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another hyper Frank to the rescue!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009-07-03 - Updated: 2009-07-03 - 354 words

Hehe thought i'd add another chappie


Frank held tight onto the Mikado as Gerard tried to grab it.
‘Give it!’ Gerard laughed as Frank squealed, before running behind Mikey.
‘Never!’ he whined as Mikey grabbed the Mikado off of him, taking a bite out of it.
‘AHH how could you Mikey?!’ Frank cried as Mikey smirked.
‘Simple I grabbed the… whatever it is… chocolate covered breadstick thing, put it in my mouth and chewed’ Mikey replied simply. Frank pouted before walking over to Ray, who was listening to his Ipod.
‘Ray’ Frank whimpered childishly as Ray looked up, before staring at the pouting guitarist.
‘Yeah Frank?’ he asked as Frank pretended to cry.
‘Gee tried to nick my Mikado and I hid behind Mikey and then he ate it!’ he cried before flinging his arms around his friends neck, pretending to sob. Ray glared at the others.
‘I hate it when he’s like this… I mean how much caffeine has he had now!’ Bob cried as Mikey shrugged.
‘I don’t know… 7 cups?’ he asked as Bob’s eyes grew wide.
‘7?! 7 fucking cups?! Why that many?!’ Bob cried, as Gerard shrugged.
‘I don’t know… do we look like Frankie’s brain?’ he asked as Frank jumped into his lap, giggling.
‘Hehe you’re my brain!’ he giggled as he hugged his friend tight.
‘Yeah and as your friend Frankie I think it’s best that you stop with the sugar for a while’ he sighed as Frank looked at him, doe like eyes looking up at the front man.
‘But Gee! You taking away my sugar is like me taking away your drawing and art thingys’ he replied as Gerard turned round to the others.
‘He has a point…’ Gerard shrugged, before handing Frank a packet of M&N‘s. the others lunged forward, trying to grab the packet.
‘NO!’ they all cried as Frank ate the M&N’s quickly.
‘Right I’m gonna go to my room tell me when he’s passed out’ Ray sighed before walking up the stairs.

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