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Last Chapter!

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Bob meets a girl and more Frerard insures... includes Rikey too!

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Hey this is the last chappie of the series! Thanks to all the people who reviewed i love you! -blows kisses- ENJOY! and R&R!!

My chemical romance lazed around back stage, waiting until they can go perform.
‘Gee… we could have had a quickie in the bathroom by now they’re taking so long!’ Frank whined as Mikey covered his ears.
‘Don’t need to know!’ he squeaked as Ray hugged him, patting his head.
‘So you and Mikey eh Toro?’ Bob asked as he nodded, a smile on his face.
‘Well you know what would happen if you break my bro’s heart’ Gerard warned as Ray rolled his eyes, nodding.
‘Gerard I know! You said it non-stop last night!’ Ray growled in annoyance as Frank shot up, his eyes wide.
‘Last night? WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HIM LAST NIGHT?!’ Frank cried in worry as Gerard leant forward, kissing his boyfriend lovingly.
‘Talked and shit… Frankie do you really think I’ll fuck Ray?’ he laughed as Mikey glared at his brother.
‘And what’s wrong with Ray?’ he asked, his glare scaring his brother.
‘Nothing! He’s very attractive!’ Gerard said in defence, before Frank walked off.
‘Frank I didn’t mean it like that!’ Gerard called as he went after his boyfriend. Mikey laughed as Bob sighed, looking round.
‘What’s up Bobert?’ Ray asked as the drummer turned round to him, a frown on his lips.
‘I want someone!’ he whined before Mikey looked forward, a smirk on his face.
‘Well I’ve just found the girl for you Bob-o’ he grinned as Bob looked where his friend was, before his jaw dropped. The girl had shoulder length black hair, her eyes a piercing blue. She was the same height as Frank, and had a small nose piercing.
‘Wow…’ Bob breathed as she looked at them, before walking over.
‘Um hi… I’m Sinister… I’m the new sound checker… can one of you guys show me where to go?… it’s all too new’ she asked shyly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.
‘I’ll do it!’ Bob grinned as he stood up, before looking at the other two, who wagged their eyebrows. Bob glared at them playfully before turning back to the girl. As they were walking they saw Frank and Gerard behind a speaker, making out.
‘Uh…’ Sinister began as Bob sighed.
‘If you wanna make out not where there’s a window! You stupid jackasses! You’ll make the fan girls faint!’ Bob called out as Frank pulled away, grinning.
‘That would be soo funny!’ he commented as Bob tolled his eyes, before turning back to Sinister.
‘Moving on’ he laughed nervously before they were at the stage.
‘Well I guess you just gotta… get to work…’ Bob sighed, disappointed that she has to work.
‘Thanks’ she replied as she went to walk off. Bob went after her and pulled her back, a blush creeping up on his face.
‘I was wondering… um do you wanna grab a coffee? You know after the concert’ he asked as she nodded.
‘Sure I’ll meet you backstage’ she grinned before she kissed him on the cheek, walking off. Bob grinned stupidly before walking back to Mikey and Ray, who were now joined by a making out Frank and Gerard.
‘Save some for the stage boys’ he mumbled before slumping, down, the grin not leaving his face.
‘Oooh why so happy Bob?’ Mikey teased as Bob sank down lower in his chair.
‘She’s having coffee with me after the concert…’ he replied as Gerard pulled away from Frank.
‘Who?’ he asked as Bob sighed happily.
‘Sinister… the girl I was with…’ he replied, obviously in his own world.
‘You mean the girl with the nose piercing? I’d so bang her!’ Frank laughed as Ray raised as eyebrow.
‘Frank you’d bang anything… fuck I’m surprised you’ve not tried to fuck all of us’ Mikey commented as Frank scowled.
‘Does it matter who I wanna fuck or not?’ he replied as Gerard began to kiss his neck.
‘You fuck me and me only… I’m your boyfriend remember… unless you want that Sinister girl…’ Gerard began as Bob snapped out of his daydream, glaring at Frank.
‘Don’t worry big boy! She’s your girl’ Ray laughed as they were called on.
‘FINALLY!’ Frank cheered as they ran on stage.
Halfway through the concert and 15 Frerard stage kisses later Bob spotted Sinister backstage, waving to him. He grinned widely before turning back, the smile still on his face.
When the concert was over Bob darted backstage, before running into the changing room. The guys laughed as he grabbed some clean clothes, wiping off the stage makeup on the way.
‘Calm down Bob!’ Mikey laughed as Bob shook his head, throwing on a different t-shirt. He ran out the dressing room, bumping into a lip locked Frank and Gerard.
‘Guys cant you make out somewhere else?!’ Bob whined as Frank giggled.
‘Well we would in the changing room but I think Ray and Mikey have dibbed it so no’ Gerard replied as Bob sighed.
‘Fine… I’ll see you guys later I’m gonna meet Sinister!’ Bob grinned as Frank pulled away from Gerard, before giving Bob something.
‘Be protected’ he winked as Bob glared at him.
‘Unlike you Frankie I can go one night with out fucking something’ he replied as Gerard gasped.
‘You calling me a thing?!’ Gerard demanded as Bob rolled his eyes.
‘We’ll talk later I’ve gotta go!’ Bob called back as he was already where Sinister was.
‘Hey you ready to go?’ he panted as Sinister giggled.
‘Yeah… what happened to you?’ she asked as he shrugged.
‘Band mates’ he replied before she held his hand, leading her out.
Frank and Gerard watched, before Gerard leaned towards the other.
‘He is SO getting laid tonight’ he whispered as Frank nodded.
‘He ain’t the only one’ he other half winked, before walking off, Gerard running after him.

Sorry if the Finale wasnt as good as you hoped but I tried my best!
thanks again for all the reviews they make my fucking day!
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