up. “I’ll be back.” He left without a goodbye. And I knew why. This wasn’t really a goodbye. I would see him later.

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