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All Her Fault

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Gerard blames Willow for so many things.

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Gerard angrily snubbed out his cigarette and sighed. This thing with Willow was getting out of hand but he felt powerless to stop it. Last night had been more intense than any sex he’d every experienced. The woman made him ready to cum just being near her. Whatever that sensation was that passed between them took over his body and his mind. After he’d said goodnight to her he’d gone into the study and tried to work on the next issue of his comic but he hadn’t been able to do anything but think of Willow. She was becoming an obsession and he couldn’t afford to let that happen. Now it was dawn, he hadn’t slept and he had a concert tonight. “Shit” he muttered out loud remembering he also had a date with Jessica. It further angered him that he wasn’t even looking forward to seeing her. What the hell was wrong with him? Jessica was a knockout and they always had a good time when they got together. She was more than willing to give him whatever he wanted and often did. Maybe that’s what he needed, some perspective, he thought. This thing was Willow that had taken over his thoughts couldn’t really be as special as he was letting himself believe. Tonight he’d be with Jessica and he’d forget all about Willow. Quickly he lit another cigarette and tried to picture Jessica in his mind. Her body was perfect and he tried to remember how she felt stretched out beneath him. Suddenly a small voice in the back of his head reminded him of the promise he’d made to Willow. Gerard tried to reason with himself that it was an unfair promise she’s forced him to make. He wasn’t going to let her control his life. She couldn’t tell him who he could and couldn’t fuck. Yeah, he thought with a nod, tonight I’ll be with Jessica and I’ll get my head straight.
“Good morning.” Willows soft voice surprised him and he dropped his cigarette.
“Shit. You scared me.” Gerard said reaching down and picking the cigarette up off the hardwood floor.
Willow blinked at his angry tone. “Sorry. I saw you standing looking out and I thought you heard me walk in.”
Gerard shook his head, “No, I was thinking about the story board I was working on last night.” He lied. When he looked up at her he saw the puzzled look on her face. He realized there was a good chance she knew he was lying. That was if she wasn’t lying about not getting into his head. “There’s fresh coffee in the kitchen.” He said hoping she’d take the hint and leave.
Willow nodded and started towards the kitchen. Gerard sighed. He should never have suggested she stay with him. Great, mind-blowing sex wasn’t worth this.
In the kitchen Willow found the coffee mugs and poured herself a full cup of the dark brew. Why was he so angry this morning? Careful not to spill her coffee she walked over to the kitchen table and took a seat. For the first time since getting to his apartment she felt like an unwanted stranger.
Gerard could see from his spot in the living room that she was sitting at the table drinking her coffee. He knew he should go in and talk to her. He convinced himself that his mom would yell at him for being a poor host if he didn’t.
Willow looked up as he entered the kitchen. “Uh, there is powered creamer if you want some.”
“This is fine.” Willow said with a small smile. “I like strong coffee.”
He nodded and took a seat at the table. He felt like an idiot trying to make small talk. “So did you sleep okay?”
“Yes, thank you.” Willow hated the obvious awkwardness between them. She decided to be honest. “I can stay with Mikey and Alicia tonight.” She said softly.
Gerard considered her words. Is that what he wanted? He knew she was feeling as though he didn’t want her around but he tried to turn the question on her. “Why? Don’t you like it here?”
Willow stared at him. “I like here.” She answered after a moment. “But I get the feeling that I’m in the way.”
“I didn’t say or think that.” He made sure to put extra emphasis on the word ‘think’.
Willow rolled her eyes. “Would you stop that? I told you I’m not listening to your thoughts. You should trust me.”
“Trust?” Gerard snorted. He made sure the music in his head was playing loud and clear. “Sorry Sweetheart. I don’t trust.”
“Yet you asked me to trust you last night.” Willow said looking down into her coffee cup.
Gerard sat back in his chair angrily. “That’s not the same fuckin’ thing and you know it.”
“How is it different?” Willow felt her anger rising. “Trust is trust, Gerard. You expect me to trust you but you don’t trust me.”
“I asked you to trust that I was gonna fuck you like you wanted to be fucked.”
His brutal words shook her. “Oh so that’s the difference? Fuck trust is different.” She pushed herself away from the table splashing out some of her coffee. “Well fine. Just don’t forget that tonight while you’re on your date. You gave me fuck trust that you won’t fuck anyone else while we’re together.” With that she left the kitchen.
Gerard flinched when he heard the guest bedroom door slam. He stood, grabbed a rag of the counter and cleaned up her coffee spill. A small smile came to his lips. Shit, she was cute when she was pissed. That was something he couldn’t deny.

Willow looked down at her plate of stir-fry and realized that even though she wasn’t hungry she had to eat. She didn’t want to hurt Alicia’s feelings because it was obvious she had gone to a lot of work to prepare this lunch.
Once everyone was seated they all began to eat. Alicia shot Mikey a look that he understood. Both of them had noticed the tension between Gerard and Willow.
“So, you psyched about the concert tonight?” Mikey asked his brother.
Gerard nodded, “Yeah, for sure.”
Alicia spoke to Willow. “After the concert Mikey and I are going to take you to this new restaurant and bar that just opened. Lots of our friends will be there that I want you to meet.”
Willow truly didn’t feel like meeting anyone. She forced herself to smile. “Okay.”
“Yeah, and I know for a fact that The Quest is playing a gig tonight and Miles told Mikey last night that the band is gonna head over there after their show. He said he’s looking forward to talking to you again.”
Gerard’s head shot up but he remained silent. The idea of Miles being in the same space as Willow annoyed him. He knew what that guy wanted; he’d seen him trying to put the moves on Willow before. “Maybe Jessica and I will stop by.” He said without really giving the idea any thought.
Willow tried not to glare at him. She knew what he was doing. He was rubbing it in her face that he had a date tonight and that she needed to remember that she meant nothing to him. “Oh yeah.” She said trying to hide her hurt and anger. “I’d love to meet her.”
Gerard groaned inwardly wanting to smack himself in the head. Why had he suggested that? The idea of Jessica meeting Willow wasn’t something he wanted but damn it. When he’d heard that Willow would be with Miles he had wanted to be there to keep an eye on her.
Alicia and Mikey once again glanced at each other. They both knew now that something was going on between Gerard and Willow. And that worried both of them.

The concert was nothing like the pervious ones Willow had experienced. Before the show the backstage area had been filled with family and friends. So many in fact that it had given Willow a headache from all the thoughts. Most were happy and excited but some, like Mikey’s were angry. It had been hard for her not to tune into his thoughts but she didn’t want to invade his privacy like that. If he wanted to talk to her he would.
Once the show started Willow tried to relax and feel the positive energy of the crowd but as she watched Gerard her own thoughts turned dark. He had barely spoken to her all day but she had seen the look on his face when he glanced her way. He had looked angry. As much as Willow loved MCR’s music she was glad when the show was over. Now all she had to do was to convince Mikey and Alicia to drop her off at Gerard’s apartment. Her head hurt and she didn’t want to go out.
Almost an hour later they left the venue and headed for the car. Willow pleaded her case. She told them she was tired and didn’t feel well. Alicia turned as they reached the car.
“I really think it will do you good to get something to eat. Come on. We’ll just have dinner and then if you’re still not feeling good we’ll take you back to Gerard’s.”
Willow didn’t want to disappoint her new friend. “Okay, sure.” She agreed softly.

“Gerard, Honey.” Jessica said when she opened her door. “Come in, good to see you.” Immediately she placed her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.
Gerard pulled back. “Good to see you. How have you been?” He walked into her apartment and slipped off his jacket. She was wearing a robe and he was guessing he’d have a long wait while she got ready.
Jessica closed the door and smiled, “I’m a lot better now that you’re here.” She moved towards him and once again and placed her arms around his neck. “I’ve been waiting for you. Sorry I couldn’t make the concert but I had to work late.”
“Uh, no problem.” Gerard put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. “I understand.”
“But we’re together now.” Jessica pressed her body to his and sighed, “And I have missed you terribly.”
Gerard tried to gather his thoughts. What the hell was wrong with him now? It was obvious what message she was sending out. Here was this blond total knock out in his arms rubbing her body all over him and he was standing there like an idiot. He forced himself to concentrate. “Sugar, I thought we’d go out to dinner then come back here.”
“For desert.” Jessica whispered in his ear. “But are you sure you want to go out? I’m sure we could find something in the kitchen for you to nibble on.” She said before nibbling on his earlobe.
Gerard didn’t answer. Jessica lowered one arm and skillfully undid the button on his jeans. Still no response from Gerard. She lowered the zipper slowly started to slide her hand inside.
Gerard jumped back. Fuck, he didn’t want her to feel his limp dick. Here was this woman ready to fuck him and he was limp. He forced himself to speak. “I gotta have something to eat. You know so I can regain my strength.” He hoped that sounded like he was interested and not some fuckin’ pussy.
The look of surprise on Jessica’s face made him grown inwardly.
Then she smiled. “Well you do need your strength.” She walked towards her bedroom letting her robe drop to the ground. She was completely nude when she turned. “Because when we get back here I’m going to wear you out again.”
Once her bedroom door closed Gerard closed his eyes. “Shit” he whispered. He realized he’d just seen one of the most perfect asses he’d ever seen and it hadn’t done a thing for him. It’s Willow’s fault, he thought. Yeah, it’s all her fault.
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