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The Note

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Ray writes a note... but about?

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HEY! I'm Bored so eat this chapter with a spork!!!!!! (Sorry I'm a Weeeeeeee Bit hyper...) Anyways R&R COZ YOU LOVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw the people hu reviewed so far i love youuuuuu!!! -Blows kisses- Anwayz ENJOY!
P.S Thank you Mychemicalfangirl for saying i was in insparation! this chappies for you!

My mind is telling me I love him…
I can feel it. But… he doesn’t love me back. He has all these women pining over him. And I want him. We’re too different.
It’ll never work. My tears always go unnoticed… which I guess can be a good thing, if he found out the way I feel about him, he’ll never let it go.
I’ll forever be branded as the one who fell in love with their best friends brother. It’s killing me that I cant have him. He’s too busy with her. And even if he did like me, like we could be together? I mean come ON! Like our friends would let it happen…
well they might? This is stupid! Here I am writing my feelings and yet I could be TELLING him…
I’m an idiot… I’d give this to him but what will everyone else say? Well I know his brother wouldn’t use words… more fists and possibly weapons… MEEP! GRR! Why couldn’t life be easier! I mean like I want us to be together! I just don’t know how HE feels. Dude… I’m so sad, my tears are fucking messing this page up. I hope no one finds this… Meh I’ll just throw it away.
I always dream that he would leave her for me… like that would happen but hey! I can dream. I mean it’s like I wanna kiss him but I’m too fucking scared! Why am I scared! I’m the oldest! And I could probably squish Gerard… well no but I can try!

Ray was interrupted as Frank bounded into the living room, before opening the fridge, pulling out a can of whip cream.
‘Hey Fro-man what ya writing?’ he asked, as Ray scrunched up the note.
‘Nothing!’ he cried as Frank tilted his head.
‘Now I’m curious… what is it?’ he asked again as Ray sighed, shoving the piece of paper into his back-pocket.
‘Nothing Frankie just drop it okay?’ he asked as he got up walking into the living room. Frank raised an eyebrow before walking towards Gerard’s room. When he entered he jumped on Gerard, before shaking the can.
‘Gee does Ray hide a lot of things?’ Frank asked as he squirted the cream onto his boyfriends chest.
‘No why?’ he replied as Frank shrugged, before licking it off slowly and teasingly.
‘Well he was writing something and he would tell me what’ he mumbled as he finished, before kissing his boyfriends lips.
‘Maybe… it’s just… lyrics…’ Gerard spoke in between kisses. Frank pulled back before looking at Gee.
‘We’ve just finished an album… why do we need another one now?’ he asked as Gerard thought for a moment.
‘Well then what do you think it is?’ Gerard questioned as he kissed and nipped Frank’s neck.
‘Maybe like a note to someone or a diary entry thing…’ he mumbled as Gerard pulled back, confusion clouded over his green eyes.
‘Diary? Baby this is Ray we’re talking about here! He doesn’t keep a diary… does he?’ he asked as Frank shrugged.
‘Well he sure as fuck don’t talk about his feelings!’ he chuckled as Gerard thought for a moment.
‘Grab me my shirt… I’m curious now’ he muttered as Frank jumped off the bed, throwing his boyfriend a band tee. Both boys walked down the hall hand in hand into the game room, where Bob and Mikey played on videogames.
‘Guys… does Ray keep a diary?’ Gerard asked as Mikey shrugged.
‘No but he writes a lot of notes and stuff’ Bob replied as Frank titled his head.
‘About what?’ he asked as Bob shrugged, his eyes not tearing away from the game.
‘Just writes what’s on his mind and shit’ he murmured as Gerard smirked.
‘Guys our aim tonight is find out what’s on this note!’ Gerard grinned as Mikey shut off the Xbox.
‘Fine… it’s better than losing to Bob every time we play Mario kart!’ he sighed as Bob smirked behind him. They all discussed as formed a plan before they left the game room. Gerard and Frank got themselves positioned in the kitchen, before they began arguing. Ray raised an eyebrow as he walked into the kitchen, only to see Gerard seize Frank by the shoulders. Mikey jumped in front of Ray, his eyes wide.
‘Ray! Just stay back a bit okay! Don’t wanna be in the middle of a love quarrel do ya?!’ he laughed nervously as Ray looked at his friend weirdly.
‘What the fuck Mikey?’ he asked as Bob, being the master pickpocket he was, grabbed the note, before sneaking off back upstairs.
‘Look Frankie I’m sorry kay?’ Gerard finished as Frank shrugged.
‘Ok sexy’ he grinned as he kissed Gerard roughly on the lips.
‘Uh… I’m gonna go take a shower… see ya?’ Ray spoke quickly, before he ran madly up the stairs, locking himself in the bathroom. The three boys down stairs looked at one another, before sprinting up into the game room.
‘Did you get it?!’ Frank panted as Bob held up the note.
‘I never disappoint’ he smirked as Gerard grabbed it, smiling.
‘Cheers Bobert’ he grinned, before opening the note.
‘What does it say?’ Mikey asked as Gerard read it aloud.
‘Ha-ha-ha did you really think I was that stupid Frank love Ray x’ he read out, before Frank began to curse.
‘Mother fucker Ray you fucking smart ass you fucking suck Monkey!’ he yelled as Ray walked out of the bathroom, dripping wet.
‘No offence Frank but you’re an idiot’ he smiled before walking into his room, leaving the others annoyed.

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