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Cuz Im insane

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009-07-03 - Updated: 2009-07-03 - 401 words

Umm, no rape yet. Just scraping off the paint on the walls. Frankie is really digging Ian, that guy he was makeing out with, you remember? No? Screw it! They just makeout, alot...for hours...and hours. I dont let Danny even touch me, unless he is being forceful. Frankie told me Ian is hung...eww. Danny kissed me yesterday..I cried..I know im fucking stupid..he hasnt talked to me since..I think he actually is scared of hurting me...On a more serious note FEATHER BOAS ITCH LIKE HELL!!!! And everyone is scared of Bob, if only they knew him the way we do..he wouldnt hurt a fly, Frankie, but not a fly...a bee maybe...Okay Fuck it...Bob is a nice guy there!

"I love you" Thats what Danny told me, just now...Im alittle shocked..Im ugly..and everything.
"Ummmh" I say
"You are really sweet, and I never meant to make you c--" I cut him off
"I didnt cry!! Shussh"
"Oh your friends...Im sorry I made you...upset"
"Better.Now why the hell do you care about and overly deppressing guy like me?"
"Well, your sweet and goodlooking, and funny..and your the only person here that isnt scared of me"
But I am scared, I just hide it with mutiple cuss words.
"Yeah sure..But Do you like me for this?" I do a little twirl, and my boa hits me in the face
"Or this?" I wipe the lipstick off my lips, and sit down.
He gets some off the side of my face, and just sets the bakc of his hand on my face.
"I love this, Gerard, makeup doesnt change you"
I smile. But fuck Im turning soft, I pull away and get a sense of lonelyness.
Danny gets up and walks over to his "Friends". Frankie sits next to me. "Its okay" he whispers, I feel tears roll down my cheeks. "Im fan-Fucking-tastic, Frankie! Okay?"
"Whats wrong for real?"
"Im fucking insane"
I want a drink, like, something that will make me the Gerard I am on stage, not whimpy and crying over a fucking cellmate.
Danny sees me crying...shity shit shit... He shows a look of pity, of sadness. I think like Im drunk, and stick my middle finger up at him. I start laughing, you know why?

Cuz Im fucking insane!
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