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MSN 2!

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Basically another Msn convo... enjoy!

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Hey here's another chappie! it's a lil longer than the last but it might be a bit strange since a m8 of mine helped and we're weird! =D anywayz ENJOY!

Frankie_Baby - Like Gee you’ll never guess what I found!

Gee-Zuz - More skittles?

Frankie_Baby - Something called ficwad! We’re on it!

Gee-Zuz - … I’m gonna get the guys…

Frankie_Baby - Well I don’t think they wanna hear what us to do to each other ;)

Gee-Zuz - O.o what do we do to each other?

Frankie_Baby - Come over here and I’ll show ya ;)

Gee-Zuz - NO! you’ve been dating Megan for only a week!

Frankie_Baby - Meh she don’t mind, as long as they’re cute and I’ve known them for a while…

Gee-Zuz - So… She don’t care if you cheat?

Frankie_Baby - Nope =D

Gee-Zuz - Anyway Frankie tell me what we do!

Frankie_Baby - Well…

Frankie_Baby - There’s A LOT of kissing… and touching… and… shall I continue

Gee-Zuz - … people actually write that?

Frankie_Baby - Yup …. Well most of them are of us… some VERY dirty ;)

Gee-Zuz - What do you mean most of them?

Frankie_Baby - Well I know some of me and Mikes, Mikes and Bob, You and Mikes (don’t ask me why) You and Ray… even us and other characters!

Gee-Zuz - ME AND MIKEY?!

Frankie_Baby - Yeah… if I’m honest judging by these fanfics it’ll be kinda hot

Gee-Zuz - …O.o

Frankie_Baby - Well feel sorry for me! I’m usually on the bottom and I found one where I was a prostitute!

Gee-Zuz - HAHA!

Frankie_Baby - Well… You’re a loner kid in one and I’m a popular dude init!
Gee-Zuz - Wow if only that was actually true Frankie

Lil Way has signed in

Lil Way - Hey Guys!

Frankie_Baby - Hey Mikes

Gee-Zuz - Hey lil bro

Lil Way - Wotcha talking about?

Frankie_Baby - Ficwad and how me and Gee always seem to end up doing it

Lil Way - Okay I’m going

Frankie_Baby - YOU’RE IN ONE!

Lil Way - Really?

Frankie_Baby - But you end up fucking me… why do people wanna fuck me so bad?

Gee-Zuz - Coz you’re easy


Lil Way - Later Fella’s

Frankie_Baby - bye sexy x ;)

Lil Way has signed out

Gee-Zuz - Frank… no

Frankie_Baby - Aw does Gee want all my attention?

Gee-Zuz - No! why would I want that!

Frankie_Baby - Does someone have a crush on me!

Gee-Zuz - No of course not I’m straight!

Frankie_Baby - You sure?

Gee-Zuz - NO!

Frankie_Baby - HAHA! So you admit you love me?

Gee-Zuz - I don’t love you! You’re just cute that’s all

Frankie_Baby - Tehe! So you wanna fuck me?

Gee-Zuz - wouldn’t go that far Frankie!

Frankie_Baby - So you wanna kiss me?

Gee-Zuz - Maybe…

Bobert has signed in

Bobert - hey dudes

Frankie_Baby - Hey guess what Gee wants to kiss me!

Gee-Zuz - =o

Bobert - I know

Gee-Zuz - HOW?!

Frankie_Baby - didn’t know he was THAT obvious XD

Bobert - Well it’s obvious I mean look at the past few weeks! He’s been non stop defending you when you’re on a sugar high! I mean like WTF?!

Frankie_Baby - Wow… Gee is that why you stare at me a lot?

Gee-Zuz - NO!


Frankie_Baby - YOU have a diary?

Gee-Zuz - NO!

Bobert - Liar it’s in your room under your bed inside the little skull draw that says art supplies!

Gee-Zuz - Okay Bryer HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT!

Bobert - well when I slept round yours you fell asleep so I was bored so I decided too look around and that’s where I found it… that and a … very disturbing picture…

Frankie_Baby - Of?

Bobert - You don’t wanna know…

Frankie_Baby - Ok… Anyways Gee wanna come over?

Gee-Zuz - I think I’ll pass…

Frankie_Baby - Oh but please Gee! I have kinky stuff! ;)
Gee-Zuz - No

Bobert - Dude get your ass over there before I kick you over there… I mean come on I made a bet with Ray that you two would hook up and I’m LOSING!

Frankie_Baby - Yeah Gee think of poor Bob!

Bobert - Yeah think of poor me! I’m saving for a new drum kit man!

Gee-Zuz - Fine… ¬¬ you guys owe me…

Frankie_Baby - I’ll pay you back when you get here ;)

Gee-Zuz - Bye guys

Frankie_Baby - But gorgeous! X

Bobert - Later

Gee-Zuz has signed out

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