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Cards 10, 11 and 12

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Guardian Snow Angel, My Point Of View and Perfect Little Boy

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Duel Deck

Card 10: Guardian Snow Angel

"When there's no one around, I see my Guardian Snow Angel. I feel at peace when he's with me. When no one else is there, he's the way he used to be. You bring me a feeling of happiness so nice that no even death makes me sad, because you're still here in another way. Thank you for always taking care of me, my guardian snow angel. Even if the snow claimed you, you never left my side or my heart." Seto closed the story book having finished reading to Mokuba.

It was one of those stories that came out in Christmas. One of the main characters died, but he stayed in the story as the guardian snow angel. According to the book, all the lived claimed by snow during Christmas, regardless of how the snow took their lives, would become snow angels. Mokuba wanted a Christmas story and Seto had gotten quite a few books for him.

xoxox xox xoxox

He just had to go to that meeting. No matter if he promised his little brother he would stay home because it was so close to Christmas, a few days away, he had to go. Seto was the one who called the meeting anyway. Against his promise to Mokuba he spent the previous night working late and needed to meet with some of his employees before his new project could go to the next step. Seto Kaiba was not one to wait. Of course he was also not one to let his little brother down.

After leaving Mokuba with his new videogames to keep him busy, Seto snuck out and hoped in his helicopter for speed. He would be out and back in the Kaiba Mansion with time to spare before Mokuba noticed. Normally Seto was better at making decisions, but this was a horrible one. Helicopters and snow don't mix. The next thing he knew, all he saw was the white snow.

Seto arrived at home late that night. Mokuba must have noticed and might have gotten worried, but it's not like he could call. His cell phone wouldn't have a signal in the storm and either way he was too busy piloting his helicopter then. One thing was for sure, Seto Kaiba would never get on anything that flies during a snow storm.

Seto didn't know why but he had a strange feeling. As if he couldn't remember all the day's events very well, yet he remembered memories from a long time ago so clearly. It was odd to remember all his life that well, yet not remember things that had happened minutes ago, like when he landed his helicopter. He didn't like that feeling at all. He felt as if there was something wrong. To convince himself that nothing too tragic was going on, he quickly went to find his little brother.

Mokuba was in his room, hugging his pillow while crying. "Mokuba," Seto called him.

"Big Brother!" Mokuba immediately glomped Seto and cried some more.

"I'm sorry I left Mokuba," Seto tried to make Mokuba calm down and stop crying. Looks like his little brother got a bigger scare than he thought.

"You're here, you're okay, you're alive!" Had Mokuba really gotten worried to the point that he thought something life threatening happened to him? Seto hugged his little brother feeling guilty for giving him such a big scare.

xoxox xox xoxox

The next few days went by quickly. Seto spent all his time with Mokuba and actually managed not to work (too much) during that time. All was happiness in the Kaiba Mansion until he came. Seto and Mokuba were in the living room playing chess when he arrived, a lawyer that worked for Kaiba Corporation, for some reason he had a key.

"Mokuba we have a bit of a situation here. With Mr. Kaiba gone, everyone is out to get Kaiba Corp. You're still too young so someone will have to help run things until you're old enough to do it yourself," the lawyer explained.

Mokuba looked at the lawyer, then at Seto. "But that was all a mistake, my brother's right there." He pointed at the empty space in front of him.

The lawyer sighed, poor kid. "Look Mokuba, I'm not good at such subjects, my job is to preserve the company to the name of a Kaiba and I'll lose that job if you lose Kaiba Corp. as my contract states."

"What are you talking about?" Seto got no answer, as if the only one who could see and hear him was Mokuba.

"He's right there, don't you see him?" Mokuba started to get teary eyes.

The lawyer waved his hand around the empty space where Seto was supposed to be and he would have hit him but nothing happened. He was there, but he was like a hologram.

Mokuba stared in disbelief. How was it that he could do that? Mokuba took a chess piece and threw it at Seto, who tried to catch it, but it landed on the floor behind him going through his hand, his ability to interact with solid objects weakened in the presence of someone other than his brother.

Mokuba looked right at Seto. "Why didn't you tell me?" He was trying to hold back more tears.

"Tell you what?" The lawyer thought the question was directed at him, being the only other person there.

"Why did you lie to me Seto?" After yelling that question Mokuba, ran upstairs and locked himself in his room.

Seto quickly followed. "Mokuba what's wrong? I know something is happening!"

Mokuba looked at his brother with tears in his eyes. "I heard the helicopter crashed and you were hurt, killed. But then you came and I thought you survived and got better, but you didn't. I'm sorry I yelled at you, I understand now you didn't know, maybe I always knew but didn't want to admit it."

"I didn't make it?" Deep down Seto knew, the memory finally surfaced.

"At least you're still here in another way," was all that Mokuba could say, while he made himself smile and felt that magical peace that only snow angels bring.

Card 11: My Point Of View

Seto Kaiba's Point of View

Now I realize just how much I miss him. Why Mokuba? Why did you do this to me? Have I not been a good enough brother for you? I know I haven't been the perfect sibling, but I've done my best, yet I failed.

You're gone, I lost you and I miss you. Somehow, I've lost the will to live. Right now I would normally be working, but I can't concentrate. My mind is filled by only one thing: a question. This questing is: Why? I still don't understand why this happened and with Mokuba none the less.

I would never imagine something like this would happen to me, but that's the way it is; you think you're immune to these things. You think it just can't happen to you until it does. Accidents happen to everyone, just like death.

It hasn't been long since I lost someone very important to me and I miss him so much. I still remember what it's like to hug him so clearly. I'm afraid I'll forget.

I failed, I failed and it ended in tragedy. I should have done something, I know I could have. I knew there was something wrong with the helicopter, well I didn't really know, but I suspected it. I shouldn't have ignored it, I could have saved him.

Mokuba, why? Everyone thinks I overreacted, being so depressed over this loss. Yugi and I were dueling when I received the news. The helicopter I sent to Mokuba, my little brother...

I didn't believe it at first, but then the truth sank in. Yugi tried to be his normal cheerful self and tried to tell me that it would be okay. But it's not okay; Yugi doesn't understand, he has never lost anyone like I have. I guess I shouldn't blame him for not knowing, it's something no one wants to learn about first hand.

I must have done something horrible in a past life to deserve this, if there is such a thing. If so, I'm sure Ishizu is wrong in all her little predictions, my real past self must have been more evil than she could ever imagine. Then this is my punishment? No, if it was, then I would have suffered the accident, not him.

I'm losing my mind, there's no such things as past lives. I'm just a total failure who couldn't protect someone he cares about., I can't live with myself, not like this, I can never get over this, never. I want this to end, this terrible pain. I can't stand it, not even I, Seto Kaiba, can deal with this loss.

No, only I carry his true memory. He wouldn't want me to be sad. I know he wouldn't, then why am I sad? I know why, because he's gone and I can't do anything to change that.

I try to get more comfortable in the couch where I've been laying for a while now, thinking of depressing thoughts. There is an object on a small table next to the couch that catches my attention. What is that doing there? It's almost 11:30 pm, outside its dark and the lights are off.

I stare at the object I saw and reach out for it. Then I just stare at it some more. It's like I'm in a trance with no control over my actions. All I want is for this pain to end. Why Mokuba? Why?

The next thing I know a few drops of red liquid fall. I'm holding my hand out and the liquid keeps falling and falling like deadly raindrops staining the carpet crimson.

I close my eyes. It's over. There's nothing I can do to fix this. No matter how hard I try, I can't change the past. He's gone, never to return, he's gone and that's all there is to it. I couldn't save him, it's the end. "I'm dying!"

"No you're not." I hear a gentle voice and open my eyes then I see it, a creature of light, like an angel that has come to me. The beautiful light gently takes the object from me and cleans the red substance on my hand and wrist. "Come," the light extends her hand to me.

I take the light's hand and we go up. Then I see him, Mokuba! He's standing there with an apologetic expression. "I'm sorry big brother, I'm really sorry about what happened."

"It's ok it wasn't your fault," I hug my little brother. "That helicopter, I should have..." I don't end my sentence, there's no point in doing so.

The one that led me up here opens a door and a bright light comes from inside. Mokuba and I enter together and then I see something that ends all my pain and restores happiness to my heart.

End Seto's POV

That was the story from Seto's point of view, now read it from my point of view and it will all become clear.

When I found Seto, he was laying on the couch with a pitifully sad expression and a ketchup bottle in his hand, letting the red liquid stain the carpet. I cleaned his hand and wrist, which were covered in ketchup and took the bottle away from him before he made a bigger mess.

Earlier, Mokuba was playing with the toy helicopter Seto gave him and accidentally knocked his plushie out a window. Seto loves his Blue Eyes White Dragon plushie. He's been laying there all depressed while Mokuba ran to hide in his room.

I got the plushie that had fallen in the yard and cleaned it up. Then I got Seto to go upstairs where he found Mokuba and forgave him. I opened the door to his room, the lights inside where on but the lights in the hall where off, so it was kind of bright with the sudden light. Seto and Mokuba went to his room and Seto was very happy when he saw his plushie sitting on the bed all cleaned up.

Card 12: Perfect Little Boy

'Run perfect little boy; run towards your only escape. The tall walls will not let you out, so instead you must find your escape within yourself.'

"You think you're doing this for my own good? All this pressure? I'll tell you what is good for me... peace!" What have you done perfect little boy? You are no longer perfect. Maybe you could be modified somehow.

Gozaburo Kaiba virtualized Noa's mind. He erased certain memories, but even then, he could not turn Noa into the perfect little boy he wanted. So he found another perfect little boy.

Little Seto sat alone in his room. How frustrating can life be when he cannot be who he really is. Gozaburo wanted him to be a perfect little boy and used Mokuba to pressure him.

"I'll give you food, a house and any materialistic desire, TV, videogame, money you name it, but you must be a perfect little boy. I'll pretend to care, but all I care for is myself. I'm so proud of you perfect little boy, make me proud. I don't care if you hate what you're doing, I don't care if you are someone else, I don't like who you are, so I will turn you into something else. My perfect little boy you shall be."

Seto was different from the other children, he wanted to beat Gozaburo at his own game and he did.

'Very good, perfect little boy.'

So another story ends of a child pressured to be perfect. Surrounded by people who criticize him, as if the world will end by his fault, at the slightest glance of his true self. Those who want to turn him into someone else. Hypocrites, more selfish than you know. I don't trust you, you just want to change me and I may be trapped, but not forever.

Oh perfect child, you must get good grades. Oh perfect child you must have good friends. Oh my perfect little child, be superficial with friendship for appearances are everything. If I don't like that boy or girl, neither must you. Go talk to the boring kids, be as much as a hypocrite as them.

Oh perfect child, be nice to the teacher and never tell him or her when they are wrong. Oh perfect child be nice to the hypocrite family members that hardly know you exist, show them you're better than their kids.

Oh perfect child, don't you know your purpose in life is for me to brag about you? I'm a failure, so you must do what I'm too stupid to do. My dear perfect child I know you're smart, why do you not use that how I want you to?

'Tell me, are you trapped? Do they want to change who you are? My perfect child don't worry, you shall live longer, you shall be so much more, then you'll laugh at their face in the glory of your freedom. Oh perfect little boy, thank you for helping this perfect little girl be free, just like you.'

Seto stood there staring at the spirit in front of him. This room had been sealed since before he came to the Kaiba Mansion. Now he finally managed to open it and to his surprise found a girl's ghost trapped inside.

'Evil Gozaburo, one time he wanted to have the perfect daughter, but I was never perfect enough. Then Noa came to take my place and back to the orphanage I thought I would go, but I didn't. Locked away in my room I died from lack of food, trying to accomplish the perfection that is impossible. But you beat Gozaburo at his own game, you may not be perfect , yet you beat him none the less. Good bye!'

The spirit faded away and Seto just stood there for a few moments trying to erase the recent memories from his mind. He eventually convinced himself that there was no ghostly little girl and that it was all his imagination because he was working to hard. Thus the almost perfect boy went on with his life.


Disclaimer, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! "Mikari" means "beautiful light".
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