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basically another toaster disaster and more frerard!

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Hey guys i got one of the idea's off of my friend... she's awesome
anywayz enjoy!

Gee-Zuz - Hey Fro man

Fro-man - You’ve had sex haven’t you?

Gee-Zuz - … wtf Ray?

Fro-Man - just answer me

Gee-Zuz - yeah! Dude how’d you guess?

Fro-man - Bob told me you were going to Frankie’s and he mention something called ficfac was it?

Gee-Zuz - Ficwad

Fro-man - That! And anyway why man! I could of won £100 off of Bobert! Why?! I’m meant to be your best friend man!

Gee-Zuz - Ray chill I’ll give you your money back just give me time!

Fro-man - you better!

Gee-Zuz - Whatever… anyway get your ass over here, we’re all bored and I think Frankie wants to shave your head

Fro-man - he goes near the fro and I’ll murder him

Gee-Zuz - no you fucking wont!

Fro-man - wanna bet?

Gee-Zuz - dude don’t even try you’ll just lose more money

Fro-man - true… anyways see ya in 5

Gee-Zuz - Kay later

Fro-man - Byeeeeeeeee

Gerard logged off the computer before gazing at frank, who once again fell asleep. He sighed before jogging up the stairs and into the kitchen, before he saw Mikey with a fork in his hand near the toaster.
‘Put it down!’ Gerard ordered as Mikey turned around, pouting.
‘But the fucking toaster is being a bitch again!’ he whined as Gerard tilted his head.
‘Didn’t we get a new toaster like… yesterday?’ he asked as Mikey blushed.
‘Yeah… fine the breads being a bitch!’ he replied, a smirk on his face. Gerard rolled his eyes before walking over grabbing the fork.
‘Wait!’ Mikey announced as he sniffed his brother, before smiling.
‘Someone’s had sex!’ he sang as Gerard blushed, before shoving his brother away.
‘Shut up!’ he smiled before he saw black smoke coming from the toaster.
‘SHIT!’ Gerard yelled as he grabbed the fire extinguisher before spraying it everywhere, including a new arrival.
‘Sorry Bob’ Gerard sighed as Bob spat out the white foam.
‘Thanks for that… wait… do I smell something?’ he asked as Gerard sighed.
‘Yes! I smell of sex big whoop!’ he yelled as Bob raised an eyebrow at him.
‘I was GONNA say I smelt burnt toast but OMG really?!’ he asked as Gerard sighed, before nodding.
‘Yeah’ he replied before Frank came out of the bedroom, a sleepy smile on his lips.
‘Why do I smell burnt toast?’ he yawned before looking at Mikey.
‘Do we need a new toaster again?’ he asked as Gerard nodded.
‘Yeah kinda…’ he replied before walking over, pecking Frank’s lips lightly.
‘And here we go with the Frerard! Round one!’ Ray announced as he walked into the kitchen, his hands deep in his hoodie pocket. Gerard rolled his eyes before he sat down on a kitchen chair, Frank sat on his lap.
‘Coffee anyone?’ Gerard asked as they all nodded.
‘Mikey!’ he asked childishly as Mikey rolled his eyes.
‘You’re so lucky I owe you for the toaster incident!’ Mikey replied before putting the kettle on.
‘So Frankie, Gerard… gonna tell the fans the news they’ve all be fantasizing about?’ Bob asked as the pair shrugged.
‘No idea… they’ve probably figured it out…’ Frank began before Ray snorted.
‘They have! I was looking on the internet this morning and on our blog you wouldn’t believe how many people… mostly chicks have spoke about this, one even said this was the happiest moment of her life!’ Ray laughed as Gerard and Frank blushed.
‘Well… I think it’s safe to say we wont be going outside for a while…’ Gerard said slowly as Mikey shook his head, placing their mugs on the table.
‘Wouldn’t be so sure about that… we gotta interview with that woman remember?’ he asked as both the Frerard pair groaned.
‘Please guys! Save the groaning for the bedroom!’ Bob laughed, earning a magazine being thrown at his head.

Hey guys as much as i fucking love you i might not be able to post for a while... Sorry ='[
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