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Chapter 04

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When Shiva took on human form to attend Deling City's Eden Festival, she hadn't counted on falling in love with local monster hunter Marin Loire.

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Siren sat thoughtfully upon her favourite rock as she practiced on her harp. The beautiful tones were marred all of a sudden by a misplayed note. Frowning, she tried the offending sequence for the fifth time.

After three more tries, she gave up.

"Shiva," she wailed, "why haven't you come home? It's been four months now! You should be here with me! Aren't you sick of that mortal, yet?"

Looking into her Mirror of Farsight, she saw Shiva still in her human guise walking arm-in-arm with the admittedly handsome mortal. As she watched, they stopped walking just long enough to exchange a moment of conversation followed by Shiva throwing her arms around her companion and kissing him soundly.

"NO!" Siren cried. Young though she was for her kind, she knew exactly what she had just witnessed. Things had clearly gone on too long if her sister was entertaining the notion of settling down with a human.

Making her way to the point where the worlds met, she slipped through to around the corner from Marin and Reine.


The new engagement ring that encircled Reine's finger sparkled in the midafternoon sunlight as she and Marin turned the corner and found themselves facing an angry demigoddess.

"You don't belong here, Shiva," Siren wailed. "Look at you. You don't even have a tenth of your power in this form."

"I know my power is weaker in this body," Reine told Siren. "But Marin is strong, and we work well together. Plus, we're in love. So you'll have to get along without me for a while longer."

"Just leave him, Sis," Siren pleaded. "Forget him."

"I can't," Reine smiled.

Siren stared at her. "You're..."

Reine nodded.

"You're welcome to stay and help with the baby," Marin offered. "We could certainly use an extra pair of hands around the house.

Siren shook her head as she allowed herself to vanish back to where she'd come from. "I can't. I have my own obligations."
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