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Basicallty a random (maybe boring) Convo between the boyz and 2 new gurlz

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Hey here's another chaprer! soz i'm bored and tired so i can onlt do so much tnight
anywzy enjoy!

Frankie_Baby - Hey guys!

Gee-Zuz - Hey Frankie

Fro-man- Hey

Bobert - Hi

Lil Way - Hey

Frankie_Baby - Did you see those two new girls in our class today?!

Fro-man - Nah coz I’ve suddenly gone blind… duh Frank one of them had bigger boobs than beach balls!

Lil Way - Was that Holly or Megan?

Bobert - Holly coz Megan was the one that was the same height as Frank and had big
blue eyes

Gee-Zuz - And you knew that how?!

Bobert - Coz I know Megan…

Fro-man - HOW?!

Bobert - Well she played at the club once… although she was blonde back then… she’s changed a lot…

Frankie_Baby - Well I like Holly!

Lil Way - You would… anything with big tits you’d grab!

Gee-Zuz - Guys shut up they’re online now!

Frankie_Baby - HOW’D YOU GET THEIR MSN’S?!

Gee-Zuz - Simple Frank I ASKED them!

Xx_Megz_Harley_xX has signed in

-X-Holee-X- has signed in

Xx_Megz_Harley_xX - Sup Fella’s!

-X-Holee-X- - Heya!

Frankie_Baby - Hey!

Xx_Megz_Harley_xX - OMG did you see the Anthrax performance I was so syched!
-X-Holee-X- - Yeah I know!

Gee-Zuz - I only have one word to describe it… EPIC!

Fro-man - It was awesome!

Bobert - I know!

Lil Way - Why didn’t I go?!

-X-Holee-X- - Aw poor Mikey -Gives Hugs-

Frankie_Baby - No I’m outta sugar!

Xx_Megz_Harley_xX - I’ve some over at here!

Frankie_Baby - Gimme!

Xx_Megz_Harley_xX - Come over here first ;)

Clicks on private convo with Gee_tard

Frankie_Baby - Gee I change my mind

Gee-Zuz - Huh?

Frankie_Baby - I’m loving the chick with the Skittles

Invites Xx_Megz_Harley_xX to chat

Xx_Megz_Harley_xX - Hey Frankie you still coming over?

Frankie_Baby - Course!

Xx_Megz_Harley_xX - Awesome! I’ve got like… loads of soda round here and shit and besides we can annoy my friend Mel… she hates it when I’m hyper

Frankie_Baby - Well you gave me your address so I’ll be over in 10...

Xx_Megz_Harley_xX - Awesome! Peace out! xXx

[Xx_Megz_Harley_xX has signed out]

Gee-Zuz - Frankie…

Frankie_Baby - Yup?

Gee-Zuz - Marry her…

R&R plz it wud cheer me up!
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