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Chapter 3

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The Attack

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Chapter 3

Ha ha it seems I have finally forced myself to write this, I’ve been wanting to for a while but I’ve been super busy anyway on with the chapter.


Atlanta gasped as she struggled to get up tripping over the blankets that she had wrapped around herself .She could feel the ground tremble beneath her as the giants walked closer and closer to her. She kicked at the blankets desperately, trying to get free. Suddenly the steps stopped and Atlanta froze, she turned around and looked up to see a large grubby hand the size of a large tree stump reaching for her legs. She screamed.


Archie swivelled around as he heard her cry for help echo through the forest. Throwing down his bag he ran back along the path, gripping the handle of his sword tightly.

He emerged into the clearing to see Atlanta struggling in the hands of an ogre. He felt a rush of blind rage as he drew his sword and charged at the ugly beast.

He heard a sickening sound as his sword slashed at its ankles and it howled in pain letting Atlanta drop to the ground unconscious. It raised its fists in anger and swung them heavily at Archie. He dived out of the way just missing the blow. He got up and backed away from the ogre as it tried to regain its balance. He started towards Atlanta when he felt a crushing pain as the second beast swung his arm against his side. He fell forward landing near the ogre’s feet and got up slowly, steadying himself with his sword. He looked up trying to regain his breath and saw the creature charging at him once again. Rolling out of the way he turned around to see the ogre run head on into the other. They roared in pain as they came crashing down against a large clump of trees. He got up slowly and watched in awe as the small cloud of dust and leaves cleared. He watched the beasts for a minute before deciding they were unconscious. He turned around to where Atlanta had been dropped only to see her being carried away by the little man.

“Let her go!” he yelled angrily as he charged towards the man.

The man turned around and his eyes widened in fear as he saw the young lad charging towards him in such a rage. He stumbled backwards dropping Atlanta heavily against a tree and turned to run.

Archie slowed down as he reached where Atlanta had been left and stopped. “Don’t you ever touch her again!” he yelled at the man fading into the distance. Crouching down by the tree he picked up Atlanta’s limp body and began to carry her back his camp.

“It’s ok Atlanta; I’ll make sure that they never hurt you again.” He said quietly.


I know this was a short chapter but I’m sleepy and fight scenes are hard to write. I might very well have another chapter up by tomorrow… maybe 2! Anyway I hope this was to your liking.

Till next chappie
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