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Just Remember

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You know I am. Just remember… He whispered in my ear, then suddenly felt a sharp pain in my neck. Memories flashed through my mind and I felt life drain from my veins into his mouth. “Angel.”...

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Now sitting on the couch I couldn’t stare at the dead flower anymore and I didn’t want to watch T.V. either. Suddenly, a question came to mind. I remembered what me Xander did, and I didn’t know if that would jeopardize my chance into heaven. “It won’t.” Aiden’s voice startled me. I looked around and spotted him in the corner of the living room behind the couch. He didn’t have a trench coat on, and his blonde hair shined in the light that was spilling from the lamp beside the other end of the couch.
“You scared me.” I smiled looked at him.
“Sorry,” He giggled and came to sit next to me on the couch. “Anymore questions?” He asked as his sparkling pale grey eyes penetrated my defense shield.
“Not that I can think of off the top of my head, no.” I shook my head and smiled.
“Your eyes are changing.” He leaned in and inspected my eyes. I nodded, but he stilled my head with his warm smooth hands cupping my cheek. “They’re purple now.” He smiled. His pearl white teeth glistening in the light. “What does that mean?” He asked.
“I don’t know. My eyes have never changed to purple before.” I honestly didn’t know. Like I said, my eyes have never changed to purple. I even wondered what it meant.
I could feel his hot breath on my face, and his soft skin on mine as he still had his hand on my cheek. Then another question came to mind. “I drank from Xander.” It was meant to be formed into a question, but I just spit it out and get rid of the silence that was getting to me. But to my relief Aiden understood what I meant and what I was asking.
“The only was you could violate the rules is drinking of the innocent. Alexander is not innocent.” He sighed taking his hand off my cheek.
“It seems no one theses days is innocent.” I muttered and looked away from his flawless beauty. I glanced and he seemed a little offended. “Oh shit no.” I knew exactly what he was thinking. “I didn’t meant it like that. I was just saying that a lot of people are not so innocent. Not even me.” I half smiled hoping to lighten the mood I had just set.
“It’s okay. You’re right, no one seems innocent anymore. The evil is taking over as Satan racks up his army to high numbers. But with you I think we can win.” I had no idea what he was talking about. I looked at him confused. “You didn’t know?” He asked. I shook my head. “Um…” He choked. “I shouldn’t have said….I just assumed you knew….. I’m sorry.” He sighed looking down, ashamed.
“What is this about?” I asked placing my hand on his, which rested on his lap.
“I shouldn’t tell you about this, but I’ve already said too much.” He looked up at me. His face was a look of fear. He was scared shitless. “There is a war. Against good and evil. It has been going on for a while now. Every since humanity was formed. But this time God thinks it’s gone too far.” Aiden explained. “I just don’t know, but I feel the tension between us. With you being from hell and me from heaven. But the Lord has sent me to convince you to help us. Help the good side win again and make the world a better place. You are a rare species. You are exactly what we need to win and free your soul.” He half smiled.
“That’s what you want me for? You’re recruiting me?” I asked just to make sure I was on the right track with this problem.
“Only if you choose to. And no need to rush. You have a whole year.” He tried to reassure me. I looked down at the floor. But a year could fly by like the wind. This was going to be hard. “Bye.” I looked up and he vanished. I searched around me and found no sign of him.
“Aiden?” I whisper. He didn’t respond. “Angels.” I shook my head giggling. A knock at the door made me jump. I got up and answered it. “Hey, Michael.” I smiled and let him in.
“Hey, dude.” He walked in with a small duffle bag. “I brought some clothes. I hope this isn’t weird. I just don’t want to be alone.” He half smiled and looked down at the ground and shoved his hands in his pockets. His bag was slung over his shoulder and he was wearing tight jeans, a Black Flag tee, and some Converse. His hair fell over his face as he looked down at the carpet. He looked cute. I couldn’t help but giggle. He looked up at me in a questioning manner, cocking his brow. “What?’ He asked.
“Nothing,” I shook my head. “I know the feeling. And I don’t think it would be weird. I don’t like being alone either.” I went to the spare bedroom I had. He followed.
Once inside the bedroom I switched the light on and yellow light spilled from the lamp on the nightstand. The bed was bare with only white sheets and a blue fuzzy pillow. I could feel Michael’s breath on the back of my neck. Every time he exhaled the hairs on the back of my neck sprung up. “I’ll get some blankets.” I had to get away from him before I am tempted to do something I would later regret. Heading down the hall to the bathroom I pushed the door open and turned on the light. In the wall next to the door was another door. This door was the door to the closet that contained towels, extra sheets, blankets, pillows and table cloths. I grabbed a thick blanket and another pillow. I started my way back to the spare bedroom, passing the living room I saw someone sitting on the couch. I looked back and no one was there. But something felt amiss. I had my guard fully up now.
In the bedroom Michael was looking through his bag. I knocked on the open door and he jumped. Out of surprise I jumped as well. “You scared me. Sorry,” He apologized and continued to dig around in his bag.
“What are you looking for?” I asked as I laid the blanket and pillow down on the edge of his bed.
“My iPod. I never forget it. I need music to sleep, or else insomnia takes control and I stay awake.” He explained still removing clothes from inside the bag and looking though it. Everything in the bag had come out onto the bed, but no iPod. Michael growled frustrated and turned over the bag and shook it upside down. But no iPod came out. “Damn it!” Michael cursed. He sat down on the bed and heaved large proportions of air.
“You can use my iPod.” I suggested. He looked up at me and smiled.
“Really?” He asked as his face lit up. I nodded. “Thanks.” He stood up.
“I’ll go get it.” I headed to my room. I flicked on the light and looked through the drawers on the desk I used for work. I finally found it under some papers on the desk. I had two iPod’s. I still had to get another one from my last visit in the alley. But I still had some good music on this one. I walked back to Michel’s room, and just as I was heading there I felt a chill race up my spine. Something wasn’t right. I listened and smelled. But all I could smell was Michael and the food I had prepared. The smell still lingered on the carpet and the kitchen. Something was very wrong. I didn’t know what it was, but I was going to find out. “Here you go.” I smiled and handed the iPod to Michael.
“What kind of music is on here?” He asked turning on the device and unwinding the white earphones and placing one in one ear.
“I have Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Misfits, Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold and a whole bunch more.” I smiled, and so did he as he went though my play list.
“Dude, you are, like, my musical soul mate. I love all of these bands.” He smiled and I could here Ava Adore by the Smashing Pumpkins. I blushed and then felt someone blow on my ear. But Michael was still looking through my play list and no one else was at the house but me. I could feel someone else’s presence, but I didn’t know who. But I was going to find out and kick their ass.
“I’ll leave you. I have to clean the kitchen and then shower and then get to bed. I’m tired.” I yawned and headed out.
“Good night, Phoenix.” Michael said and I could tell he was smiling.
“Good night, Michael.” I giggled and headed to the kitchen. There I saw a silhouette rush passed the kitchen into the living room. I turned around, but the shadow wasn’t there anymore.
I know you know I’m here. You can feel me. I heard a voice in my head. I remembered it from somewhere, but where?
What do you want? Who are you? I asked in my head. I knew this guy wasn’t human.
You know I am. Just remember… He whispered in my ear, then suddenly felt a sharp pain in my neck. Memories flashed through my mind and I felt life drain from my veins into his mouth. “Angel.” I whispered as I remembered his face in my head. Why couldn’t I recognize his smell?
“It’s been too long, Phoenix.” Angel pulled away from my neck and whispered in my ear harshly.
“What the fuck do you, Angel?” I asked as his hands found my waist.
“I know the angels want you to join their side.” He let me go and I turned to see his face. He had jet black hair, fierce green eyes, his lips were thin and he was very pale. He was thin and tall. Like Michael. “And I suggest you don’t.” Why? “Because if you don’t they will loose and we will win and take control of both heaven and hell. You would be stronger and faster and you skills will nearly triple and you will be stronger than you could ever imagine.” He wondered around the kitchen and inspected all the dishes and things. Aiden! I screamed in my mind. I knew he could here me. I had another question. And just like that, Aiden appeared in my kitchen right next to me. Angel, Aiden and me had a lot to discuss.

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