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With Pleasure

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A surprise visit makes for a long evening.

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Gerard’s hand was shaking as he tried to put the key in the lock. Shit, he thought, I’m acting like a fuckin’ horny school kid. He realized he couldn’t help it with Willow standing behind him. Her closeness was making him so fuckin’ hard. His body wanted her and it wanted her NOW. He wondered briefly what she would think if he opened the door and as soon as they walked in threw her on the ground. “Fuck” he muttered rolling his eyes remembering that he’d just thought it so now she knew.
Willow heard him curse and wondered what was taking him so long to unlock the door. She wished he would hurry. Ever since they’d touched in the car her body was humming with sexual tension. “Something wrong?” She asked trying to look over his shoulder.
“No, nothing.” He ground out angrily. He slid the key in, opened the door then stood back to allow Willow to enter first.
“About time you guys got back.” Mikey said looking up from the sofa. “Where’d you guys go? Out to dinner?” He guessed.
Gerard had the urge to strangle his brother. What the hell was he doing here? He wanted to get Willow into his bed and there sat Mikey and his wife.
Willow waited a moment for Gerard to answer. When he just continued to stare at his brother she handled the question. “We went to your Mom’s house for dinner.”
Alicia smiled, “Oh Donna is a great cook. What did you have?”
This time Gerard answered. “She didn’t cook. We had steak.”
Mikey started laughing. “Oh fuck. She made you use that barbeque didn’t she?
Gerard walked into the room and pulled off his jean jacket. “Yeah, of course.”
Willow slid her jacket of her shoulders. “But dinner was great.”
“So what brings you two here?” Gerard asked between clinched teeth. He reminded himself he had to play this cool. He didn’t want them to know about his relationship with Willow but damn it his dick felt ready to explode. Belatedly he realized he should have left his jacket on. Thank God he’s left his button down shit untucked. At least my fuckin’ bulge ain’t showing, he thought trying not to grimace.
Alicia smiled at Willow. “We went to a movie but thought we’d stop by to see if you got settled.”
“Oh yeah.” Willow answered. “Gerard has a lovely apartment.”
“And a guest room without dogs and cats.” Gerard added for good measure.
Mikey grinned, “Tomorrow you guys wanna come over so Willow can meet the family?”
Gerard wanted to say that tomorrow he’d simply like to stay here and fuck Willow up until concert time but he kept his mouth closed. He stole a quick glance towards Willow wondering if she’s heard that thought. Unfortunately she wasn’t looking at him she was smiling at Mikey and Alicia.
“I’d love to meet the dogs and cats and rabbits.” She said as she walked over and took a seat.
Gerard continued to stand knowing that taking a seat would be very uncomfortable in his present state.
“So what movie did you see?” Willow asked.
“Oh it was great.” Alicia launched into a review of the movie while Gerard tried to pretend he was interested. However in truth he didn’t give a shit about the movie plot or how cute the leading man was. All he wanted was for them to leave so he could be alone with Willow. The fact that she appeared interested in the movie was beginning to make him angry. Didn’t she want him with the intensity he wanted her?
Mikey looked over at his brother and was surprised to see he looked upset. He wondered if having Willow stay here had been a good idea. Leaving Willow and Alicia to discuss the movie he got up and walked over towards his brother. “Hey, did you get anymore work done on the next issue?” He asked.
It was hard for Gerard not to snap at him and ask him just when the hell he would have had time to work on his comic but he didn’t. “No, not yet. I’ll probably do that later on tonight.”
Mikey nodded, “Yeah, well that’s good. You and Willow don’t have to come over early tomorrow. How about you guys show up about 11:00? We’ll have lunch together at the house before we head over to the venue.”
Gerard nodded, “Sounds good.”
“Gerard?” Alicia said looking over at her brother in law. When he turned to her she asked, “Do you have a copy of “Underworld?”
“Yeah, sure.” He answered hoping this would mean they wanted to borrow it to take home.
“Cool.” Alicia said happily. “Willow hasn’t seen it. Where’s it at?” She stood and walked over towards the entertainment center and opened one of the side cabinets that held DVD’s.
Gerard tried not to groan. Oh hell this meant they were going to watch it here. How was he supposed to watch a movie in his condition? He noticed that Willow was looking at him with a strange look on her face.
“Oh here it is.” Alicia said holding up the DVD. “You’re gonna love this.” She said to Willow.
“Excuse me a minute.” Gerard said moving towards the hallway. “I’ve gotta make a few phone calls. Go ahead and pop the movie in and I’ll be back.”
Willow waited a few moments then stood. “Hey, I’m gonna throw on my sweats before we start the movie, that okay?”
“Sure.” Alicia nodded. “While you’re doing that Mikey and I will make some popcorn and grab some sodas.”
Gerard walked into his bedroom without turning on the light and went immediately to the bathroom. He knew he had to deal with his problem now or he’d never be able to sit through a movie. Closing the bathroom door he immediately undid his belt buckle and gave a sigh of relief when he was able to push his jeans and boxers down. His hard cock released he took it into his right hand he began to stroke his swollen member but he needed more. He closed his eyes and pictured Willow. He remembered how she’d looked as she’d laid beneath him. The way her soft lips had been open and the look of pain when he’d thrust in taking her virginity.
“Shit” he muttered. That memory wasn’t going to help him. He continued stroking but the action was only causing anger to course through his body. He was still hard, still throbbing and nowhere near release.
Suddenly the bathroom door was opened a crack and he moved quickly. He glanced in the mirror over the sink and saw Willow looking at his reflection. She could see that his pants were down and his dick standing at attention.
Willow took a deep breath then entered the bathroom. She’d known what Gerard had left to do and her body had sensed that he needed her. Once inside she closed the door and locked it. Gerard glanced away obviously embarrassed.
“I told them I was changing into my sweats.” She whispered.
“Why are you here?” He asked simply. He knew he should be angry she’d caught him jacking off but once more the mere fact that she was so near was making his dick throb.
“I thought you might need me.” She said softly looking nervous. When he didn’t answer she moved towards him and gently reached out to place her hands where his had been moments earlier.
Gerard leaned back against the wall and moaned softly as the feel of her touch washed over him. “Shit, Sugar. I do need you.”
His words, while spoken simply out of sexual need, hit Willow hard. She couldn’t think about that now, she reminded herself. Later, she would think. Slowly she stroked him marveling at the way her touch was making him throb.
“Oh, yeah.” He whispered, “That’s it. Oh, fuck.”
Willow used her left hand to cradle his balls while her right hand continued to stroke his length. His words caused wild eagerness to skip through her veins. She swiftly pushed his jeans and boxers all the way down his legs while lowering herself to her knees.
Gerard was watching her through the mirror and the sight of her on her knees caused him to moan again. He balled his fists at his side to keep from grabbing her and thrusting himself into her hot, open mouth.
Willow was high on the sense of power she felt over him. She once more moved her hands to grip him hard. She trembled as images of his penis deep inside her filled her mind. Moving in she swiped her tongue over the tip. Again she was rewarded with his moan. She glanced up and saw his eyes hooded with desire. Willow kept her eyes locked with his as she lapped, tasting him, savoring him. His chest rose and fell with each lick and nibble.
After tasting her way tip to base she journeyed back to his engorged head and pursed her lips around him. Gerard unclenched his hands and his fingers sank into her hair as she drew him deeply into her mouth.
“Willow, please.” He bunched her hair into his fists. His hips jerked as she held him in her mouth. One hand held him captive while the other fondled his balls.
“I’m going to…..” he murmured.
She gripped him harder with her mouth. Her lips tingled, she felt vibrant and alive. She wanted what was coming. His taste teased her mouth.
Gerard was lost. His dick was fucking her hot mouth as he thrust his hips. When she reached out to pull his leg slightly foreword he was surprised at first but desire hit him hard when he realized what she was doing. As she continued to suck him she rubbed against him trying to ease the throbbing between her thighs. The sound of Willow’s soft moan as she gyrated against him pushed him over the edge. He came hard and fast in her mouth.
Willow swallowed the sticky warm substance until there was no more. Slowly she released him but not until her tongue lapped up the few drops that had escaped. Finally she stood slowly but was shocked when she looked into his face. He looked angry.
Gerard stepped to the side and began to redress. Willow turned to leave the bathroom feeling confused and hurt. As she reached for the doorknob his words stopped her. “What about you?”
Willow turned to look at him. “Me?”
Gerard smirked, “Sugar, you’re as turned on as I was. You were just humping my leg. Don’t pretend.”
His words stung but she fought not to let it show. “Yeah, but I’ll wait.” Taking a deep breath she unlocked the door and opened it. Before taking a step out she said, “You owe me.”
The door was almost shut when he responded. “Yeah, I do and I intend to pay up as soon as they leave.”

Gerard sat trying to concentrate on the movie but his thoughts were truly on one thing and one thing alone, Willow. He watched the way she ate one piece of popcorn at a time, the way her eyes grew large during an intense scene, the way… He shook his head trying to clear his thoughts. Shit, he needed to stop obsessing about her. Not once had she looked over at him. Obviously she was enjoying the movie and not thinking about him. Well maybe he could change that. He took a deep breath and cleared his mind. Now there was no music playing just one track of thought and that track was all about what he would do to her as soon as their guests left.
Willow took a sip of her soda then suddenly felt her body begin to hum. She glanced over at Gerard then looked away quickly.
Gerard smirked. Success. Obviously she had heard his thoughts. He sat back and realized victory wasn’t all that sweet. Now he was hard again. Damn it, at least the movie was almost over.

“So we’ll see you guys tomorrow around 11:00” Mikey said as he and Alicia stood at the door preparing to leave.
“I’ll have lunch ready.” Alicia added. “I was thinking maybe stir-fry. Does that sound good?”
“Sounds great.” Willow answered.
Gerard nodded, “Yeah, that would be good.” He explained to Willow. “That way I won’t have to eat dinner until after the concert.”
“He doesn’t like to eat much before a show.” Mikey said. “But maybe we can all have dinner together after.”
Gerard suddenly shook his head. “Oh, I can’t. I already made plans with Jessica for after the concert but Willow can go with you.”
Willow realized that the way he said he had plans sounded strange. Then it hit her. He had a date.
“I didn’t realize you were still seeing Jessica.” Alicia said sounding a bit shocked.
Gerard shrugged.
“Okay, see you tomorrow.” Mikey said knowing it was time they left. Alicia hated Jessica and he didn’t want her getting into an argument with his brother. He took her arm and led her out the door.
As Gerard locked the door Willow started down the hall towards the guest room. So many things had happened today that she needed time to think and being close to Gerard made that impossible.
“Where are you going?” Gerard asked sounding confused.
Willow turned, “I thought you said you were going to work on your comic.” She’d overheard him earlier talking to Mikey.
Gerard frowned. “Well yeah, later.”
Willow stood staring at him. She waited for him to say something.
Suddenly Gerard felt nervous. Shit, she confused him. What was he supposed to do? Was he just supposed to say, ‘oh remember we’re supposed to fuck now?’ He took a deep breath. “Uh, I owe you, remember?”
Willow glared at him. “It’s okay. Never mind.” She turned and started down the hallway when he caught up to her and spun her around.
“What the fuck do you mean never mind?”
Willow’s temper snapped. She shook off his arm not wanting to feel the tingling sensation of his touch. “I just need some time to think, okay?”
“Think about what?” Gerard asked confused. “What the hell is wrong? What did I do?”
“Nothing.” Willow answered angrily. “You didn’t do anything. This is my fault. I understand our arrangement. I just didn’t figure that you’d be seeing anyone else right now.”
“You’re fuckin’ jealous I have a date?”
Now Willow had confirmation. She’d been right, whoever Jessica was she would be his date tomorrow night.
“Look, she and I made the date about a month ago. I just remembered about it tonight. Besides what difference does it make?”
Willow suddenly decided she had to take a stand and speak her mind. “It makes a difference to me. I don’t want you sleeping with anyone else while we’re together. Once I leave you can fuck whoever you want.”
Gerard had never seen her so vehement about anything before. She was giving him an ultimatum, which he understood. His first thought was to tell her she couldn’t control what he did but he bit his tongue and remained silent.
Willow could see he was angry. She waited for him to speak.
“Fine, I won’t.” He said slowly. “But I’m still going out tomorrow night. She and I made this dinner date a month ago.”
“Fine.” Willow crossed her arms and nodded. “Just keep it in your pants.”
Suddenly Gerard broke into laugher. Willow glared at him.
“I’m sorry Sugar but you just look so damn cute when you’re pissed off.” He said trying to catch his breath.
Willow felt some of her anger fade. “I do not.”
“Oh fuck yeah, you do.” He said smiling. Slowly he moved forward and reached out to stroke her cheek, “You really do.”
Willow felt the rest of her anger fade. Her cheek blushed under his fingertips and her body began to react to his touch. “Okay, you can pay up now.” She whispered.
Gerard pulled her to him. “With pleasure.”
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