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Frank has yet more sugar...

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HEYYYYYYYYY GUYZ! So this chappie is kinda short and maybe kinda suckish but who cares...I'll post it anywayz

Mikey watched amused as Frank jumped around everywhere, speaking quickly.
‘Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, MIKEY!’ he cheered as the younger Way stood up, walking over to his friend.
‘Yes Frankie?’ he asked, as he crossed his arms.
‘I want skittles’ Frank grinned childishly, before he heard the door open.
‘Hello?’ Gerard called as Frank gasped dramatically.
‘GEEGEE!’ Frank yelled as he ran into the hallway, before jumping on Gerard, kissing him roughly. Gerard pried him away gently before raising his eyebrows.
‘Alright Babe what have you eaten?’ he asked as Frank darted his eyes round the room.
‘Eaten? Eaten what? What are you talking about Gee?’ he asked in a rushed tone, before Mikey walked into the hallway, a smirk on his face.
‘Alright Mike what have you given him?’ Gerard asked in a clearly annoyed tone.
‘Just a couple cups of coffee, 4 bags of skittles and a can of Rockstar…’ he replied innocently as Gerard hit his brother on the back of the head.
‘Idiot he’s never gonna sleep tonight!… and I’m knackered!’ he groaned as Mikey shrugged.
‘Not my problem Gee’ he replied as Gerard glared at him.
‘Oh yes it fucking is!’ he growled as Frank continued to run around the house, until he walked up to Mikey, looking up at him.
‘What do ya want midget?’ Mikey asked as Frank scowled, before nicking his beanie hat.
‘Oi give it back you little shit!’ Mikey yelled as Gerard laughed, watching his boyfriend run around the living room with Mikey’s hat.
‘Run, run, run as fast as you can you cant catch me coz I’m the gingerbread man!’ he sang, before running into Gerard’s room.
‘Come here!’ Mikey yelled as he ran into Gerard’s room as well, making Gerard sigh.
‘Don’t come near me!’ Frank smirked as Mikey stopped in his tracks.
‘Or what Iero?’ he asked as Frank thought for a moment.
‘I’ll kiss you!’ he threatened as Mikey laughed, before taking another step forward.
‘Yeah right Iero you don’t have the guts!’ he chuckled, before he felt his friends lips on his. Mikey shoved him away, his eyes wide.
‘WHAT THE FUCK FRANKIE?!’ he screamed, maybe a bit too girlishly.
‘I told you’ Frank shrugged before chucking Mikey back his hat, walking upstairs. Mikey stared in disbelief, before shaking his head quickly. He shoved his beanie back on his head before jogging up the stairs, a blush on his face. When he reached the top he heard laughter coming from the other room. Slowly, he crept towards the door and listened in.
‘So then I said, don’t come near me and then or said-’ Frank began before Mikey burst in, his eyes wide.
‘Okay Gee before he says anything HE kissed ME!’ he stated as Frankie tilted his head to the side.
‘Wait what?’ Gerard asked as Frank raised an eyebrow.
‘Mikey you weren’t even there… I’m telling Gerard about the time Pete nearly tackled me when I started flirting with Patrick… Hehe that was hilarious…’ he giggled, remembering the memory.
‘Now… What were you talking about bro?’ Gerard asked as Mikey blushed, pushing his glasses back to the bridge of his nose.
‘Nothing Gee… I must of got my facts wrong that’s all… no worries…’ he replied, a nervous chuckle erupting from his throat. Gerard shrugged before looking back at his boyfriend, who was still giggling. Mikey rolled his eyes before walking out, going to his room.
‘So… what did Mikey say?’ Gerard asked as Frank began retelling his story of nicking the beanie…

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