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Damn you all!!!

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awh...I love you guys sorry they are so short..very little time

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Day 9999,9999999....I dont day 8..and Mikey still doesnt want to come to grips with the fact that moms favorite child (him) is in jail...I remember when I was 16 and he was 14 and he told me that I was going to go to jail...I stole the kid's cookie and he gets all mad. No reason to tell me where Im going...haha. Strangely I havent gotten beaten up, because of the whole middle finger thing...MAWAHHA! Did I just evil laugh? I guess cause they know my "celeb" status and all...or they are scared of Bob...either way...I aint in the shit today.

"I want candy" I mumble.
Frankie looks over at me and moves to wear our hips and touching. "Why?"
"Cuz, I dont remember what sugar is like"
He laughs "Yeah.."
"Wanna makeout?" I look at him..
Danny turns over from his seat...he refuses to talk to me. Evil Laugh time?? No, no Later...
"Hell yes" and Frankie sits in my lap..I havent tasted sugar in a while, but Im sure that he tastes like sweet.
He groans alittle, cuz Im rubbing him. He is an amazing kisser, if all you fangirls want to know...and so am I...but you already knew that.
Danny is very upset I see it in his face, but I never regret, and I have had a crush on Frankie ever since he thought I was a girl in 5th grade, and kissed me. And after he relized I wasnt (boner!!) he was bisexual, and still is. I CONVERTED ONE!!!! MAWAWHAHA! I am digging this evil laugh thing..Damn

He gasps for breath, smiles and presses his head in the crook of my neck. Suck it!
"You taste like candy" i whisper. I feel him smiling. "You taste like crayons..." He giggles.
"What have I told you about eating those, havent we learnd from the mac and chesse accident?"
He looks up "I like em"
"Your like Mikey..I swear Him equals forks in toaster, You equals eating crayons.."
"I dont kill myself, by trying to toast metal objects!"
"Okay, but if you eat my crayons again, I'll kill you"
"MMMHHH 84 pack.." He sighs
"nooo....maybbbee" he laughs. I kiss him. Our lipsstick is everywhere, and his lips are pink from our makeout..
I kiss him again. "Never again"
"Never again, Gee"
I like this place now the pent up sexual energy is kinda hot...Damn you horny cellmates...I cant stick my hand down my pants in peace..ok...ok Yeah I stick my hand down my pant in public areas with thosands of people, but this is different.

Nope its not
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