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MCR get pissed but Bob's mum comes for a visit...

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Hey Guys! i'm like really mahoosivly bored so i thought i'd post another chapter (A fucking shit one at that)... ENJOY AND R&R COZ YOU LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!

Mikey giggled as he downed more of the vodka in his hand, before he slumped down next to Bob, who was laughing at nothing in particular. Ray was dancing around, singing Barbie girl, whilst sloshing red wine everywhere.
‘I’M A BARBIE GIRL!’ he sang, before tripping over an empty bottle on the floor, sending him toppling onto the floor.
‘Whoops Ray you fell’ Bob slurred as Mikey giggled again, some what girlishly. Gerard and Frank stumbled in, hair mess, alcohol lingering in their mouths.
‘Heeeeeeeey guys’ Frank grinned as he looked at the laughing Ray on the floor, before he began laughing himself, collapsing onto the chair, not realising he was on Gerard’s lap.
‘Soooooooooooooooooo what you lot doing then?’ Gerard grinned as Mikey held up a bottle of vodka.
‘Your mommy’ he yelled as Gerard began laughing.
‘Mikey we have the same mommy! Dumbass!’ Gerard replied childishly, before he began to kiss Frank’s neck.
‘So what were you two doing that needed privacy?’ Ray asked from the floor, wagging his eyebrows.
‘You mean who we were doing and the answer to that is each other my afro haired amigo’ Frank replied, chugging his 7th can of beer. Mikey’s head fell into Bob’s lap as Bob was laughing again, once again at nothing in particular. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, making Frank clap his hands.
‘Visitors!’ he cheered as he ran to the door, before swinging it open.
‘Shit! Hi… Mrs Bryar’ he said, loud enough for everyone to hear. Everyone began to shove bottled under the couches as Mikey sprayed air freshener everywhere, trying to disguise the smell of the mixture of booze they were drinking.
‘Hello Frank… is my son here?’ she asked as he nodded, before he let her onto the bus. He took her coat, before, after 5 attempts to hang it onto the coat rack. She walked into the living room to find the other boys sat on the couches, watching TV.
‘Hey mom!’ Bob grinned as he attempted to stand up, only to fall on the floor.
‘Oh my god sweetie are you okay?’ his mom asked frantically as he nodded.
‘Yeah just uh…’ he began before Ray cut in.
‘Dead legs’ Ray stated as Bob nodded, before he stood up, hugging his mom tightly.
‘What are you doing here?!’ he asked as his mom kissed his head lightly.
‘Is a mother not allowed to see her little Bobby anymore?’ she cooed as Gerard and Frank tried to hold in laughter.
‘So Frank, Gerard… you two still going strong?’ she asked as Gerard nodded.
‘Oh yeah our relation ship is rock solid' Frank stated as Gerard hit the back of his head. Bob’s mom looked confused as she sat down next to Mikey, who was leaning on Ray, looking tired.
‘Aw you tired Mikes?’ Gerard asked as Mikey nodded, before looking up at Ray, who was half asleep himself.
‘So mom… how’s you and dad?’ he asked as she scowled at him.
‘Bob you know your father is away on a business trip… I haven’t heard from him’ she replied as he nodded.
‘Well mom as nice as it is to see you we all need to get to bed… we have a busy day tomorrow’ he lied as she nodded, before kissing her son goodnight. When she left Bob slammed the door, before he heard an eruption of laughter from the living room.
‘Not funny!’ he yelled as he ran in, his blue eyes filled with annoyance.
‘By the way Frank… make another crack about your hard on in front of my mom again I’ll batter you!’ he threatened as Frank stopped laughing, before he tried to hide in Gerard’s jacket.
‘Come on Bobert I mean it wasn’t that bad!’ Ray laughed as he grabbed a bottle of wine from the cupboard before ripping off the cork with his teeth.
‘Hey that can be a party trick’ Mikey slurred as Gerard laughed, before grabbing a can of beer from under the sofa.
‘Well think about it Bob it could have been worse… All of our moms could of turned up’ Frank stated before they heard the door knock. Bob walked over to the door before opening it, a smirk on his face.
‘Guys… your mommies are here!’ he grinned as he heard scrambling and curse words from the other room.
Mikey glared at Gerard as they were cleaning.
‘What?’ Gerard asked as Mikey punched his arm.
‘You jinxed us you stupid fuck!’ he growled before all their moms came in.
‘Do I smell booze?’ Mrs Way asked as the boys sighed.
So much for drinking tonight!

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