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Robots vs Pirates

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Imagination just doesn't cut it.

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“Duck and cover!” Gerard screamed at the top of his lungs. Everyone hit the hard wood on the playground slide area except for Violet, whom was seated on the pole above the slide that the little kids would be able to grab a hold of if they were slipping down the slide.

“I really don’t understand the point of this.” She had her eyebrow cocked and was staring at us like we were a bunch of idiots.

“What don’t you understand?” Gerard asked as if she was the biggest moron of the century. “We,” He motioned to our gang of people, “are the pirates.” He lifted the eye patch off of his eye. “The robots are over there.” He pointed to the slide opposite of us.

“But… there is no one over there to be the robots.” She stared at him, a confused look played across her face.

“It’s called an imagination.” Bob snapped. “Were you born without one?”

“Shut that sucking hole in the front of your face, Bob.” Violet snapped back at him. “I never had time to really be a kid. I didn’t have anyone to play with except Rory. He’s a big stick in the mud. And then my parents died… and I just, I never had time to pretend. I had a whole bunch of other stuff to deal with.”

“Well, can you at least try to have a little bit of an imagination?” Gerard blinked several times at her.

“I liked it better when you had the eye patch on your eye. Maybe you should get another one to match it.” She sneered at him.

“Well maybe you should… get a zipper and… do something that is not so stupid over there on the teeter totter where people like you KISS OFF.” Gerard yelled.

“Hey, hey!” I rolled my eyes. “Will you guys give her a break. She has gone through a lot lately and all this yelling isn’t going to help her at all.”

“Fine.” Gerard threw a pout on his face, probably angry that I was right and he was losing this battle. “But she-” he pointed at Violet, “needs to start taking an active part in this pirate and robot war, or else she is going to have to walk the plank. Then she will go join the dark side and use the force for evil!”

“When did we start playing Star Wars?” Violet eyed him. “You are such a huge nerd, it’s not even close to funny.”

“Excuuuuuse me?” He glared at her with one eye. “Do you have a problem with Star Wars?”

“No, Captain Nerds-a-lot.” She grabbed his eye patch and pulled it out. “You know I do like it when you wear the eye patch. It takes away from your nerdy look.” She let go and it slapped his cheek.

Mikey, Ray, Bob, and I burst into laughter at the look on Gerard’s face. Violet smirked with pride.

“ARGH!” Gerard grabbed the eye patch and slapped it back into place. “That’s it you are walking the fucking plank!”

“OH! I’m so scared.” She put her hands up in defense. “Where is the four foot high plank.”

“Oh it’s not four feet high.” He grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder.

We all snickered as we watch him carry her to the top of the wooden tower and placed her on the roof of it. He proceeded after her.

“It’s about fifteen feet high, thank you very much.” He laughed.

“Being a pirate is lame.” She turned around and looked at him. “All you get stuck with is a bitchy captain and you get to have no fun.”

Gerard looked rather offended. “Get off my fuckin’ ship.”

“With pleasure.” She laughed, then leaped into the air.

I watched in amazement of her. She was almost too graceful sometimes to be considered half human. She did a 180 and then landed; crouched in a defensive position, one hand on the mulch, the other by her side.

“You want to see a war?” She asked darkly. I couldn’t tell if she was kidding for not. “I’ll give you a war.”

“Uh…it’s just a game you know that, right?” Mikey asked, staring at her with disbelief.

She merely laughed at him. She spun around and started to run. She slammed into a teeter-totter and fell to the ground.

Everyone laughed. I just stared at her, hoping that she wouldn’t become bad tempered and lash at them.

‘Calm down.’ Violet’s voice said. It took me a while to realize she was in my head. I didn’t know that she was able to do that. I looked at her, she was still laying on her back. ‘I’m just messing with their heads. Don’t you worry.’

Then she leaped to her feet, and jumped over the side of the teeter-totter that was highest in the air.

“What the fuck?” Gerard mumbled.

“Well, I have always wanted to be a robot.” I jumped off the side of the playground equipment and rand towards the one Violet was now located on.

“Traitor!” Gerard screamed after me. “We’ll take both of you robots out.”

“We’ll see about that.” Violet yelled at him. She then proceeded to pick up a rock and she hurled it at his head.

“Holy shit!” Gerard moved out of the way just in time.

“Duck and cover, asshole!” She laughed.

“Are you insane?” I asked her, bewildered. She could have actually killed him.

“Relax.” She giggled. “I know what I’m doing. Just chill out.”

“VIOLET.” A voice boomed from behind us.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a hand going for her elbow.

Violet screamed and turned around, slamming into the rail and flipping over it backwards. She landed on her feet and looked up at me. Shock and fear playing through her eyes.

“Your brother needs you home now.” Will reached down and grabbed her arm. “He said that it’s an emergency.” He pulled her up back onto the equipment. “You better come too.” He grabbed my arm with his free hand.

“What’s wrong, Will?” She asked.

“I don’t know. Rory wouldn’t tell me.” He tightened his grip on my arm. “Now come on. We don’t want to keep your brother waiting.”

He starting running. He was a full blood vampire. I was afraid that my human feet would be torn off by the time that we reached Violet’s house.

Violet looked at me reassuringly. Her eyes were wide though. I wondered if she had ever went through anything like this before. She slowly shook her head as we ran in the direction of her house.
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