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Basically a rly random short oneshot

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009-06-30 - Updated: 2009-06-30 - 399 words - Complete

Hey guys... i was bored and feeling random so i wrote this one shot... but it's like really short and boring so if you hate it... you have sense... if you like it... well then you dont have sense...
Anyway try and enjoy

Frank was running around the room, singing happily.
‘I WANT CANDY!’ he sang, before he was pulled to the floor by Mikey.
‘Frank shut it’ Bob mumbled, before carrying on reading his book.
‘Leave him alone guys it’s not his fault he’s drunk 3 cups of coffee’ Gerard laughed as Ray nodded.
‘You’re right Gee… it’s yours because you were with him the whole day and we said NO caffeine and what do you do? Give him fucking coffee!’ Ray complained, before he looked around.
‘Speaking of Frank where’d the bugger go?’ he asked, slightly worried. Suddenly he felt someone mess up his hair, before running off.
‘Haha! Catch me now Toro!’ he laughed, before crashing into the door.
‘Fuck my head!’ he winced as everyone laughed. Frank got up before grinning.
‘Can we go to the shop?’ he asked as Bob looked up.
‘Why?’ he asked as Frank shrugged. Mikey instantly stood up, a worried look on his face.
‘NO NO SKITTLES!’ he yelled as Frank pouted, before sitting on the floor.
‘Aw Mikey that was a little mean’ Gerard complained before Ray shot him a questioning expression.
‘Do you wanna fuck Frankie or something?’ Ray asked as Gerard’s face went slightly pink.
‘No why would I wanna do that? I mean we’ve both got girlfriends and we’re both straight…’ he rambled as Bob nodded, not believing a word of it.
‘So what do ya wanna do?’ Frank asked happily, fidgeting on the floor.
‘Uh?… Xbox?’ Bob suggested as they all nodded.
After a couple of games, Bob winning nearly all of them, they all began to get thirsty.
‘Right who wants a drink?’ Frank asked as they all nodded. Frank smirked before walking into the kitchen.
‘Wait a minute! Don’t let Frank in there!’ Mikey yelled as everyone looked at him.
‘There’s a bag of skittles on the counter as well as a 6 pack of cola AND a coffee machine!’ he cried before they all darted into the kitchen after the small yet hyper guitarist.

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