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Chapter 06

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When Shiva took on human form to attend Deling City's Eden Festival, she hadn't counted on falling in love with local monster hunter Marin Loire.

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Reine rose from her bed and walked into the bathroom.

After taking care of the necessities, she returned to her bedroom.

As she sat there, gazing at her wedding gown, she began to have second thoughts. This wasn't just a week in the mortal realm, or even a year. She would be there for the rest of her mortal life. True, that would be eighty years at most, but was it what she really wanted?


Reine turned and hugged her sister. "I can't do it, Siren," she lamented.

"Yes, you can."

Siren had been sent the moment Eden had sensed Reine's hesitation. There was too much at stake for Reine to back out now. The fate of the world rested in the hands of the child she bore and the son he would one day beget.

"But, to be gone from you for so long," Reine sobbed.

"It won't be that long. Reine, you won't be happy at home. You love Marin too much. We both know that."

"But what about you? How will you get along without me?"

"I'll be fine. Besides, you have to stay. Eden says this little guy," she touched the small swell in Reine's belly where her child rested, "is going to be very important some day."

"Eden doesn't share her visions unless they're imporant," Reine thought aloud as she studied her veil. "Okay, then. I'll stay, if it's that important. Besides, you're right. I do love Marin. Promise me you'll stay for the wedding."

"I will."

"Tell me something, did Eden say if I was having a boy or a girl?"

"A boy," Siren told her. "Are you thinking about what to name him?"

"We already decided that a month ago," Reine replied as she got into her wedding gown. "It would have been Angelina if it had been a girl."

"Pretty name. So, what are you calling your son?"

"Laguna," Reine replied. "Laguna Loire."
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