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Truth or dare!

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Truth or dare with our luvly boyz!

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Lol Hey guyz! sorry i've not updated in a while! but here's something that might hopefully cheer you up! our boyz in truth or dare!
disclaimer- sadly i dont own mcr... if i did tho i'd be the luckiest gurl in the world!

The gang sat around in Ray’s living room, lazing around and doing nothing.
‘Who wants to play truth or dare?’ Mikey asked casually as Bob looked at him.
‘You serious?’ Bob mumbled as Mikey nodded.
‘Yeah I mean… we’re all bored fuckless might as well do something to pass the time…’ Mikey replied as everyone shrugged, before sitting up slightly.
‘Okay then Mikes you start’ Frank sighed as Mikey looked at his brother, who was flicking through a TV magazine.
‘Gee truth or dare?’ Mikey asked as Gerard looked up, confusion clouded over his green eyes.
‘Huh?’ he muttered as Mikey sighed.
‘Truth or dare?’ he repeated.
‘Truth’ he mumbled as his younger brother thought for a moment, before smirking.
‘If you had to either kiss our manager Brian OR jack off in front of the fans what would it be?’ he asked as Gerard shuddered at the thought of kissing Brian, then again fuck knows what the fans might do if he cums…
‘Dude that’s tough!… uh… I’d kiss Brian coz I don’t even wanna venture into the zone of what the fans might do if I jacked off in front of them’ he laughed as Ray cringed.
‘Dude just pick someone’ Ray snapped, obviously not wanting to discuss his best friends truth.
‘Okay… Bob truth or dare?’ he asked as Bob smiled.
‘Since I’m not a sissy I pick dare’ he grinned as Gerard raised an eyebrow.
‘I dare you to by the end of the night get a lock of Ray’s hair’ he snared playfully as Ray’s eyes went wide.
‘Not my fro!’ he cried as attempted to shield it with his arms. Bob laughed and nodded, before looking round.
‘Frankie truth or dare?’ he asked as Frank grinned.
‘Dare!’ he clapped as Bob smirked evilly.
‘I dare you to sit on Gee’s lap and fake an orgasm’ he shrugged as Frank winked at him.
‘Who needs to fake when you fuck Gerard Way’ he replied as he sat on his boyfriends lap, before looking at Bob.
‘Now?’ he asked as everyone else nodded. Frank grinned as began to moan, panting softly as he ran his hands up and down Gerard’s thighs.
‘More Gee’ he moaned as Gerard blushed, hiding his face in Frank’s hoodie.
‘Oh god Gerard!’ he yelled as Gerard shoved him off his lap.
‘Excuse me!’ he whined as he darted out of the room, rushing upstairs into the bathroom. Everyone began to laugh as Frank sighed, sitting in his previous position before he was dared.
‘Ray truth or dare?’ he asked as sighed.
‘Truth’ he replied as Frank shrugged.
‘Do you have a crush on Mikey?’ he asked as Ray blushed crimson, his eyes darting across the room.
‘No… Frank that’s stupid!’ Ray panted as Mikey blushed, sinking down in his seat a little further.
‘Mikey truth or dare?’ Ray asked quickly as Mikey thought for a moment.
‘Dare…’ he replied hesitantly before Ray thought for a moment.
‘I dare you to kiss Frankie when your brother is coming down the stairs’ he sighed as Mikey blushed.
‘Um… okay?’ he squeaked as he heard his brothers heavy footsteps trudging down the stairs.
‘Now’ Bob laughed as he pushed forward, causing his lips to crash onto Frank’s. Gerard walked through the door and gasped.
‘What the fuck guys?! Frank why are you kissing my BROTHER!’ he asked as Frank pulled away, before kissing Mikey again quickly.
‘Dare’ Frank replied casually, before shoving Mikey backwards, making him land on Ray’s lap. Both men blushed as Mikey moved Next to Bob, his forehead sweating slightly.
‘Bob truth or dare?’ Mikey mumbled shyly as Bob sighed.
‘Truth coz I don’t wanna kiss anyone’ he laughed as Mikey hid his face in the pillow.
‘Bob is it true you jacked off in my brother’s car?’ he asked as Bob hit Mikey with another pillow.
‘No fucking way! In that shit mobile? As fucking if!’ he laughed before he threw the pillow, which hit Frank on the head.
‘Bitch’ he giggled as he rested his head on Gerard’s shoulder, who was chuckling quietly.
‘Gee truth-’ Bob began before there was a knock at the door.
‘Ray door’ Frank yawned as Ray sighed.
‘You get it’ he replied as Frank glared at him.
‘You’re house you go fucking get it’ he growled, obviously tired and cranky.
Ray sighed before walking into the hallway, swinging open the door. He was met by no one.
‘Damn kids playing knock door run!’ he growled as Gerard laughed.
‘Ray we know you’re the oldest but must you need to sound like an old man?’ Gerard asked as Ray came in, lobbing a pillow he found off the floor.
‘Shut it… by the way if you jacked off in my bathroom you better of fucking cleaned it up!’ he sighed, before he felt someone tug his hair a bit.
‘What the-’ he began before he saw Bob hand Gerard a lock of curly hair.
‘Victory is mine!’ Bob yelled dancing around the living room.
‘You’re so dead Bryar!’ he yelled as he began to chase the drummer around the house. Gerard and Frank went into full on make out mode, leaving Mikey sat on the sofa.
‘Fuck it! Always me that’s left as the sane one!’ he yelled as he grabbed his jacket, walking out the door.

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