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FX Sexulator

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Just a normal day at the mall... kinda...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009-07-13 - Updated: 2009-07-13 - 644 words

Hey guys! sorry this one is REALLY short! i've just been busy as fuck lately
this is kinda a true story but not... basically i was at the mall with some mates and went into this simulator things with one of my mates and it sounded REALLY wrong! But we didnt actually do nothing... Anywayz enjoy the story!

Gerard, Frank and the others were at the mall after a hard day of shopping for cd’s and random shit.
‘Man if I get chased by one more fan I’m hiding in the bathroom!’ Ray sighed as the others laughed.
‘All she wanted to do was touch your fro!’ Mikey laughed before Gerard felt a tug on his sleeve.
‘Gee go on that thingy maboby with me!’ Frank whined childishly as Gerard smiled.
‘Sure Frankie lets go’ he grinned as they climbed into the FX simulator.
‘I thought they didn’t have anymore money?’ Bob asked at the others shrugged.
‘Please Frankie’s trousers are so baggy he’s probably hiding some money in there’ Ray snorted as Mikey hit the table with his fist.
‘Shit! And I bought that little fucker a star bucks too!’ he growled before they heard the machine begin to move. Everyone looked at the machine as it moved quickly.
‘What the hell?!’ Bob laughed as they shrugged, before they began talking for a while. Suddenly they heard a yelp.
‘Ouch my ass!’ they heard Frank whine before they heard Gerard chuckle.
‘Aw little to rough for Frankie was it?’ Gerard asked as they heard Frank huff.
‘Never!’ he replied as the machine continued to move.
5 minutes later‘MAN IT’S BEEN 5 FUCKING MINUTES HOW LONG IS THIS FUCKING RIDE?!’ Bob asked as the others shrug. Suddenly the ride stopped, making everyone sigh in relief. When the pair came out their hair was a mess. Gerard giggled before linking hands with Frank.
‘Hey guys I didn’t know the ride went on for that long’ Ray stated, making Frank burst into a giggle fit.
‘Yeah well I thought it was fun…’ Gerard replied as Frank nodded.
‘Yeah lots of fun’ Frank giggled, Gerard trying to quiet him down.
‘Well can we go home now? I think we have a stalker…’ Ray whimpered as they all nodded. When the other 3 walked off Gerard leaned over to Frank slightly.
‘Shall we tell them…’ he asked as Frank shook his head.
‘Uh… no… I think it’s best if we don’t… I mean we already scared Mikes by fucking in the house let alone in the mall on a simulator…’ he replied before he chuckled.
‘Come on let’s go before they think that we’ve snuck off into the bathroom’ Gerard smiled as Frank smirked.
‘You wanna?’ Frank asked as Gerard pondered the thought for a moment.
‘Hmm… come on then!’ he grinned as Frank dragged him into the closest bathroom. The others came back before they looked around.
‘I’ll go look into the bathroom’ Mikey sighed as he walked in, before walking straight back out, a blush on his face.
‘Mikes… you okay?’ Bob asked as Mikey nodded, before fainting. Gerard and Frank came out, laughing as they looked at Mikey.
‘Sorry Mikes’ Gerard laughed as Frank nodded, biting his bottom lip to try and stop laughing.
‘We didn’t know you’d come in’ Frank giggled as Mikey sat up, his hair covering his face.
‘I hate you…’ he whined as Gerard held out a hand to help him up.
‘Not after what happened in there Gee’ Mikey whimpered as Ray helped him up, trying not to laugh.
‘I hate you all’ Mikey mumbled before leaving the mall.
‘Wow… I didn’t think it was that bad I mean all we did was-’ Frank began as Bob and Ray walked out before he can say another word.
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