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Chapter 05

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When Shiva took on human form to attend Deling City's Eden Festival, she hadn't counted on falling in love with local monster hunter Marin Loire.

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Janine Loire eyed her future daughter-in-law with mild disapproval. The young lady was clearly pregnant, though not very far along.

"Young people these days," she scolded, "always getting ahead of themselves. If I showed up in town in that condition without a husband in my day, I'd have been stoned alive."

"Times change, Mom." Marin told her. "And Reine has agreed to marry me."

"A little late, but better than not at all," Janine sighed. "So, when do you plan on having your wedding?"

"Next weekend," Marin replied.

"So, Reine, tell me about yourself."

"Well," Reine replied, "I've only been in town for a few months. I wouldn't have stayed at all if it hadn't been for Marin."

"Love at first sight, was it?" Janine smiled in understanding. "That would certainly explain why you two couldn't keep your hands off each other."


Siren stood at the doors to the council chambers, debating. She'd made the journey without hesitation, wanting her sister home. But now that she had reached her destination, she suddenly wasn't so sure about what lie ahead.

"Little Siren has come to visit us then," Eden inquired as she stepped out of the chamber doors, golden wings a-glimmer. "But without Shiva. Tell me, where is your sister?"

"She fell in love with a man living in Deling City, Mistress Eden," Siren confessed. "During your festival."

"And I take it she is at home pining?"

"She is with him. Pregnant."

"I see." Eden closed her eyes. Of all the Guardians, only she bore gift of FutureSight. She shared her visions with no one, but did not hesitate to share ideas so that some futures might be guaranteed and others might be averted. In the unfolding events that sprang from the marriage of Marin and Reine, she saw the salvation of Esthar and the liberation of two races. This child, she knew, must be allowed to be born.

Siren waited for Eden's next words.

"You sister will not be summoned home until after the first of the year," Eden told her. "Her human body cannot handle the body she has placed upon it. She will have her baby, hold him in her arms, and name him with her dying breath. Then she will return here."
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