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Maybe I will

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I am a weirdo...sorry fangirls...dont scream NOOO. Cause I think Im like mental...I need to fuck...and everytime Frankie bends over to tie his shoe, I just want to BAM! rape em.
Hahah Im really gay. I just talk to myself you know.
Well Im grinding on Frankie and he is digging it. Horny, cuz...I never give it to him anymore...yes to come clean to the rumors, we date on and off, and he is my lover, sometimes.
Other than that we are just sexy sexy friends.

Guess what happened????!!!! Yeah you wannna know??? Well, I dont feel like telling you anymore..
Sorry...LO-SER! Im kidding, I will tell ALL. MAWAWAWAHHHHAAAAHHHAAA! Did you see how long that one was? Ive been praticing....Oh I had I dream that I was drowning in a giant cup of diet coke.
Wait what? Oh fuck yeah...what happened again? Oh yeah...
Last night, I wake up cuz I feel someone touching me, and Danny is stradleing me. OH MY GOD!!
He mumbles something about sex, and how pretty I am. EWWWIE POOIE! I push him off and tell him Im abstennate...aberstainete....abstainennt...aber----FUCK! I tell him I dont have least not randomly (Unless Im feeling random? GROWL! wink wink, that means you LADY GAGA!)
He tells me he knows that Im not...I well up fake tears and he walks away..MAWAWHAAHA!
I pretty sure he would rape me...I guess he might have seen my stage pics, cuz those are like softcore gay porn....heheheheheheheheh which I dont watch...wink wink

I have been winking alot in this chapter...WAIT CHAPTER? IM IN A STORY? nah no one in their right mind would right about me...wink wink...I WAS FORCED TO DO THAT WINK WINK OKAY!!!!?

Well other than my latenight fantasies about Lady Gaga...I mean Frankie...I mean Lyn-Z...I mean okay I meant Lady Gaga...but isnt that weird..cuz I thought she was a man..or is that Chris Croker? Or Kim Kardahin..yep Me spell baddly. I dont keep up with Kim Kardashin and her largely growing family and her number of ass flabs...
I love Frankie....he meh toy boy
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