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"Dani, how'd you get that bruise on your arm?" Donna asked.

Gerard tensed and aggressively speared his chicken. Mikey started tapping his foot and glancing around the room. Frank and Dani both sighed and looked down at their plates.

She shook her sleeve back into place. "I banged it against my door the other day. I'm pretty clumsy."

Donna grimaced and nodded. "Hmm."

Gerard glared at Dani from across the table. Mikey and Frank had monopolized the seats next to her that night. "Yeah. Dani gets hurt all the time 'cause she's just so uncoordinated!"

Dani swallowed and started fidgeting. " know, Mrs Way...Donna, thank you so much for letting me stay here."

Donna smiled. "It's nice to have someone here besides...those...three, I guess, since Frank's here about six days out of the week anyway," she laughed.

"Yeah. I'm sure they're a...handful. Mikey, is that potatoes in your ear?"

"Yes. Yes it is." He whipped his head around at Frank. "You've got some in your hair, too, because Frodo can't aim."

Dani reached back and felt the mush in her hair, only slightly horrified. While Frank cowered in fear from Donna's wrath, she stood up, bringing her plate to the kitchen.

Gerard noticed the look in her eyes and followed her, even though he still had a decent amount of food on his plate. "You okay?"

Dani scrapped her leftover peas into the sink. "Yeah, I'm fine," she answered unconvincingly.

"Chin up. That's what my dad always says." Gerard left his plate on the counter and put his arm around her, leading her back to the dining room.

"I'm sorry! Please, don't leave it like this! I can change! You'll see!" Frank wailed, on his knees, clutching Mikey's ankle.

"It...won' leg!" Mikey shook his leg, trying to detach Frank, but he stuck like glue.

Donna rolled her eyes and went to the kitchen to clean up. "To think I encourage this..." she muttered.

"So," Mikey said, ignoring Frank's fake sobs from the ground. "We were thinking about watching another movie tonight. But this time, Mom said we could inflate the air mattress and make cheesy popcorn."

Among a chorus of Frank- "Please, please, don't leave me! I always say how I don't need you, but it's always gonna come right back to me-" Dani felt Gerard nod. "What movie?"

"Um...I want to watch Back to the Future. For the millionth time."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

After about thirty minutes, the mattress was ready, along with the promised cheesed-up popcorn, and Frank had quieted down and been "consoled" by Dani.

The movie started, all of them squished on the big, puffed up...glorified sleeping bag. Gerard and Dani were wrapped up in each other, not like they minded, and Frank was suffocating Mikey at first, but eventually everybody was comfortable and had a spot where they could see.

Dani looked around at all of them...her eyes starting to glaze over. They were all there. Everybody that was important to her. Her...her family. Her dysfunctional, caring, hilarious, hyperactive, amazing family.

The four of them.

Donna, in the next room, the mother that made sure they didn't burn the house down...or worse.

Frank, the obnoxious, bold, baby of them all. And it worked on him.

Mikey, the adorable, shy kid who was everyone's little brother. Who you could depend on to stay gold.

Gerard, the one she could tell secrets to, the one who had some issues of his own, the one she'd fallen in love with.

They For being imperfect.

She wasn't really sure where she fit the...sort of...assistant mother sometimes. When they needed her to be. The sister that could joke around with them and be herself with them. And with Gerard, she supposed she was the "girlfriend." Even though it wasn't what they called her.

She missed most of the movie, the bad 80's clothes and the bad 50's clothes, the crazy scientists and DeLoreans.

Up until the scene in the parking lot, outside the "Enchantment Under the Sea Dance." She recoiled into whoever's shoulder was next to her at the time, she assumed it was Gerard's because it smelled like him, as Biff struggled with Loraine in the front seat of the car, obviously trying to have his way with her.

Dani heard her pleas for help, and that was enough to send her into silent tears.

She wiped them on Gerard's sleeve, not wanting anyone else to notice.

"It's over. Look, we turned it off," he whispered in her ear.

She glanced up. Sure enough, the screen was blank. Frank stood up and flicked on the light. He looked stony, angry, and somewhere under that, sad. Because he knew why she'd freaked out. Mikey just looked plain confused. Gerard was, as horrible as it was, getting used to it, but he was still upset, seeing her cry.

"What? God, no. Go ahead and finish your movie. I'm sorry, it's okay. Really," she added, seeing their disbelieving faces.

"No," all three boys said at the same time. "Whoa!" they all said simultaneously, for the second time.

Mikey sat down next to her, and so did Frank, Gerard resting on the other side. "We're not okay when you're not okay," Mikey continued.

"I second that," Frank said seriously.

"Me...three..." Gerard couldn't think of anything cool to say so he sat there, almost laughing at him dorkiness.

"Aw, you're making me cry again..." Dani swiped at her eyes furiously, giggling at herself.

Frank hopped up. "I can fix that!"

Oh, God, the other three all groaned internally.

He paused, thinking and looking around for something. "Ah-ha!" he exclaimed. Frank grabbed the half-filled popcorn bowl and frowned, rubbing his chin. "Gerard hogs the popcorn. I didn't get any."

Gerard made a face and spoke up. "Uh, so sorry, Frankie, but really, look, Dani's...she's fine now, so you don't have anything to entertain her."

Mikey joined in. "Yeah, Frank. She's smiling."

"See! All smiles!" Dani helped the other two coax him out of it like a small child.

Frank made an innocent face. "Hm..." There was a loud bang as he dropped the popcorn bowl over his head, making the snack food fall to the ground like rain over him.

All of them had to laugh when the bowl landed on his head like a goofy hat. "Whalah!"

Donna poked her head out from around the corner. "What's he doing?" she yelled.

"Ah!" Frank shrieked at the sight of her. "Go easy on me, go easy on me!"

Gerard rolled his eyes (they seemed to be doing this a lot in Frank's presence) and looked over at his mother. "Dumped popcorn on the floor. Like an idiot."

"Frank Anthony Iero, I've...practically...raised you better than this!" She shook her head, walking over to the scene of the crime. She sighed when she saw it wasn't that big of a mess. "Pick up the popcorn, Frank."

"Sorry. Could've been worse though, what with them egging me on and all..." He winked at them and bent down to grab the bits of food.

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