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Jewelry and Foolery

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[Co-Author: Kimi][LeiranxNijo] Leiran finds Nijo lost in the wilderness and reluctantly takes him back to his domicile, where things begin to get... Interesting.

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Nijo lay on his side on the ground, hands bound behind him with some sort of rope. The tanned skin of his shoulders, back and flat tummy were scrapped as he was shirtless and had been dragged along some beaten path. He had been blindfolded, so he had no idea as to who took him out here but as he lay writhing on the ground, his keen ears picked up the sound of retreating foot steps about twenty minutes ago. What little clothing he still had on consisted of khaki cargo shorts that fell just past his knees and heavy boots with metal plates around the toes.

Leiran's first thought, seeing the bound stranger in the middle of the path, was that he should have followed his instincts and gone another way. It was just his luck, to attempt to get away from people, to head out into what was, more or less, the middle of nowhere- and stumble upon the one person for miles. His -next- thought was that maybe, just maybe, he should see if this guy was alright. He did look kind of beaten up... Pausing, Leiran continued to contemplate the stranger, pushing pale hair out of dark eyes. "...You alive, kid? Watcha doing tied up there?"
It was probably a bad idea, saying anything...

"Eh?" Nijo swings his head over to where the sound came from, somewhere above and to his left. The blindfold, a dark piece of cloth, was still tied behind his head. "I think I'm alive…ouch!" His face contorted into a mix of pain and surprise as a cut somewhere on his torso stung with a sharp twinge. Whimpering faintly, the boy curls up into a ball, pulling his legs up to his chest. As he balled up, the hidden black tail sprang up, stirring a cloud of dust in its wake.

Almost despite himself, Leiran crouched down in the dust beside the other boy, taking pity upon him. Honestly- what could he have done, to merit being tied up and left for dead? A bit less-than-gently, Leiran moved to haul Nijo up, in a half-hearted attempt to uncurl him. With slim fingers, he pried the blindfold away from the other boy's eyes, pulling it off his head. "And is there a reason why you -shouldn't- be?" he asked, wryly.

Biting his lower lip, Nijo allows himself to be helped up, sucking up the slight pain that came from moving. At least he was able to see and he was off the ground, he thought. Blinking bright yellow eyes, he turns to face Leiran and nods his head in thanks. "I'm not sure why they, or whoever it was that took me out here, I'm not sure why they did this." He glances over his shoulder and flicks his tail as if to make sure that it was alright before returning his attention to his savior. "Maybe it has something to do with my tail and ears…" Trailing off, he nods his head again managing to verbally thank him with a meager "thanks."

Leiran nodded, offering a gruff "you're welcome." It didn't really seem right to be thanked for doing something that anyone with just the slightest bit of compassion would do. Not only that, but he was getting antsy, sitting in the middle of the path with the strange wolf-boy; he wanted to be -gone.- "Listen- Uh, guess I don't know what your name is, but I'm sorry they did this to you, y'hear? But I wanna get going, y'know? Would you be alright if I just found some way to get your hands untied. Don't know if I could untie you myself, and I don't have anything to cut the ropes with... Oh... Maybe..." Leiran trailed off, dipping two fingers into a pouch by his waist, and pulling out a pair of wire cutters.

Nijo shrugs his shoulders slightly, grimacing as that shot a new pain throughout his body. "Ahh-umm, I think I'll be alright." He pauses for a moment then asks with a tilt of his head, "Uhh, just where are we? I've never seen this place before." His eyebrows knit together in a puzzled manner as he tries to desperately remember where he was last.

"The middle of nowhere," Leiran declared, perhaps just a little too cheerfully. As he spoke, he moved behind Nijo, carefully working at the ropes binding Nijo's hands with the wire cutters. Wouldn't want to dull them... "That a problem?"

"Eh?! No way!" Tears begin to well up in the corners of his bright eyes from a mix of pain and panic. "Mou…I guess it's alright," dropping his head forward, ears drooping, he adds, "I don't exactly remember where I came from."

Leiran felt guilty at first; he hadn't meant to make the boy -cry.- Then he chided himself- he claimed to want to get away from the pettiness and problems of other people, and then here he was, feeling sorry for some stranger. Then again... The kid wasn't entirely a -human,- was he? He was more of a wolf-boy... And a rather cute one, at that. It shouldn't really make a difference. Finishing with the wire cutters, Leiran pulled the ropes away. "It is a problem," Leiran decided, not asking. "Here- what's your name, kid? I'm Leiran."

"Leiran, eh?" A smile replaces the panicked expression. "I'm Nijo." It takes a moment for his arms to come back around to the front as they had been behind him for who knows how long. Staring at his hands in his lap, he watches as his hands slowly regain feeling in them by working on clenching and unclenching them.
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