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Chapter 13: Overload

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The Cure

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A/N: Boy, I am really spoiling you guys - Three chapters (~30,000 words) in a two week period! My muse was working overtime, and much of this chapter was already written in my head, so I figured I’d give you all a 4th of July present/surprise. :)
Thanks for all the feedback last chap, really appreciate it. Without further ado, here is the next chapter:[/i]

[center][b]Chapter 13: Overload[/center][/b]

Remy glanced up as he heard the low rumble of a motorcycle outside. He was waiting in Dan’s apartment while he got the things Remy had asked for. They’d eaten lunch, and then Dan had let him into his apartment, and disappeared for several hours to scrounge up a motorcycle. Remy stood up, and walked to the front door of the apartment, and down the stairs to the street.

Dan climbed stiffly off of a motorcycle, and pulled a sleek black helmet from his head. He caught glimpse of Remy walking toward him, and he turned and grinned. “How d’ya like her?” He asked, patting the seat of the bike.

Remy whistled and walked around the bike, examining it closely. “Nice, Dan. ’93 FXDL Low Rider,” he said, running his eyes over the Harley. “Hardly looks used.”

Dan smiled. “Only got 8,000 on her, got bought up by a friend of mine that collects Harleys, an’ he’s kept her up real well.”

Remy patted him on the back. “Thanks Dan,” he said gratefully.

Dan handed him the helmet. “This’s yours too. Don’ want you gittin’ shot off your bike again’ an’ crackin’ y’fool head open.” Dan said with a chuckle.

Remy grabbed the black helmet, and followed Dan back into the apartment. Dan walked into a back room to a large safe, with a sophisticated electronic lock. Remy recognized it as one with a glass relocker – a pane of glass that would break if someone attempted to drill into it, and release spring loaded bolts around the frame of the safe to keep it locked.

Dan crouched down in front, and shot Remy a stern look – he never told anyone, even his friends, his combinations. Remy chuckled and turned away as Dan pressed in a code, and the safe hissed open.

Dan pulled out a thick manila envelope, and closed the safe once again. “Here y’go, all the usual, an’ even some extra I cooked up the last year I been doin’ this.”

Remy took the envelope, and flipped it open, rummaging through the ID’s. Driver’s license, motorcycle license, passport from both the US and Canada, birth certificate, every form of ID Remy could have a need for. Remy stopped at a thick black ID that looked similar in size and shape to a passport.

He pulled it out. “Now what’s dis?” He muttered, and then his eyes widened. “Now dis could come in handy!” He exclaimed.

Dan nodded, laughing. “I’m sure it will. Jus’ be careful wit’ who you use it ‘round.”

Remy nodded in understanding, and slipped it back into the envelope. “Thanks, Dan, for ev’rythin’. I’d hang ‘round wit’ you more but I gotta get back.”

“Alrigh’ Remy, but don’ be a stranger.”

Remy shook his hand, slipping a large portion of the money he’d received for the tunnel job, into Dan’s palm. “Take care of y’self Dan.”

Dan looked down at it, and shook his head. “Remy, I ain’t chargin’ you for this. ‘Sides, this’s over twice what I paid for the bike. I ain’ gonna let y’pay me. This is a favor.” He said, pressing the money back into Remy’s hand.

Remy rolled his yes. “If y’say so, Dan. Just tryin’ t’help you out.”

Dan clapped a hand on Remy’s back. “Y’said yourself, I’m doin’ good wit’ my store. Don’ worry ‘bout me.”

Remy smiled, and grabbed the helmet from the table. “Alrigh’, Dan, you win. I’ll see y’around.”

Dan opened the door for him, and then walked to the window to watched his friend rev up the bike and take off down the road. He sighed, glad that his instincts about Remy surviving had been right.

He slung his hands in his pockets, and encountered an unfamiliar object in one of them. He pulled it out, and chuckled softly to himself. “I shoulda figured he was givin’ up too easy.” He said out loud, looking down at the same wad of hundreds Remy had tried to give him just moments ago, shaking his head at the young thief.


Rogue leaned her forehead against the cool glass window of the taxi, staring blankly out the window with the events of the past several hours on her mind. A passing billboard for an outdoors outfitter, showing two horses running through a forest brought Remy to the front of her mind when she remembered their ride in the forest.

She absently rubbed her hand, which started to tingle, remembering Remy’s touch that first session they’d worked on her powers. ‘[i]Remy[/i],’, she thought longingly, closing her eyes. She wished he had been there for her to talk to, but he was gone the entire day. When she thought about it, he was the only person, apart from Logan, who was completely unphased by, unafraid of, her powers.

‘[i]Is Bobby wrong[/i]?’, she wondered. Remy certainly did not seem bothered at all by the idea that it could take her years to get her abilities under control.

His words in the danger room as they talked about the cure came to her.
~~ ~~
[b] “I do wan’ you t’think carefully before y’do anythin’.”

“Sometimes we only realize what we’re missin’ when dey’re gone.” [/i]
~~ ~~
Sarah didn’t seem all that worried about her powers either. In fact she had been downright happy when Rogue used them on her and developed the same bony growths she had. ‘[i]I guess it might not be all that bad[/i],’ She thought, somewhat dubiously to herself, and closed her eyes tightly.

‘[i]What would Remy do[/i]?’ She wondered to herself.

‘[i]He’d tell you to make sure the Cure is what you really want, and ask you if you really think you can’t handle just getting it under control, [/i]’’ Psyche-Logan inside of her whispered in her mind. ‘[i]I’d tell you th’same. An’ tell ya I think you’re strong enough.[/i]’

A tear ran down Rogue’s cheek. She usually hated it when the psyches she’d absorbed acted up and started whispering to her, especially when it was someone like Magneto, but this time it was just what she needed to hear – something to make her think.

“Are you alright, Miss?” A voice asked, startling her.

She jumped and her eyes flew open to see the cab drive looking at her in the rear-view mirror, a hint of concern on his face. She nodded and forced a weak smile, wiping away the tear on her cheek. “Yeah, Ah’m just thinkin’.”

“About the Cure?” He asked.

She looked at him in shock, tensing up. “How-?”

He looked over his shoulder and threw her a smile. “Recognized the address you told me a bit ago. I’ve been taking mutants down there all day.”

She nodded hesitantly. “Are we gettin’ close?”

“Yeah. Clinic’s up this road about two miles.”

“Could you drop me off here, please? Ah need some time ta think about….” She trailed off.

He nodded and pulled the taxi to the side of the road, in front of a long block of stores. “I gotcha. Here you go.”

“Thanks,” Rogue said, and glanced at the number displayed on the meter, and pulled the money from her wallet. She handed it to him, and then opened the door to climb out of the taxi.

“Have a good day miss,” he called.

“You too,” Rogue said, and closed the door behind her.

Rogue watched the taxi speed away, and slung her bag over her shoulder. While she’d told Peter she’d be coming back, in reality at the time she hadn’t been too sure about it, about facing everyone having taken the cure, and had packed several changes of clothes in the bag in case she’d decided to stay away for a few days until she was ready to face them.

She hugged her arms around her chest, and walked slowly down the street, trying to make up her mind. She felt her phone buzz in her pocket, and she took it out, flipping it open to look at the caller ID.

‘[i]Bobby[/i],’ she thought, reading the name. ‘[i]Talk about the last person I’d want to talk to right now[/i].’ A surge of anger came over her, and she thumbed the power button, shutting the phone off and placing it back into her pocket.

Within a half-hour, she’d reached the area of the clinic, and heard a group of people chanting. As she got closer, she could make out the chant coming from a large group of people holding up signs in protest, chanting: “We don’t need a cure.”

Rogue walked hesitantly past them, and walked to the back of the line waiting to enter the clinic. Her heart was beating rapidly, and she felt almost nauseous, the chant echoing in her head. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

‘[i]No[/i],’ she thought, shaking her head. She’d wondered earlier what Remy would do, and she realized that she’d known from the moment she asked it. She knew that taking the Cure wouldn’t be it.

Bobby was wrong. There were people who would accept her, power and all, Remy being one of them: the most important in her opinion. She remembered Remy’s statement in the forest that had touched her so deeply.
~~ ~~
[i]“Rogue,” he said, “You know, if y'ever need to touch someone, jus' ask me – I know how lonely it c'n get without bein' able t'touch with your bare skin. I ain' scared of you, an' de feelin' when you use your power doesn' bother me.” [/i]
~~ ~~
She swallowed thickly and then relaxed, leaning against the wall for a moment. She then straightened up, turned on her heel, and strode away from the line, not looking back. There [i]was[/i] someone out there for her – there had to be – and she knew that, deep in her heart, she hoped that person would be Remy.

The way Remy behaved toward her, she had a pretty good guess that he might like her the same way she had begun to like him since she’d met him – more than just a friend. And that excited her, she thought, her face reddening when one of the memories she’d absorbed from him came to mind unbidden – him looking down at her face while she slept on the roof with him, brushing her hair to the side.

“Ah guess we’ll just have t’see,” she muttered to herself.


Remy set up the kickstand, stepped off his new motorcycle, and shoved the key into his pocket. He placed his helmet on one of the workbenches, and hit the button to close the door to the garage that he’d entered by, before striding into the mansion.

He set several bags down by the entryway, and then went straight to his room, tossing his trenchcoat on the bed, and placing the manila envelope Dan had given him into the drawer of the nightstand. Remy grabbed a towel and dried his sweaty hair the best he could, and then exited the room.

He paused, and then turned and walked down the hall and knocked on Rogue’s door. “[i]Chére[/i]?” He said, knocking again when there was no answer. He eased the doorknob open. “I was wonderin’ if you wanted –” He stopped, seeing the light off and the room empty.

He closed the door softly, and moved down the stairs to the main floor.

“Remy!” Sarah said happily, pouncing on him with a big hug.

“Hey, [i]petite[/i]. How’s y’classes been goin’?”

“Great!” She said excitedly. “I really like it here.”

“Well, why don’ y’tell me ‘bout your day over supper.” He said, grabbing the large paper bags he’d set down earlier.

“That smells delicious,” Sarah said.

“Dis’s from [i]Brother Jimmy’s[/i]. Some of de best barbecue in New York. I got us some ribs an’ some pulled pork sandwiches.”

Remy followed her to the kitchen, and set down the bags. “You seen Rogue?” He asked Sarah. “I got extra for her an’ Stormy.”

Sarah shook her head. “I’ve been in class an’ with Storm all day. But a brown-haired girl asked me if I’d seen her, just a few minutes ago. She was walkin’ around with some other girls and that one boy.”

Remy looked at her blankly, amused by her vague descriptions. “Dere’s quite a few boys here, [i]petite[/i],” he said, trying not to laugh.

Sarah pouted. “You know the one I’m talking about. He was yelling at you after we landed the jet, an’ you sent me with Rogue because you didn’t want me hearin’ you argue.”

“Ah, him. Iceboy.” Remy said. He sighed, and turned from the food. “Let’s go find Rogue an’ Stormy, [i]hein[/i]?”

Sarah nodded and grabbed his hand, pulling him down the hall. They stopped when they saw a small group of students gathering near the living room, Kitty, Bobby, Jubilee, and Dani with them.

“Have any of you seen Rogue today?” Bobby was asking them.

Sarah tugged on his hand and shot him a ‘Told-ya-so!’ look, and he shook his head, grinning back at her.

As Remy walked up, Bobby’s question was answered unanimously in the negative by most. “I saw ‘er this mornin’ at breakfast,” Rahne offered helpfully.

“Sorry Bobby, I ain’ seen her since breakfast either,” Sam said.

“What’s goin’ on?” Remy asked.

Bobby ignored him but Kitty and the others looked over to him hopefully as most for the students they were questioning entered the living room.

“We can’t find Rogue,” Dani said. “No one has seen her the last few hours, and she’s not anywhere in the mansion. Have you seen her?”

Remy shook his head. “Non. I jus’ got back from New York. I been out all day. I was actually lookin’ for her too. Did you check de stables? She might be dere, or one of de horses might be gone if she went for a ride.”

Dani slapped her forehead. “Didn’t think of that,” she said. “Thanks Gambit.” She turned and started in the direction of the back door.

At that moment, Remy saw Piotr turn the corner, having come down the stairs. A frown appeared on his face when he saw the group of them.

Bobby spotted him as well. “Hey Pete, have you seen Rogue?” Piotr was just about the only person in the mansion he had yet to ask. Dani paused in mid-step, and turned back to look at Piotr.

Piotr hesitated, and glanced at his watch. He’d given Rogue plenty of time for the hour’s drive and waiting in line, and he felt he had kept it quiet long enough as she’d asked him to. “She left. Little over two hours ago.”

“Left?” Bobby asked. “You mean, the mansion?”

Piotr nodded. “She got a cab.”

“Where’d she go? Did she tell you?” Bobby asked insistently.

Remy felt a cold prickling at the back of his neck when Piotr paused, looking conflicted.

Piotr finally sighed. “She went to the clinic to get the ‘Cure’.”

“WHAT?!” Bobby shouted. “Why would she do [i]that[/i]? Why didn’t you stop her? We have to go stop her!”

Remy sighed and closed his eyes, feeling Sarah grip his hand tighter when Bobby began to yell. ‘[i]Hope you know what you’re doing Chére[/i],’ he thought.

“She left two hours ago. She’s probably already taken it. I didn’t stop her, because she asked me not to, Bobby. She can make her own choices.”

“As to why she did it, she told me she’ll never have a relationship that lasts, as long as she has her powers.”

Kitty suddenly gasped when she recognized the words uttered to her several hours earlier by Bobby, her face turning white. “Oh my God,” she whispered, clamping a hand over her mouth.

Bobby looked at her. “What’s wrong?”

“She- she saw us.” Kitty said, and squeezed her eyes shut, her face still white.

“Saw what?” Jubilee asked, looking at her.

Remy could feel fear, humiliation, and regret pouring off of Kitty when he tried to stretch out his empathy, and the prickling at the nape of his neck got worse.

Kitty swallowed and looked up at Remy and the others. “Earlier today, about two-and-a-half hours ago, actually, Bobby and I were studying together, and -” She took a shaky breath and glanced at Bobby. “Bobby kissed me. I told him I couldn’t cheat behind Rogue’s back, and he said he was going to break up with her, and then he said exactly what Rogue told Piotr. She had to have seen us,” she whispered, looking down.

“She did. She was pretty upset about it,” Piotr finally admitted.

“[i]Merde[/i],” Remy spat, scowling at Bobby, who looked shocked at the revelation that Rogue had seen what happened. “[i]Imbécil[/i]! Y’were cheatin’ on her?”

Bobby shook his head feebly. “I- I didn’t mean to, I –”

Remy gave a disbelieving laugh. “Y’didn’ mean to? What, so y’jus’ [i]happened[/i] t’trip an land on Kitty, an’ y’mouth just [i]happened[/i] t’say those things?”

Remy shook his head in frustration, and grabbed the cell phone from his pocket. He’d hoped that Rogue had made the decision on her own – for herself, her own reasons – but he knew what seeing that would have done to her, and knew she likely was reacting emotionally.

He pressed the speed-dial he’d set up when she’d shyly given him her number after their time together in the Danger Room, and put the phone to his ear. “Shit,” he hissed.

“Straight to voicemail,” he said.

“I know,” Bobby said. “I tried her before, and it rang for a while, and now it’s been going right to voicemail.”

Remy snorted in disgust. “Of course it is if you did dat, connard! You’re de last person she’d want to talk to. She probably shut de phone off after you called.”

“Hey!” Bobby said, anger seeping into his voice. “I didn’t know when I called her. Quit being an asshole. This’s all [b]your fault[/b]. If you hadn’t shown up here things would be just fine right now.” He spat.

A sudden, loud, [i][b]THUD[/i][/b] rang through the hall. “Shut UP!” Sarah yelled, her fists clenched angrily. “Quit bein’ nasty to Remy!”

Bobby paled when he saw, just inches from his head, a pale, bony spike embedded in the wall next to him. “Quit blaming him for what you did to Rogue!” Another [i] [b]THUD[/i] [/b] behind him caused him to spin and see another spike in the wall.

Remy’s eyes widened when he looked down at Sarah. The bony growths on her face and along her arms had grown several inches, and torn her shirt sleeves, and several now grew from the knuckles of her clenched fists. He saw the second spike launch from her fists in a blur and thud behind Bobby.

“Whoah. Bobby, maybe you should shut up [i]right now[/i] before she makes a Bobby-kabob out of you for being a jerk.” Jubilee said in a stage whisper, staring wide-eyed at Sarah.

Remy moved over and gripped Sarah’s shoulders. “Sarah!” He said, trying to turn her face to his. “Sarah, [i]petite[/i], calm down. Y’gonna hurt someone.”

Sarah turned to him, shock on her face. She hadn’t noticed the first spike, but she’d seen the second one launch itself from her knuckles. She unclenched her hands, and threw her arms around Remy, the growths shrinking rapidly to their normal size as her anger disappeared.

“I’m sorry, Remy, I didn’t mean to do it.” She cried. “Did I hurt you?”

He rubbed her back. “[i]Non[/i], Sarah. You didn’t hurt me.” He said, ignoring the others’ gazes at the two. “Y’don’t hafta be sorry. Y’were angry, an’ your powers tried to protect you. You didn’ do anything wrong.”

Remy finally looked up, over her shoulder. Bobby was still pale, and looked like he wanted to be anywhere other than where he was. “Just give it up, Iceboy. Y’can think dat I’m de one dat caused her t’leave if dat helps you soothe y’guilt at night, but we all know it ain’ true.”

He picked Sarah up in his arms, her face still buried against his shoulder, and looked at the others. “Let’s see if de Prof’s around. Maybe he c’n figure out what t’do.”

He, personally, didn’t have a clue. He could try riding there, but chances were, with the amount of time since she’d left, she could very well have taken the Cure and be on her way back to the mansion – better to let Xavier locate her with the Cerebro machine Rogue had told him about.

He just hoped Rogue wouldn’t come to regret going to take the cure so quickly after she found Bobby cheating on her: before she’d had a chance to cool down.


Rogue walked aimlessly down the street, looking for a cab. She’d spotted several drive by, and had tried to flag them down, but they all had passengers and drove right past. She was getting frustrated, and was beginning to consider calling Logan or Remy and asking them to pick her up.

She’d walked little more than half a mile on the somewhat crowded street, when she saw some sort of scuffle break out near the mouth of an alleyway. A short, wiry man with a large bushy beard and a balding head was accosting a young blond-haired woman.

He suddenly brandished an automatic pistol, and shoved the woman against the brick wall. Screams of others who spotted the gun filled the street and several rushed to get away from the man, one running into Rogue and nearly knocking her off her feet.

The man ripped a gold necklace from the woman’s neck and grabbed her purse. Her hands reached desperately out for the necklace, and suddenly the muzzle of his gun erupted in a bright flash, and she crumpled to the ground. The bang retorting along the street panicked even more people. The man stared dumbly at his gun, and in a panic shoved it into a pocket before sprinting away.

Seeing no one else making a move to help her, Rogue rushed over to the fallen woman and gently turned her onto her back. The woman moaned in pain, her chest wound bleeding profusely. ‘[i]Shit, shit, shit, [/i]’ Rogue cursed in her head.

She spun and pointed to one of the several people who’d slowly come back when the man had left. “Call an ambulance! Don’t jus’ stand there!” She shouted, and the man snapped out of his daze, and pulled out a cell phone.

Rogue tossed her duffel bag down and tore it open, grabbing a shirt, and pressing it firmly to the woman’s wound, applying pressure to try to stop the bleeding. She’d learned enough from Annie that she knew she needed to stop it as soon as possible.

She smiled down at the woman as she pressed the shirt down, and she looked up at her in confusion, her blue eyes filled with pain. “Hey there. You’re gonna be alright. We’re gonna get yah to a hospital, okay? What’s yah name, miss?

The woman grimaced, and let out a moan of pain. “C-Carol. Carol Danvers,” she gasped.

“Alright Carol, mah name’s Rogue. Just sit still s’much as yah can while Ah try t’stop th’bleedin’.” Rogue said but, looking down at the now blood-soaked cloth, she was afraid she’d be unable to do so.

She reached out with one hand and grabbed her second spare shirt from the duffel and pressed the shirt on the wound. Carol was bleeding so much that Rogue was afraid that an artery had been hit.

“R-R-Rogue?” Carol said weakly. “I’m feel tired.”

Rogue closed her eyes for a moment and cursed silently. “Carol, y’need t’stay awake, okay? Can y’do that for me?”

“I d-don’t know.” She said weakly, her eyes slipping shut

Rogue’s mind spun wildly, trying to think of something, before something popped into her head. “Talk to me Carol. Tell me ‘bout y’self while we wait for th’ambulance.”

Carol opened her eyes, and winced when Rogue pressed harder on the wound. “Mmmm-M’from Boston. Goin’ t’college – CUNY in B-Brooklyn . I’m ROTC, gonna join th’Air Force.”

“Really? Whatcha doin’ in this neck of the woods today?” Rogue asked, pasting a calm smile on her face.

“Th’Cure. Gonna take it.” She said, looking hesitantly upward, as if afraid that Rogue would jerk her hands away when she realized what she was.

Rogue smiled down at her. “Don’ worry, Ah’m a mutant too.” She removed the second shirt, and pulled back and took off her own coat, pressing it down on the wound. “What’s y’power?”

Carol laughed bitterly, or at least tried to – it came out as more of a wheezing gasp. “M’dad w-wanted me t’get it. He hates mutants.”

She reached up weakly and tapped a metallic collar around her neck. “He paid a lot t’get this inhibitor t’stop my p-p’wrs.” She grimaced. “Wanted me to make it permanent with th’cure.” She sobbed, as the pain continued to worsen.

“That’s th’funny part,” she choked out. “I’m invulnerable.” She giggled somewhat deliriously. “Woulda bounced r-right off, ‘stead now I’m- bleeding here w-with you,” she said, the last part a whisper.

She looked up blearily at Rogue, clearly struggling to remain conscious. “What- what about yours?”

“Nothin’ nearly as handy,” Rogue said, a fake lightness in her voice. “Ah touch people, an’ Ah absorb a little piece of them: memories, feelings an’ even powers if they’re a mutant. Can’t turn it off though, an’ if Ah hold on long enough, Ah c’n put ‘em in a coma or kill them.”

Carol nodded weakly, her eyes drooping closed for a second before she snapped them back open. “C’mon Carol, stay with me. They should be here soon,” Rogue said firmly.

Carol coughed wetly, droplets of blood landing back on her face as they were expelled by her cough. “That’s not good, is it?” Carol asked, strangely calm. “Rogue, please tell me. T-tell me th’truth.” She coughed up more blood.

Rogue shook her head, tears streaming down her cheeks. “N-no, it’s not good.” She whispered.

“I’m g-going to die?”

Rogue started to shake her head, but stopped. “Ah think yah might. Ah’m so sorry.” Rogue said, anguished. “Ah can’t do anythin’ more than this, an’ the damn ambulance isn’t here yet.”

Carol nodded, closing her eyes for a moment. “Th-thank you Rogue.” She wheezed, now coughing up blood in larger quantities as her lungs filled up.

Rouge pressed down harder, and Carol’s hand shot out, gripping her forearm firmly, pain rolling across her features.

Carol’s body shuddered, and she gasped wetly for breath for several moments. She coughed again, and then looked pleadingly up into Rogue’s eyes. “P-please. Tell my mom.” She said, and then her eyes starting to roll back into her head.

“Carol! Stay awake, please!” She said desperately. “What do you want me to tell her?”

“You know,” Carol said simply as her eyes slid shut suddenly and her body relaxed, blood now starting to leak from her nose.

Rogue could hardly see past the tears in her eyes as she felt Carol slip away beneath her hands. Confusion filled her at Carol’s words, but things rapidly became clearer as she watched Carol’s chest rise weakly, and felt a blinding pain suddenly come over her body.

Her head snapped down to where Carol had grabbed her, and saw she’d moved it under the long sleeve, to touch her skin. Fighting back the pain she was absorbing from Carol, she tried to pry her hand off, but the grip was firm. She batted weakly at the hand as a roar of images washed over her mind, until finally the grip went slack and Carol’s chest no longer rose.

‘[i]She did it on purpose[/i],’ was the only thought Rogue could hold on to. She’d heard what Rogue’s power did, and – as the emotions roared through Rogue’s head – she realized Carol had done it to stop her pain and stop dying by choking on her own blood.

Rogue rocked back on her heels, no longer seeing what was happening around her, but only a stream of memories flying through her head.


Slowly they died down, and the world in front of her came into focus. Someone was pulling her back toward flashing lights, and she stared down at two men near the body of a woman, pulling a sheet over her.

‘[i]Who is that[/i]?’ She asked herself. ‘[/i]Who am [b]I[/b] [/i]?”

Her mind raced, trying to provide her an answer, but she was met only with a jumbled, mixed shout of names from a myriad of voices.

She tore away from the person guiding her toward an ambulance, it’s flashing lights hurting her eyes, and she sprinted away. She barely heard the shouts behind her, shoving her way through the crowd that was gathering.

She looked down at her hands as she ran, and saw she was wearing a pair of gloves, which were soaked red with blood. She looked up and was unable to stop from ramming into someone and send them sprawling as she ran past, not knowing where she was, or where she was going.

She ran like that for nearly ten minutes before she collapsed to the street gasping greedily for air, her limbs exhausted. She rested her head against a wall. ‘[i]Who am I[/i]?” A female voice echoed through her head. ‘[i]What is this place? What am I doing here? Why can’t I remember? [/i]’ the voice said, rising in panic.

The name Carol echoed in her head, and was once again drowned out by a roar of other voices. “Shut up! Shutupshutupshutupshutup!” She chanted through her clenched teeth, her hands fisting in her hair.

The clamor dimmed a bit but was still there, and emotions began to course through her.

[i] [b]Pain.




Terror. [/i] [/b]

She couldn’t even tell which thoughts were hers or which emotions were hers. She clenched her fists and sobbed in frustration, bringing her knees up to her chest.

She felt a hard object pressing against her chest, and she lowered her legs, digging it out of her pocket. It was a cell phone. That much she remembered at least. She stared at it blankly, not recognizing it, wondering why she had it.

Her fingers moved as if they were on autopilot, flipping it open, and pressing buttons that caused the screen to light up, and then scrolling down a list of names she didn’t recognize. Finally one leapt out at her. ‘Remy’ it said simply. ‘[i]Why is that familiar? Do I know this person[/i]?’ She heard another voice yelling at her, much louder than the others, telling her that, yes, she knew him and that he could help her.

“Shut up!” she said, drawing even more stares from the people around her who looked worriedly at the blood-soaked girl who was speaking to herself. Her finger pressed the green button, and her hand brought the phone up to her ear.

She stared at her arm in confusion, and growing fear. “I don’t remember telling it to do that,” she said softly, looking out of the corner of her eye at her hand, which seemed like it was being moved by someone else. Then the phone began to ring loudly in her ear.


Remy growled in frustration when they couldn’t find Xavier in his office. He spun around, Sarah still in his arms, and walked down the hall to the stairwell, and took the stairs down two at a time. He was being closely followed by the others, and Bobby trailed further behind, trying to avoid being seen by Sarah after his close encounter with her spike projectiles earlier.

He caught sight of Ororo emerging from the gym room, dressed in a pair of shorts and a light shirt, clearly having just gone through a workout.

“Stormy, I’m lookin’ for Charles.”

Ororo looked curiously at the group of them, and shook her head. “He’s in Boston right now with Logan, interviewing someone for the teaching position. They flew out this morning after you left.”

“Damnit,” Remy said.

“What’s going on?” Ororo asked.

“Rogue’s gone. She saw Iceboy kissin' Kitty, found out he was goin’ t’break up wit’ her, an’ she took off t’get de cure. I was jus’ hopin’ de Prof could use dat Cerebro thingy t’see if she’s alright.”

“I’m sorry, Remy. Charles is the only one that can operate Cerebro. He’s been thinking of a modification that makes it automated without a need for a telepath, but that’s at least a year away.” She glanced to him. “You tried her phone?”

“She’s got it turned off,” Remy sighed.

“She told me she was coming back,” Piotr said softly.

“Well dat’s somethin’ at least,” Remy sighed.

“I’ll go call Charles and let him and Logan know what’s going on.” Ororo said, and started to turn, when strings of “[i]Stairway to Heaven[/i]” filled the hallway.

Remy blushed, and shifted Sarah in his arms. “Dat’s me,” he said, groping into his pocket for his phone.

He sighed with relief when Rogue’s name popped up on the display, and he quickly thumbed on the line. “Rogue?”

“R-Remy? Is this Remy?” She asked. Her voice sounded off, but he brushed it off for the moment – he’d never talked to her over the phone before, and many people sounded different over it.

“Yeah, it’s me, you alright?”

“N-no, I’m not,” she sobbed into the phone. “Can you h-help me? She said y’could help me.”

“Rogue, calm down, y’not makin’ sense. Tell me what’s wrong, an’ I’ll help you.”

“Is she alright? Where is she?” Bobby asked.

Remy placed his palm over the mouthpiece. “Shut th’fuck up,” he hissed, but calmed himself when he felt Sarah tense up in his arms.

There was silence on the other end, and Remy was about to ask her again when she spoke. “I don’t know. I can’t remember who I am.” She cried. “Shut up! I can’t think!”

‘[i]Shit[/i],’ Remy thought. “What happened, Rogue?”

“I-I don’t know. There was blood everywhere, and a body.” She said brokenly, and then her voice changed perceptibly to what he was used to. “It was her - touched, an’ it happened. Ev'ryone’s shoutin’ in mah head. Don’ know who Ah am.” Her voice returned to the one that had answered the phone. “Pl-please help me.” She sobbed.

“Don’ worry, I’m gonna help you,” he promised. “Where you at, Rogue? I’ll come get you.”

“Ah- Ah don’t know,” she said, her voice back to normal a second time.

“Are you in a city? Lots of stores and cars ‘round you?” He asked, ignoring the concerned looks of everyone around him.

“Y-yeah. There’s people an’ cars. Sidewalks.”

“Alright, can you tell me what road you’re on? Look around for a green sign on a tall post an’ tell me what it says.”

There was a pause. “B-Baychester. An’ there’s another one. Be quiet!” She hissed the last part to whoever was speaking in her head. “Th’other one – it says Strange – no, its Strang Avenue.”

Remy sighed with relief. “Alrigh’ [i]Chére[/i], you stay right where y’are, an’ I’ll come get you, okay?”

“A-alright. Please hurry. There’s a man in a car with flashing lights here now, an’ ev’ryone’s still starin’ at me.”

“I’ll be dere soon as I can, Rogue, jus’ call me if y’move from where y’are.”

“Thank you,” she cried.

“I’m gonna hang up now, okay?”

“Alright,” she said quietly, and he heard her end of the line click off. He snapped his phone shut, and slid it hastily into his pocket.

“Remy, what is it?” Storm asked, concerned by the one-sided conversation they’d heard.

He looked at her, anguish clear in his eyes. “I don’ know, Stormy. I think she absorbed someone, an’ her mind’s not reactin’ well. She can’t remember who she is, an’ she said she was hearin’ voices. Said somethin’ about blood, so she might be hurt, too.”

Ororo placed a hand over her mouth. Remy pulled Sarah away from his shoulder. “[i]Petite[/i]…” he began.

She nodded knowingly. “You hafta help Rogue. I hope she’s gonna be alright”

Remy sighed and placed her back on her feet. “I do too [i]petite[/i]. You stay here with Stormy, okay? You know where de food I brought is, so show Stormy where it’s at, an’ eat up while I’m gone.”

Sarah nodded, and moved over to clutch Ororo’s hand tightly. He moved next to Ororo and whispered in her ear. “She had an accident earlier wit’ her powers, almost skewered Iceboy when he was bein’ an ass. Talk t’her – I think she’s scared ‘bout what happened.” Ororo nodded, glancing down at Sarah, and he moved back.

“Give y’a call when I find her.” He said, and spun to go back up the stairs.

“We’re coming with you,” Piotr started to say, stepping toward him.

Remy placed a hand on Piotr’s shoulder. “Thank you Piotr, but [i]non[/i] – I’m goin’ alone. She said somethin’ ‘bout a cop showin’ up, an’ I c’n deal wit’ dem, but only if you guys aren’t along, [i]hein[/i]?”

Piotr reluctantly nodded, and Remy suddenly thought of something. “Where was the clinic she was goin’ to? She gave me street names, but it’d help if I knew the area she was at.”

“She said she was going to the clinic in Mount Vernon.” Piotr said.

Remy nodded his thanks and then brushed past them, sprinting up the stairs, taking them three at a time. He continued up to his room, and slipped his new driver’s license into his wallet, and grabbed the thick black ID Dan had given him. He tore off his T-shirt and slid on a button-up shirt, and then threw on his trenchcoat and slipped the ID into the outside pocket.

He moved into the hall and started down the stairs. About halfway down the first flight, he placed his hand on the banister, and vaulted over it, landing on the next set of stairs, and he nimbly shifted on his feet and continued that, making it to the bottom floor in seconds, ignoring students on the stairs that he startled.

He strode past the computer lab and entered the garage. He grabbed a set of keys from the workbench, and clicked the unlock button to see which vehicle they belonged to. The lights to a sleek Mazda RX-8 flashed, and he slapped the button to open the garage door. He slid into the driver’s seat, shove the key into the ignition, and started the car.

He drove forward, the roof of the car missing the rising garage door by mere inches. Once he was outside the gates, he slammed his foot down on the gas, and the car lurched forward with a high-pitched squeal as the tires clawed for traction on the pavement.


“She’s going to hate me,” Ororo heard Kitty whisper brokenly as her friends tried to comfort her. Ororo looked down at Sarah who was still holding her hand. “Let’s go get you something to eat, sweetie.”

Sarah nodded, her expression glum, and let Ororo lead her to the elevator. On the ground floor, Ororo began to walk to the kitchen, but slowed down slightly when her attention was drawn to what Remy had told her about. Two bony spikes, close to an inch in diameter and nearly five inches long, plus whatever length was hidden, were embedded firmly into the wooden wall of the hallway. A distinct crack in the wood extended above and below each spike.

Sarah noticed her gaze, and looked down. “Its Remy mad at me?” She asked softly.

Ororo’s eyes snapped down to her in surprise. “No, sweetie! Why would Remy be mad at you?

“For those,” she said, nodding at the spikes. “The last time I did that, my daddy told me he hated me, and kicked me out of the house,” she said, trembling as the events of that day replayed in her mind.

Ororo grabbed her into a hug. She pulled back and placed her hands on Sarah’s shoulders. “Your daddy wasn’t right. He didn’t understand who you are.”

“Remy’s not mad at you, Sarah. He’s worried about you. He had the same sort of accidents you had today – we all did. I flooded a village when my powers first awakened. And you know what Remy did? His dad had to remove the door from his bedroom because Remy kept blowing up the doorknob when he touched it.”

A small smile appeared on Sarah’s face. “He did?”

Ororo laughed. “Yes, he did. He also told me he needed to buy a new toothbrush every day because it blew up every time he finished brushing his teeth. We all know what it’s like, and this is why Remy brought you here: so you can learn to control your abilities so things like that don’t happen any more.”

Sarah sniffled and wiped a tear from her eye with the back of her hand, and gave Ororo a tentative smile. “Okay. I just – I know Remy’s not like my daddy was, but I was afraid he’d do the same thing.”

Ororo shook her head firmly. “He won’t, ever. He loves you too much to do something like that.”

Sarah flushed. “He-he loves me?” She asked with a wondering tone in her voice.

Ororo nodded. “Maybe he hasn’t told you, but I can see it just the way he looks at you. You mean the world to him, Sarah.”

Sarah smiled shyly. “Really?”

Ororo smiled at her and squeezed her shoulder. “Yes, really.”

Her face bright, she looked up to Ororo. “Thanks, Storm.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. Now, what’s this food Remy got us?”

Sarah smiled and grabbed her hand, pulling her toward the kitchen. “He said he got us barbecued ribs and pulled pork. He said it was from the best place in New York. C’mon, we’ve gotta try it – it smelled great!” Sarah exclaimed, and Ororo followed after her, amused – and quite hungry.


Remy sped along the freeway, at times breaking a hundred miles an hour when he could weave in and out of traffic. He’d even blown past a police car sitting on the side of the road, and the officer was apparently too startled or shocked at the blur that flew past him, that he didn’t even attempt to give chase.

As Remy neared the city he slowed somewhat, and reached over to punch in the intersection that Rogue had given him into the GPS installed in the dashboard. He followed the mapped route, and exited the freeway, now forced to go slower. He glanced at the clock, and almost smiled when he saw the usual hour-long drive had only taken him twenty minutes.

Remy turned off the GPS as he neared the intersection, no longer needing it. He could see – half a mile away – at least a dozen police cars with their lights still flashing, sitting in a semicircle around a storefront. Behind a line of yellow caution tape they’d set up, a rather large crowd was growing.

Remy ensured his sunglasses were firmly in place and then pulled the car to a screeching halt, the front bumper mere inches from the police tape. His arrival caused several of the officers to look up. There were close to two dozen uniformed men standing near their cars, some with guns drawn, and all looking at the lone, female figure they surrounded.

Remy opened the door and spotted two unconscious officers resting on the ground with several paramedics trying to wake them up.

Remy put on his poker face, cleared his throat, and stepped out of the car. He brushed out a fold in his trenchcoat, and then strode over to the officer in charge. The burly, mustached man looked up at his approach.

“Good evening, Captain……” He peered at his badge “Murdock.” Remy said, without even a hint of his accent. To anyone that didn’t know him, he sounded as if he’d grown up in the New England area rather than in the Big Easy.

That was one of the great things about changing your identity, Remy mused to himself as mentally prepared himself for his act for his act – you didn’t have to put on a wig or makeup – you could just change your accent, act as if you were in charge, and in most cases, no one was the wiser.

“May I help you?” He asked. “We’re a little busy right now.”

Remy nodded. “I’m Special Agent Robert Lord,” Remy said, pulling out the thick black leather ID holder.

He folded it open, and on the bottom half, a CAC photo ID – issued to Department of Defense employees – displayed his name and picture. On the top half was pinned a heavy metal badge displaying a large eagle with its wings outstretched, a heraldic shield on its chest displaying a row of horizontal stars with vertical stripes below that. In a circle around the eagle were the words “Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division”.

The captain straightened visibly. “I’m sorry sir; I didn’t realize SHIELD was coming.”

Remy nodded politely. “We just heard about this.” He nodded over to the female in the center of their perimeter, who was on her knees, her face in her hands. “She’s one of our agents, and she recently suffered a mental breakdown. I’ll take over from here.”

“Yes Special Agent Lord. You do know she’s a mutant? She was seen a mile from here where a young woman was shot to death about an hour or so ago. The paramedics found her trying to save the woman, and said she became disoriented and fled. We found her here, and she’s knocked out two of my officers.”

Remy nodded knowingly. “I know. She’s disoriented and doesn’t know who she is. Our psychologists have told us it’s associated with her power. I’m simply here to take her back to get her some help.”

The captain nodded, not looking very surprised. “I’d heard something about SHIELD starting to use superhumans.”

“Yes, we’ve found them quite useful. She’s one of the our best.” Remy said, nodding again to her.

The captain looked at him in sympathy. “Give us the word and we’ll help you bring her in to get help.”

Remy shook his head. “Thank you, but that shouldn’t be necessary. I’m her handler, and we believe she’ll recognize me. I’ll approach her alone so we don’t startle her.”

The captain nodded in assent, and raised his voice to the other officers. “This agent from SHIELD is here to take this girl into custody. Please stay back as he approaches her.”

Remy smiled politely, and walked forward, past the patrol cars and into the empty center. He slowly approached Rogue, who still knelt with her head in her hands, crying softly, and occasionally muttering something to herself.

“Rogue,” he said gently as he approached, but she didn’t respond. The fear and confusion pouring off of her hammered into his rudimentary empathy, and that worried him – typically he only felt it if he tried actively to use the empathy. He reached down, calling her name once again, and touched her shoulder gently.

The instant he did, her fists swung out wildly, and one connected with his stomach. It felt as if a freight train had decided to punch a hole through his body at top speed. He found himself lifted from the ground by the punch, and hurled nearly ten feet. In the air, his only thought was that he was glad he’d worn his padded body armor. Remy landed hard, crumpling a several aluminum garbage cans – which lined the side of the street waiting for a pick-up – beneath him, their contents spilling out on the street.

Rogue looked up as the punch connected, and felt horrified when she realized she vaguely recognized the person she’d hit. She stood quickly to rush over to his side, when a [i] [b]CRACK CRACK[/i] [/b] filled the street. Rogue felt the air get knocked out of her, and she crumpled to the street, pain blossoming in her stomach.

The officer next to where Remy had landed was very young, hardly out of the academy, and he’d been one of those with their guns drawn. As Rogue had stood and started moving toward him, his finger twitched on the trigger, panicking after seeing her toss the SHIELD agent like a ragdoll.

Remy watched Rogue crumple to the ground in horror, and he fought back his pain and pushed himself to his feet. “Ceasefire! Ceasefire!” He snarled, slamming the man’s hand downward so the third and fourth shots sent up chips of pavement as they struck the ground. Remy could distantly hear, through his ringing ears, the Captain giving the same order.

Remy brought his hand down in a hammerfist strike into the radial nerve on the man’s forearm, causing the gun to fall from his now-limp hand, and then shoved the man back past his patrol car.

Remy gasped in a pained breath – what hadn’t been knocked clean out by Rogue had been used up in his shout at the man. He gasped several more times, and staggered forward to Rogue’s side, and collapsed on his knees next to her.

He gently touched her again, tensing for another blow, but she relaxed at his touch which was, now that she hazily remembered him, strangely comforting. He pushed her knees down, and pulled her hands from where she grasped her stomach, and pulled up her shirt.

He stared blankly when, instead of seeing her bleeding, he saw two pieces of metal smashed flat against her skin, nearly unrecognizable as the two bullets that had hit her.

“Well that’s new,” he muttered. He reached out and gently peeled them away, hissing at the heat they still contained from being shot and then deforming against her stomach. He pulled her shirt back down, and sat back painfully on his heels. He was pretty certain he’d at least cracked a rib if not more than one, but he put the stabbing pain out of mind – he needed his head clear to keep up his Robert Lord alias.

Rogue looked up at him, and his heart clenched when he saw how lost she looked. Her eyes glimmered in a dim recognition as she looked at his face. “R-Remy?” She whispered. “Are you Remy?”

He nodded, smiling at her. “Told you I’d come,” he said softly. “I’m here to get you out of here, so just play along with me.”

She nodded weakly, and he helped her to her feet. He removed his trenchcoat and draped it over her shoulders before putting a comforting arm around her shoulders, and guiding her toward the patrol car that Murdock stood behind.

“Special Agent Lord, is she alright?” Murdock asked looking at her in concern.

“Fortunately,” Remy said darkly. “If her power hadn’t been activated she’d have two bullets in her.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lord. Berkowitz will be considering a new career after this,” he said, glaring across the street at the young officer who seemed to cower under his gaze.

Remy glanced next to him at Rogue who had her head down, leaning closely against his side. “I want to get her out of here…” Remy said, trailing off.

Murdock nodded readily. “Go right ahead, sir. I understand. I’ll take care of things here.”

Remy smiled. “Have a good evening, Captain,” he said, guiding Rogue to the Mazda. He helped her into the passenger’s seat, and closed the door.

He slid into his own seat and started the car, throwing a glance over his shoulder as he backed up, and then started off at a sedate pace. After taking several side-roads, he pulled off the road well out of sight, and parked the car before turning to Rogue.

She looked over to him thankfully. “You came.” She said, tears in her eyes. “Thank you.”

“What happened, Rogue?” He asked her softly, touching her shoulder.

She threw herself, sobbing, into his arms. “I-I don’t know. I can’t remember.” She said, although she wasn’t sure about that – perhaps one of the jumble of memories in her head was of what happened, but she couldn’t tell which one. “I can’t – I feel like I know y-you, and one of the voices is telling me that I do,”

She looked up at him with vulnerable eyes, and he saw almost a hint of blue around the brown of her iris. “Am I crazy?”

He placed his gloved hands on either side of her face and stroked her tears away with his fingers. “No, y’not crazy. Don’ know if y’remember, but you’re a mutant. Y’absorb people’s memories. I think y’touched someone too long, an’ your head’s havin’ trouble dealin’ with it.”

She nodded, but looked confused – she didn’t remember having that. In fact, she could almost remember a different ability – several in fact – but it sat at the edge of her mind, evading her grasp.

One of her hands moved up and laid flat against Remy’s chest, and then began to brush upward, running up his neck, along his cheek, and then touching the side of his sunglasses.

“R-Remy?” She said, looking at her hand in shock. “Remy, I’m not moving my hand,” she said with a trembling voice. “Someone else is moving it.”

Her hand gripped the sunglasses, and gently removed them, and she gasped when she saw his hypnotic red-on-black eyes. She felt a pounding pressure in her head, behind her eyes, as [i]something[/i] released a rapid stream of images – Remy on a horse next to her, standing close to her, lying next to her under a night sky, touching her hand.

She shuddered in his arms, and her breath game in large gasps. “Remy, I-I remember something. We rode horses, and spent time together on… on a roof? But the memories are too fast.”

He felt a hint of relief, and realized that seeing him without his glasses had triggered her memories. Perhaps something more would snap her at least partially back.

“I’m gonna tell y’things ‘bout yourself, an’ you tell me if dat helps you remember, okay?”

She nodded shakily. “Please. I can’t stand this.”

“Dose horses you remember. I was ridin’ on Moondancer, an’ you were ridin’ on Chestnut – she’s your fav’rite.” He said, but Rogue shook her head. Obviously it wasn’t strong enough of a trigger for her mind, he realized.

“Alright, y’had a sister, named Anna. Y’remember tellin’ me that?” Remy asked.

Rogue was silent for a moment. “No, but when you said that, I could see an image of myself playing’ with a young girl.”

Remy closed his eyes and breathed a prayer of thanks. “Good. Let’s see. Y’name is Rogue.” He said.

She crinkled her nose. “That’s a weird name,” she said.

He smiled at her. “Dat’s de name you gave y’self when you left home. Your real name is Marie D’Ancanto.”

She stiffened in his arms as the voices roared thunderously in her head, and more images streamed by. “Marie,” she said softly, her voice changing, her accent returning. “Ah’m Marie,” she whispered, and looked up at him with wonder.

He noticed instantly that the blue around the irises of her eyes had disappeared – a moment before they rolled up inside her head, and she collapsed limply against him.

“Rogue!” He shouted, panicked. He reached down and checked her pulse, but it seemed normal and, pulling her away, he saw her breathing was smooth and even, and she had a relaxed smile on her face.

Remy closed his eyes. “Shit, [i]Chére[/i], don’ scare me like dat,” he muttered.

He tried to gently wake her, but she remained sleeping, and only shifted slightly against him at his attempts. Maybe, he thought, her mind needed the sleep to start healing and recovering.

He gently pried her arms from around him, and moved her back to her seat. She gave a moan of dissatisfaction as she was pulled away from him, but relaxed when he touched her hand while he used his other hand to buckle her seatbelt.

Remy started the car up, and swung it back to the road, now driving on instinct until he reached a familiar road. He pulled the car to a stop once again, and quietly climbed out. He walked up to the entrance of the apartments and hit the buzzer several times, before Dan trudged out and opened the main door.

Dan blinked, and his face lit up. “Remy! Back so soon? Come back to get th’money you ‘forgot’ in my pocket?”

Remy gave him a weak grin. “Not now, Dan. I need de key to my apartment. Lost mine at de bottom of de river.”

Dan nodded and shoved a hand into his pocket, fishing around for his keychain. He glanced at the car. His face straightened into a wide grin. “Why Remy, you ol’ devil! Takin’ the girl to your place for a good time?”

Remy’s face flushed. “Not exactly. She’s a friend, an’ she needs a place to crash. Jus’ found out her boyfriend was cheatin’ on her.” He said vaguely, not really wanting to get into the lengthy story of Xavier’s school, or her powers.

“Ouch,” Dan winced. “You’re a good friend, Remy. Aha, there it is.” He said, removing the key in question from the keychain and handing it to Remy.

Remy smiled. “Thanks Dan. An’ don’ try t’give me de money back – it’s yours now, friend.” He said, turning back to the car.

“See y’round, Remy,” Dan called after him as he shut the car door.

Remy gave him a wave through the car window, and then checked on Rogue who was now curled up on her side in the seat.

“We’re gonna get you better, [i]Chére[/i],” he said softly as he spun the car in a U-turn in the direction of his apartment. He smiled to himself as she shifted in the seat at his words, and he could only hope that he was telling the truth.

[i] [b]A/N: Well, there you have it. Bet ya didn’t see that coming! :-D
I’ve had much of this chapter in my head since I started writing this story. I wanted a unique way for the Rogue of the movies to meet with Ms. Marvel, and I hope you enjoyed my “movieverse twist” on the comics – poor Carol though! :(
Tried to make Carol somewhat similar to her comic counterpart – in the comics her dad can’t accept women as equals to men and basically shuns her for trying to be equal, and here he can’t accept mutants as equal and shuns her, and in future chapters we’ll see more parallels (and differences) as we find out more about her.
Anyway, next chapter will be mainly on Rogue, as she struggles with the aftereffects largest absorption of someone she’s ever had. Should be a lot more Romy. Perhaps more on the Magneto or Creed fronts – only have a basic outline right now.
Next chap I am 100% certain WILL be at least two weeks. Family is coming tomorrow, and will be staying all next week, so all my spare time out of work will be spent with them. Have a great 4th of July weekend! [/b]

As an unrelated rant, I was watching X3 the other night (it’s on almost every week on FX, I’ve noticed) and I was reminded of something that bothered me the first time I saw it. Angel listens to the Wolverine talk about Magneto and Alcatraz, and you don’t see him in the jet with them, and yet he shows up to catch his dad about ten minutes behind the team. Purdy darn quick flying from New York to San Francisco for a guy with just wings (and no afterburner)! :D

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