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Card 13

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Seto makes a promise to Mokuba. The promise is hard to keep but he knows he must keep it no matter what.

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Duel Deck

Card 13: A Brother's Promise

There was a mixture of darkness and light, a combination of cold and hot. The world around him made no sense and he couldn't remember why. Seto slowly opened his eyes. He wasn't sure what was going on and didn't remember ever going to sleep, but one thing was for sure he had a killer headache.

He tried to get up, but the dizziness made him lay down again. He rested for a few moments before trying to get up again, slowly this time. He recognized his surroundings as his room, but it looked a bit different, nothing too significant, just a few details out of place.

The large windows where opened letting the bright sunlight in. He wasn't sure if he felt cold or hot, it was a mixture of both. He touched his forehead and concluded this strange sensation was due to the fever he had. Was it just a common cold, or maybe something more?

Still confused and somewhat disoriented, Seto examined his surroundings. A knife stained with blood lay beside him near a blood stain on the bed sheet. He reached for it and felt pain as he did. He noticed a deep cut in his right arm and wondered how it got there. He got up and headed to the bathroom to find the first aid kit and treat his wound.

As he walked, Seto noticed empty bottles and small jars scattered on the floor. Clearly the bottles were once filled with a drink containing alcohol and the small jars contained some kind of nonprescription medicine, like headache medicine, which he needed badly now. All those objects on the floor confused him very much. He truly had no idea of how they got in his room, his memory was blank. His surroundings were hard to understand, he was still very dizzy and lost.

Seto got to the bathroom and washed his cut. Upon doing so, he noticed the bits of dry blood that stained the floor and the tub, leaving a small trail out of the bathroom, but his cut was dry, so that must have happened before. Somehow, Seto knew it was his blood, but he couldn't remember what exactly happened. He finished cleaning his cut and took a shower, noticing other cuts as he covered himself in soap. The warm water felt good, he was beginning to feel more awake now.

He got dressed in clean clothes and went back to his room to pick up the bottles and jars from the floor. This worried him. Did he get drunk and try to poison himself? No, of course not. He wouldn't do that, right?

Suddenly, Seto remembered his little brother and panic took over. He dropped everything and ran to Mokuba's room but Mokuba was not there. "Mokuba!" Seto ran around the entire Kaiba mansion yelling out his little brother's name, but he received no answer.

Seto ran outside hoping that he would find Mokuba in the yard. "Mokuba!" Still he got no answer. He continued running and searching until he saw Mokuba up ahead. He calmed down and took a deep breath.

Seto still wasn't sure about what happened, but his little brother was safe, so everything would be okay. "Mokuba, don't disappear like that."

Mokuba quickly stepped back, not allowing Seto to hug him. This of course this surprised Seto, since usually Mokuba is the first to jump on him and glomp him. "You promised to be happy!"

Seto just looked confused. "I am happy," was the only thing that Seto thought of saying, yet somehow he didn't believe himself.

"Don't forget me but don't remember me that way," Mokuba insisted. Seto had no idea what he was talking about.

Mokuba smiled, "promise not to be sad, promise to go on and live your life happily, reach your goals and dreams. Don't forget me, but don't remember me in sadness. Always remember the good times big brother! It's the only way I can rest." Seto just nodded not knowing what to say. "Tell me that you promise," Mokuba requested.

"I promise," Seto answered without thinking about what he was saying.

"Keep your promise big brother!" Mokuba began to walk away, slowly disappearing.

"Mokuba!" Seto ran after him, but Mokuba was gone. He continued running until he came to what appeared to be a tombstone in the middle the garden. Why didn't he remember that being there before?

Seto came closer to read the name written on the tomb. "Mokuba Kaiba," his memories slowly returned, flooding his mind with pain and sadness. He remember now what happened, he did want to die, he did try to commit suicide but the alcohol and pain killers made him loose consciousness before he made the final cut.

Once again Seto wanted to be dead. The pain of losing his little brother was too much. But now he couldn't die. Now he had a promise to honor and this time he would keep his promise, or at least he would try as hard as he could.

"Why did you made me make such a promise, Mokuba?" Seto didn't question if what he saw was real or not, either way, he knew that this was a promise Mokuba would want him to keep. He stood there for a few minutes looking at the tombstone with tears. "Rest in peace little brother; I'll do my best to keep my promise this time."

End of Card 13

Disclaimer, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! Writing Kaiba bros angst was the in thing back then...
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