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The Game

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Here we go again....

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The two mechs charged at each other, and metal scraped against metal as Autobot and Decepticon collided. Once again, Megatron and Optimus Prime had done away with their weapons, Megatron in the hope of destroying his enemy with his own bare hands, Optimus in the interest of fair play. There were deep grunts of pain as forceful kicks and jarring punches hit their marks, but, as usual, Megatron was not playing fair. The Decepticon leader had the upper hand and was slowly advancing on Optimus, hoping to pin his rival down in an attempt to rip the pulsing spark from its chest cavity, hopefully crushing the Matrix of Leadership while he was at it. Finally, Megatron managed to give Optimus a few swift kicks to the ankle joints, and Optimus grunted in pain as his back slammed against something hard. Megatron gave the Prime a feline grin, wrapping one hand around his neck and beginning to crush both metal and circuits alike.

At last, Megatron had Optimus exactly where he wanted him, reasonably defenseless and all alone. Megatron’s own soldiers were keeping the Autobots at bay with a barrage of laser fire. Optimus was on his own now.

Megatron drew one fist back, intent of bringing that fist smashing into Optimus’ faceplate. He swung the punch, but when his fist was mere inches from Optimus’ face, the Decepticon warlord was forced to stop.

Optimus looked up in confusion as Megatron slapped a hand to his face and growled.

“What? What is it??” he asked, wondering just what could have stopped Megatron from using the perfect opportunity for causing him major harm.

“I just lost the game,’ Megatron groaned.

All around them the sound of gunfire stopped, and it was replaced instead with loud groans, snarls, and a resounding chorus of ‘I just lost the game’ echoing from both factions.

“No, not you too,’ Megatron groaned.

“Sadly enough, yes,’ Optimus replied.

“Stupid humans…” Megatron growled.


You have just been officially inducted into The Game.

The only way to win The Game is not to think about The Game.

If at any time The Game enters your mind, then you have just lost The Game. You must announce out loud ‘I just lost The Game,’ and then wait for The Game to exit your mind before being able to re-enter The Game.

You are now eternally confused.
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