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Chapter 2: School Removes My Soul

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Is there really a place in the world for a half daemon boy haunted by his past and mocked by his future? Alternate Universe.

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Chapter 2: School Removes My Soul

by: ellyse the silent



"Gome!" I heard my name being called behind me.

I turned to find Sango running towards me waving wildly. "Hey Sango." It was Thursday morning and time for school again. My mother had forbidden me to go to the library for longer then an hour today as punishment for yesterday. I wasn't planning on a repeat of last nights bar run in.

"What are you doing so early?" Sango ran up next to me, "I called your house and your Okasan said you had already left."

"Okasan was ready to strangle me again for being late last night so I decided to leave early," we walked side by side into Nagasaki High school's courtyard. It was a nice day, though a little windy. The trees bent in the wind that sped the clouds across the sky.

"How late were you?" Sango asked.

"Around ten," I said waving to Hojo as he walked past.

"Ten?" Sango gasped, "You walked home alone at ten o'clock at night?"

I nodded, watching a boy from Sango's Class D walk up behind her. His hair was dark and pulled back into a small ponytail.

Sango grabbed my arm, "Alone? Ten o'clock! Past the bars!"

I kicked at the ash vault, "Well not really alone..."

Sango's eyes opened wide in rage and anger and for a second I thought he was mad at me. "You hetai!" she whirled around to smack the boy's face. "Get your hands off my butt!"

I giggled at his face, twisted into a slightly apologetic smirk. "Sango my dear-" he started.

"Don't 'Sango my dear me'! I have had enough of your crap," Sango grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the entrance to the school. "What do you mean 'not really alone?'" she asked as if our conversation had never been interrupted.

"Well... I ran into Inu-Yasha at the library and he walked me home," I muttered.

Sango pulled me to a stop again, "Inu-Yasha? The Kendo champion? The Goth? The creepy guy?"

"Yup, that Inu-Yasha."

"Oh Kami-sama!"



I ate ramen again for breakfast.

Okasan had gone out to the store early, leaving me alone. I packed my lunch with a bunch of the stuff she had made yesterday. On my way out I wrote a note: "Kendo practice tonight. See you around 7:30. Yash" It was messy and telling her stuff she already knew but it was my way of saying I cared. I try to not make her worry too much.

I grabbed my sword and walked out the door. It was early and I didn't expect to see Kagome walking to school ahead of me. I checked my hat and my spells and let out my breath. Kaede was right; Kagome was doing things to me. Maybe it was the way she looked at me, or maybe it was the fact I felt increasingly isolated without knowing why. Everything was the same as it had always been so why did I feel the aching need. For what, I didn't know.

I was in Class E with Kagome and twenty-eight other students; including two from my kendo club. I walked into the class room looking for her but trying not to 'look' like I was actually looking for anyone. She was by the windows talking to a girl I recognized from the Archery Club. She had long, long black hair pulled up into a high black ponytail and her makeup was a little on the exaggerated end.

I walked to my seat in the back of the room and slumped down. I pulled out my book and stared at Kagome over the top of it. My ears underneath my hat picked up everything they said.

"He just came in 'Gome," Sango whispered.

"I saw," Kagome hissed, I could tell she was embarrassed by the way she made it a point not to look in my direction.

"I can't believe he walked you home!" Sango exclaimed.

"Shhh! Not so loud!" Kagome shushed.

"He can't hear us, he is on the other side of the room," Sango rolled her eyes.

I couldn't help but smirk; if they only knew. I couldn't help but be a little apprehensive about this conversation. I wondered what would happen if Kagome started sharing this around the school.

"Don't tell anybody Sango," Kagome peered around the classroom suspiciously.

Sango look around too, "Why not?"

"Because its-"

"Seats class," Shinri-san walked into the room from the office behind her desk. Sango made a dash for the door. Shinri-san watched her for a second before beginning role call, "Alright; Okami?"

"I," Kouga Okami called from a few desks over. He is in my Kendo Club and even though he is fast he still sucks. He would do better in a karate dojo where they fight with their fists than in a Kendo Dojo where we fight with our minds and swords.

Since the people here are technically citizens of the United States of America, and on their identification cards, drivers' licences and passports our surnames are listed last. In their own circles and in Nagasaki High they use the traditional surname first Japanese way. One other way they hearken back to their roots.


"Present," Hojo called from the front row.


Shippo is in my Kendo Club and one of the most infuriating little brats I have ever met. "Yes Shinri-san?"

Shinri-san smiled at him. Did I mention he is a suck up too? "Higurashi?"

"Here," Kagome said flipping threw her course book apathetically.


Yura paused in combing her hair, "Yeah?"


"Here," I mumbled from the last row. I always pay attention until my name is called and then I can zone out.

Today I stared out the window at the road workers who were poking around in a manhole. I wondered what they were doing. Maybe one of the pipes was leaking. I wondered if there were rats down there. Rats made me think of animals I hated: spiders, wolves, rats, cats... and other dogs. I glanced over at Okami who was looking over at Kagome. I felt this indescribable rage, like I wanted to separate his head from his body.

"Shinri-san," my voice came out hoarse.

"Yes Shiro?" She turned to look at me disapprovingly.

"I have to go to the men's room," The first excuse I could think of on short notice. I could already feel my spells wavering.

"Really Shiro, if you must," Shinri-san motioned to the hall pass on the wall next to the door.

I walked quickly in human terms until I was outside the classroom door then I used my demon speed to get to the Kendo Dojo as fast as possible. I made it there before the disguise completely faded. My locker never took so long to open before. As soon as it gave I ripped it open and grabbed my sword out.

I lay on the mat weave floor panting. My body curled around Tetsusiaga. My spells wavered and then came back into focus.

((A/N: I fixed my last chapter so its all good now. And I have 1 reveiw! Yay! BTW: do they even take role call in high school anymore? No matter, they do at Inu and Kag's school.))
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