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You Make Me Think

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Gerard is confused but thinks he has his thoughts straight.

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Gerard continued to nuzzle her neck losing himself in her scent. She was intoxicating. So soft, so warm so…He closed his eyes and tried to make his brain function. Shit, he needed to stop thinking about her like this. She might get the wrong idea. He lifted his head and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted.
“Willow.” He waited until she opened her eyes. “Tell me the truth. When we touch like this can you hear my thoughts?”
Willow blinked wondering why he was suddenly questioning her. “My mind is silent.” That was a truthful answer.
He seemed pleased. Nodding slightly he brushed her hair back off her shoulder and caressed the side of her neck with his finger. “Good.” He felt himself relax. He didn’t want her hearing all these thoughts he was having. She might think that they meant he had feeling for and he didn’t. He was drawn to her but there was no love nor would there ever be. Gerard smiled to himself feeling happy that he was getting his thoughts straight again.
Willow looked into his eyes feeling confused. Had he asked her the question because he didn’t trust her? Suddenly her mind was filled with the memory of Elena’s visit earlier in the evening. The memory upset and angered her. If only she didn’t have this curse, and to her that was what it seemed like, especially now. For the first time Willow wished she’d never seen Elena.
“What’s wrong?” Gerard’s voice startled her.
“What?” She mumbled feeling guilty about her thoughts. If she’d never seen Elena then what would have happened to Mikey?
Gerard took a step back and looked at her closely. “You look like you’re about to cry.”
“No.” Willow denied. “I’m not.”
Still he continued to search her face. “You know I wish I could hear your thoughts.” He said softly.
“Believe me, you don’t.” Willow snapped surprising herself and Gerard.
He took a step back from her then crossed the living room. All he knew was he needed to put some distance between them but he wasn’t sure why.
Willow sighed knowing her words had hurt him. “I’m sorry.” She said looking down. “I didn’t mean that to sound as harsh as it did.”
Gerard shrugged. “It’s okay. It’s just I’m trying to figure you out. One minute you’re hot the next cold.”
He looked so confused that Willow wanted to take him in her arms and explain but she knew that was impossible. For several minutes she watched him standing there looking lost and it was at that moment she remembered Elena’s words. She closed her eyes only for a moment then slowly crossed the room. “I know I seem confusing. I’m sorry. It’s just sometimes when people say they wish they had my gift it makes me angry. They have no idea what it truly means to live with this.”
“But you usually make it sound like you’re okay with it. Like you’ve accepted it.” He said struggling to understand.
“I have to.” Willow said softly. “What other choice do I have? It’s a part of me. But it’s a part of me that makes me unable to be like everyone else.”
He heard the sorrow in her voice and it upset him more than he wanted to admit. As if an invisible force was pulling him he closed the distance between them and took her into his arms.
Willow sighed contently feeling so right as their bodies touched. All that had happened today was weighing so heavily on her that she just wanted to make it all go away. She wanted to loose herself in this feeling. “You do owe me.” She whispered against his chest.
Gerard didn’t answer he simply stepped back, took her hand and led her towards his bedroom. Once there he didn’t turn on the overhead light as he led her to the bed in the darkness. Gently he pushed her down and in the darkness she listened to his movements. A moment later she heard the sound of his lighter and the room was filled with the soft glow of the candles. Now she could see him as he reached over and turned on the stereo. Mellow, soft rock filled the air.
“Stand up.” He said returning to the bed.
Willow got to her feet and waited. Gerard smiled as he reached out to pull her hoodie over her head. He’d been thinking about this all night and wondered how she was going to react. Judging by the way her body was responding he felt sure she was on board with his plan. Once the hoodie hit the floor his fingers slid down the soft skin of her chest, down her stomach to the top of her jeans. Willow felt her whole body began to vibrate. When she heard the soft whoosh of the zipper being lowered she closed her eyes and waited.
“No, Sugar. Open you’re eyes for me.” Gerard’s tone was soft and smooth.
Willow opened her eyes to see him looking directly into them. It felt as if he was looking into her soul. He smiled then dropped down on his knees to pull the jeans down and help her step out of them. Willow’s breath caught as his tongue licked a path from her knee up her thigh. Once again her body began to sway.
Gerard got to his feet and took her hand. “Come on.” He said leading her across the room. “I don’t want you to fall.”
Willow wondered where he was leading her but it was a short distance. She was confused when he opened one of the closet doors. Peering around him she saw that it was empty. Gerard gave her an amused look. “Trust me.” He said.
Willow continued to stand there looking puzzled. Gerard put his hands on her shoulders and backed her into the open closet. Then he reached down, took her arms and raised them above her head. Grasping her hands he placed them on the heavy wooden clothing rod. “Hold on to this.” It sounded like a command but she did as he said.
Gerard took a step back. “Promise not to move.”
Willow nodded slowly. She wasn’t sure what he planned but her body’s demands had taken over. She knew whatever he wanted she would do. Her eyes followed him as he walked across the room and pull open one of the dresser drawers. When he turned back she saw he had something in his hands. He kept his eyes on her as he walked back to where she stood. Now that he was close enough she saw the silk material of the neckties spilling through his fingers.
“Willow I need to know you trust me.”
“I trust you.” She answered truthfully.
Gerard smiled, “You’ll like this, Sugar.” He reached up and used one of the silk ties to bind her hand to the bar. Willow heart began beating faster as he secured her other hand. Gerard took a step back to survey his work. She looked exactly as he had pictured this earlier. “You look beautiful.”
Willow wasn’t sure what she felt. She was excited yet slightly scared. This was all so new to her and yet she wanted this so much her body ached. Gerard took a step closer and laid his fingers on her shoulders. Slowly, playfully, he brushed his fingertips down her chest, over her bra, down her stomach to the top of her panties. Willow’s breath caught. Then slowly he moved his fingers over the silk material down to the V of her legs and cupped his palm over her mound. She moved her hips towards the warmth, pressing her clitoris against his hand, wishing the barrier of her panties didn’t exist. Heat fired along the surface of her skin. Nerve endings sizzled as if overloaded by the electrical current.
“You’re wet for me Willow.” Gerard said looking into her eyes.
She nodded but remained silent.
Gerard’s fingers began to caress the wetness through the sheer material. “So fuckin’ hot and wet.” He said not breaking eye contact. “Tell me, say it.” He demanded.
Her voice shook, “I’m hot and wet for you.”
“Fuck yeah, you are.” He answered marveling at the feeling.
She gripped the bar so tightly her fingers ached. The pressure of his hand was glorious torture.
“You like that don’t you?” He pressed his hand into her harder.
“Yes” she hissed.
Gerard nodded, “But you want more.”
She nodded not trusting her voice.
Willow almost cried out when he removed his hand. Her body was crying for his touch. He reached up and undid the front clasp of her bra. The cool night air hit her nipples making her suck in her breath. Gerard smiled, “Let me warm them up.” He said before lowering his head to her left breast. His tongue darted out to circle the nipple then he opened his mouth letting the hot air from his body warm the wetness. He repeated the action on her other nipple. Willow moaned softly.
“I want to take this slow.” Gerard said looking up. “I want this to be good for you.” He lowered his mouth to her left nipple again but this time when he opened his mouth he began gently suck. Willow closed her eyes and let the feeling wash over her. He moved to her other breast and did the same.
“Oh” Willow moaned.
Gerard moved his hands and cupped her breasts so that he could caress them as he spoke to her. His thumbs rubbed her nipples. “Just know I want you so fuckin’ much right now I hurt.”
Willow was shocked by the words she spoke without thinking, “Why are you waiting?”
Gerard laughed softly. “I just explained I wanted this to be good for you. You’re not ready for me, not yet.” He stepped back and looked at her body. Shit, he muttered to himself, this is going to be hard. He had to control the urge to take her but still he had to feel her. He moved to stand before her and while putting his arms around her slender body he rubbed his body against hers.
“Take your clothes off.” Willow begged, “I want to feel your skin against mine.”
Gerard groaned, “Not yet.” But he was starting to feel the pain. He threw off his hoodie and tried to catch his breath. Reaching down he undid his jeans and lowered his zipper. It helped but not much.
Willow didn’t care if she sounded wanton. “Take it out, let me see.”
Her words hit him and he couldn’t deny her request. Reaching into his boxers he pulled out his stiff rod.
“Oh” Willow breathed heavily. The sight of Gerard standing still clothed in jeans with his dick out sent her body into a frenzy.
Gerard smiled, “You are a naughtily, girl.”
Willow knew he was teasing yet somehow his words shamed her. She looked down unable to face him.
“Willow” Gerard used his fingertip to raise her face to his. “Don’t be embarrassed.”
“I can’t help it.” She tried to explain, “I’m just…I don’t know. I’ve never done this sorta thing.”
Understanding washed over him. She had been a virgin until she’d met him and he couldn’t help but feel honored by the gift she’d given him. “It’s okay. I’m fuckin’ glad I can teach you. Your body knows what it wants, now let your mind accept that fact. Let go of your inhabitations. There is no one here but you and me.”
Willow nodded slightly. “I know.”
“Then let go Willow. Say what you want and don’t worry about how it sounds.”
She took a deep breath, “Okay.” Her voice was shaky. “I want you to rub your dick against me. I want to feel the hardness.”
Gerard’s blood was racing. “As you wish.” He ground his hips against her causing both of them to become breathless.
“I want more.” Willow cried out.
“Soon” Gerard was breathing heavily. “But first this.” He dropped to his knees and nudged her legs apart. With the heel of his hand applying pressure to her sensitive nub, he moved his finger under the panties and separated her lips to fully open her.
“Gerard” She begged.
“Okay, Sugar.” He sat back and pulled the panties down her legs. “This will make it better.”
Willow knew only one thing that would stop the ache. “Please.” She begged.
Once more he used his fingers to open her, then using his other hand he dipped a finger deep inside her. She bucked her hips towards his hand.
“Watch, Sugar.” He urged.
Willow looked down at his hands, watching as he withdrew then thrust into her again and again, slowly, reaching deeper inside her to massage her inner core. Willow threw back her head and moaned deeply.
“I told you to watch.” He said, looking up at her. He waited until her head fell back down and her eyes were lowered. Deeply he thrust in a finger, pulled it out, then as she watched he raised it to his mouth and sucked off her sweet juices.
“Oh, fuck, Gerard.” Willow ground out.
He smiled, “You taste so sweet, Sugar. The name describes you perfectly.”
“Please, Gerard.” She whispered. “I can’t take much more. I need….”
Gerard raised his head, “What do you need?”
“I need you inside me.” Willow answered unashamedly.
Gerard rose to his feet and smiled devilishly. He had been praying she’d say it because he couldn’t hold out any longer. Without bothering to lower his jeans he moved into position. Willow felt the tip of his cock slid up and down her wet slit.
Gerard grabbed her ass and lifted her. “Put you legs around me.” He commanded. Willow locked her ankles around his back. His dick was pressing against her opening. “Say it. Fuckin’ say it.”
Willow was beyond caring about words. “Fuck me, Gerard.”
He thrust into her deeply. Willow pressed her body against his, “Harder. Please.”
Gerard’s arms circled her lower back as he began thrusting in and out, harder and deeper each time. His lips captured her nipple and he bit down. Willow cried out and immediately he released the nipple.
“No, Do it again.” The pain was beautiful mixed with the pleasure. “Again.” She cried.
Gerard was losing control. His mouth sucked in her other nipple and he timed the bite with a deep thrust. Willow cried out and he felt her walls tighten around his dick.
“Oh fuck.” he cried out as he came hard.
Willow felt his release and it was the trigger that pushed her over the edge. She threw her head back and cried out his name. For several minutes they stayed clinging to each other.
Finally Gerard pulled out of her and took a wobbly step back once her feet were back on the ground. “Fuck.” He whispered. His mind couldn’t believe the intensity of the act. He saw that Willow had dropped her head to her chest and that her eyes were closed.
“Sugar, are you all right.” He gently touched her face.
Willow slowly raised her head, “More than all right.”
Gerard realized he’d been holding his breath waiting for her answer. He nodded and quickly untied her hands. Willows arms dropped to her sides and tingled as the blood rushed to her hands yet she didn’t move. Gerard was still trying to catch his breath.
A few minutes later she looked up, “I want to ask you something.”
He nodded waiting.
“Have you done this before?” She suddenly felt embarrassed by her question. “I don’t mean you know. I mean the closet thing.”
Gerard was once again confused by the way her mind worked. “You mean have I ever hung a woman from the rod in my closet and fucked her?”
Willow nodded looking down.
“No, Sugar. This is the spare closet I don’t use. I came up with the idea tonight when we were watching the movie. You make me think of all kinds of crazy shit like this.”
Willow tried not to smile, “I do?”
“Fuck yeah, you do.” He was confused. He had believed earlier when he had sent his thoughts to her that she’d heard them. Now he wasn’t so sure and that bothered him. “Come on.” He reached out and took her hand. “You need to get some sleep and I’ve got work to do.”
Willow couldn’t help but her hurt by his words. He was letting her know that now they’d fucked he had things to do. He dropped her hand as they left his bedroom and started down the hall. At the guest bedroom he paused. “Goodnight Willow.”
“Goodnight” She said quickly entering the room and closing the door behind her. As she heard his footsteps move away her tears began to fall.
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